Monday, April 23, 2012

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson Advises Black Women to Stay Single: This 'So-Call Man of God Is a Disgrace to the Humanity of African Americans and Church Leadership

First and foremost, as black women we should be in outrage, regarding Pastor Jomo K. Johnson's new book coming out in June that advises us to remain single.  Respectively, our response to Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is this, 'become a naturally born black woman before you tell us to stay single.'  After all, it took a black woman to give him birth.  Why would he write anything like this?   It is extremely offensive and since he allegedly mentioned many black women attend his church, we hope they make up in their minds to be strong and leave, because Johnson does not deserve to be the Sheppard over their souls.   This "so-call" man of God is a disgrace to church leadership and should not have the position as pastor over any church.   Black women and black men are divided as much as it is.  Therefore, this statement is very emotionally painful to read.   Furthermore, he mentioned his church, Philly Open Air Church is mostly made up of black women?  If you click on that link you will see it seems to be what it is called,  'full of open air and hardly anyone there.'

Of course, since we hear these alleged words coming from Pastor Jomo Johnson, we now see why a lot of black women are beginning to date outside of their race.   For this very reason, because if there are possibly black men out there talking like Pastor Johnson (from the pulpit). No wonder why we have so many black women whom are bitter and have no desire to be with a black man.   How could this black man allegedly write a book, advising black women not to marry and remain single when he came out a womb of a black woman?   It took her to yield to a black man's seduction, in order to bore him.  Even if his mother was white and his father was black, he should not take the authority over any black woman's life.   In our opinion, he is not only a disgrace to church leadership, but also a disgrace to the humanity of African Americans.

If Jomo K. Johnson would open up his mind, he would already realize that most black women are already single for many reasons.   One of the main reasons is because of black men like himself who acts as though he has no problems as a black man and black women are the only ones with problems.   Secondly, black women remain single because of such cruel words similar to what Johnson has planted into those whom listened to them.  Thirdly, black women remain single because a lot of black men are not attracted to them and so it is common that they reject them for other women outside of their race.  Fourth reason, because black women have been so abused in all sorts of ways by their (step)fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins, it causes fear to date a black man.  Fifth reason, many of our black women are raped and they do not want to be reminded of the man that destroyed their womanhood and some of these black men are in their families.  Then, there are so many other reasons, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is not educated enough to know about and if he had enough knowledge, he would not be putting down black women.  

Furthermore, the nerve of Jomo Johnson to allegedly judge black women as though we do not know how to hold relationships and how to hold husbands.   If black women made a judgement and said black men should remain single, because they have not learned how to hold onto relationship and husbands, how would that statement make him feel?  As a supposed man of God he needs to evaluate his spirit, because he is not in the position to define any black woman's life and because of his ignorance, he is going to cause many black women to become more angry and more division between black men and black women than is already is in America.  

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is keeping the black women enslaved by advising us to remain single.   A person can enslave other people through the words they speak and through their actions and Johnson is causing more misery in the minds black women whom have not yet learned that in the eyes of God, they are just as beautiful, intelligent and ambitious as any other race of a woman in America. 

Another thing, if Pastor K. Johnson is called by God to minister, then how could he bring secular songs written by Tupac, Mario Winans, Stevie Wonder...into God's Kingdom?  He not only wrote this book based off of Erykah Badu's song title, 'Call Tyrone', the book's soundtrack features secular songs.  That is enough right there to reveal what type of man who is calling himself a pastor.  Furthermore, how could he have the audacity to use songs written by black women (Erykah Badu, Karen White and India Arie) and put them down?

In conclusion, if Pastor Jomo K. Johnson ever gets in a situation like Trayvon Martin, his family would be the first to call Rev. Al Sharpton requesting for black men and black women to march and rally against racial discrimination.  However, this is the very reason why we as black women should avoid such movements, because it is too much discrimination against us within the race and even in the black church.  Over the years, since our ancestors were freed from slavery, we have felt too many emotional restraints that have placed us in emotional bondage like what we are experiencing from Pastor Jomo Johnson.  There is no reason to talk about unity as African Americans, but we should only discuss unity among us within God's Kingdom.    

In conclusion, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson does not define black women and he is not a true representative of God.   For he represents a demonic spirit that has always tried to keep black women unhappy and in misery for too long.  Many of our sisters are already single.  So why would he say such a thing? His words written in his book is coming straight from Satan and God would not instruct anyone whom is a representative of His Kingdom to offend and oppress black women or any one else.  We will continue to pray for his soul.

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