Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update: Job Hughley Charged in Shooting of Mother with Baby and Two Other Cases

This is an update, regarding the Detroit would-be rape case of a woman whom was simply walking down the street with her baby in a stroller and almost rape and now in critical condition.  However, we have more thought to add to this story.  We are very pleased Detroit police has caught Job Hughley real quick, but it is very sad this man had already sexually attacked two other women, just days before.  Spiritually, this case reminds us that African Americans are too far on Satan's territory to regain unity in this era.   This suspect is 18-years-old, yet a teen, is possessed with a demon to rape women.   Church leaders and civil rights activists are not dealing with the root of the problem, which has divided our race, they yet bring up racial discrimination like that is the only reason why we have so many problems as a whole.   It is not fair to deal with haters outside of the race and not deal with those within the race.  Therefore, we will mention it again like in our previous article, this is one of the main reasons why African Americans are divided, too many black women are being raped and black men and women refuse to agree with the only solution to end this matter and that solution is by the entire race is simply yielding and repenting to God.

As black women, we struggle while not being understood by our very own race.   At least when it comes to rape, we should notice, if not men recognizing there is a problem and there needs to be a spiritual change of love and respect among ourselves.

We hope and pray all three women recover emotionally, physically and seek God spiritually, because the truth remains, if no one cares God cares.   Furthermore, throughout the years, it has been so hard dealing with racial discrimination while enduring so much animosity and confusion within the race, it is time for a revival to breakout among black women.   God expects us to seek His face more than ever before.  We are to avoid those whom refuse to serve God, but pray for their souls and focus on what He expects from us by staying in the Word and concentrating on Him.

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Detroit Man Charged in Shooting of Mother with Baby

Job Hughley Also Charged in 2 Other Cases

DETROIT (AP) -- Prosecutors have charged an 18-year-old Detroit man with sexually assaulting two women and shooting a third who he allegedly abducted while she was walking along a street with her infant daughter.

Job Carlyn Hughley is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the first two attacks, which happened last week and Tuesday. He is charged with attempted murder...Read full article, here.

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