Thursday, April 5, 2012

Police To Search Larry Amos' Home For Clues On Missing Arkansas Teen, Cleashindra Hall: If It Was Not For Find Our Missing Show, Would Police Have Searched?

In our opinion, if it was not for the 'Find Our Missing' television show on TV One's network, Arkansas police would not be searching the home of Dr. Larry Amos. This is why we cannot understand why last week, it was the last season finale episode, 'Find Our Missing' needs to be aired all year around.   On the following clip, you will see a snippet of how much Dr. Larry Amos was possessive with Cleashindra Hall.   Hall worked for him after school only being paid $2 an hour as a bookkeeper, along with her friend.  Neither Cleashindra Hall nor her friend should have been working in this man's home, it is never safe, regardless of his race or status.

We feel very sad, regarding Cleashindra's case, but if you watched 'Find Our Missing' on TV One's network or online, you would have recognized various cases of missing black women (along with black men).   Cleashindra had been missing since 1994.  Could you imagine, if 'Find Our Missing' never did an episode on this case, her case would still be unsolved and possibly, the Arkansas police would have never thought to look back into this cold case and search the home of Dr. Larry Amos?  In that file, it mentioned two hired workers, one was a construction worker whom noticed a splat of blood on the wall in the house and then, there was a man whom was hired to cover up a hole in Dr. Amos backyard and he admitted every time the wind blew, he would smell a very foul odor he had never smelled before.  So, why weren't their reports taken into consideration back in 1994?   

Another thing, Dr. Larry Amos is a black man who did this to his own race.   Because of black men whom rape and kidnap their black female victims, isn't this one of the main reason why there is so much division in the race.   However, when one is not a born again Christian, do not be surprised what they may do, regardless of the race. This man was supposed to be Cleashindra's boss, helping her to earn some money while going to school.  If you cannot trust those whom are in the position to give you employment, then whom can you trust?  In Arkansas and other southern states, it seems like African Americans would be able to trust their own race, but Cleashindra Hall's case teaches us we must be cautious at all times with even around our own race.   Obviously, Dr. Larry Amos did not know Jesus Christ, so the Devil controlled him to harm this young lady whom wanted nothing more, but to work an honest job.

Dear sisters, even in the 21st century, we as parents must be very careful whom we allow our daughters to work for.   There is too much evil in the world and you never know when there is a murderer that appears to be a respected doctor, lawyer or any other professional employer.
We pray the body of Cleashindra Hall is found in Dr. Larry Amos yard and may she rest in peace.

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Cleashindra Hall Case: Police To Search Larry Amos' Home For Clues On Missing Arkansas Teen


PINE BLUFF, Ark. -- Police obtained a warrant to search an Arkansas man's home for clues into the 1994 disappearance of an 18-year-old woman after someone reported seeing blood at the house, according to court documents filed Tuesday.

Authorities seized four items when they searched Larry Amos' home in Pine Bluff for evidence related to Cleashindra Hall, who was working part-time for Amos doing clerical work and preparing for college.

Amos, who hasn't been charged or named a suspect in the case, is the last known person to have seen her.
"We have no viable suspect, and what we're trying to do is narrow down the scope of the investigation,"
Police Lt. Bob Rawlinson said Tuesday, declining to comment on...Read full article, here.

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