Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remains Of Missing Pregnant Woman, Trudie Hall Found

This is very sad news that the remains of Trudie Hall have been found in Massachusetts.   Now, about two years ago, Trudie Hall went missing and the alleged father of her unborn child was an alleged suspect, according to police. Hall's mother spotted traces of blood in the rental car and that's when she first suspected something was wrong, according to   Now, that her Trudie Hall's remains have been found, along with some of her personal belongings, the case will go on and it will be very interesting to hear what her ex-boyfriend has to say when he appears in court.

We would like to encourage all of our dear readers to be cautious of whom you allow in your life.  You do not know if he has a demon of murder, although he maybe a very fine man.  The man you may get into a relationship with, may be the most handsome man you have ever seen, but it is what inside of him that matters.   You need to evaluate his soul and find out if he is walking with Christ, because if he is not a born again Christian, then he will never be able to connect with you.   Often times, this is why many men we mistakenly allow into our lives hate us, simply because have no love for God.  You see, they have to have a burning desire to serve Christ and love Him with all of their heart, mind and soul, before they can love and respect us.   Therefore, even if you claim to know Jesus Christ, it would be wise for you to seek God for the right man to come into your life and be the father of your children.  If you do not know Christ, this behooves you to go to our Salvation page and surrender now before it is everlasting too late.

We dread hearing this sudden news that Trudie Hall's remains have been found, but at least investigators on the case have been making progress.  Now, a new chapter can begin in solving her case to find out who really killed her and if it was the father of her unborn child, he needs to not only face charges, but repent to God for what he has done, then serve Him.

May Trudie Hall rest in peace and we pray for her mother, Vivienne Walker that God gives her strength as she prepares her daughter's remains for a proper burial.

Trudie Hall Case: Remains Of Missing Pregnant Woman Found

Human remains found in Massachusetts have been identified as those of a missing Nantucket pregnant woman whose mysterious disappearance captured national headlines nearly two years ago.

Dental records confirmed that the skeletal remains were those of Trudie Hall, said Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe. He said she died of multiple gunshot wounds and ballistic evidence was recovered with the body.

"Though Trudie will never speak again, by finding her, she has told us much. Among other things, she has told us how many times she was shot and with what kind of bullets," O'Keefe said during a Tuesday press conference.

A dog walker found the remains...Read full article, here.

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