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Jury Hears How Carlotta Brett Pierce Murdered Her 4-Year-Old Daughter: Why Do Some Black Women Hate Their Own Daughters?

This is a very sad case that involved a little girl who was murdered by her mother.  Just look at that adorable face in the above photo.  Who could hurt such an innocent child like Marchella Brett Pierce?  You know, it is not just the black men whom are responsible for neglecting and rejecting their black children.  In this era, we see many black women neglecting, rejecting and harming their children, sometimes much worse than black fathers.   In order for black men to respect black women as a whole, there needs to be more black women seeing their own flaws and being willing to change themselves, because it hurts to hear that some of them hate their own children and specifically, their own daughters.  Marchella was starved, beaten, drugged and tied to a bed by her mother, allegedly.  That is so similar to how our ancestors were mistreated in the days of slavery.  Why do many of our black men and black women mistreat their own little girls and boys?  Children are innocent and they did not ask to come into this world.   Marchella did not ask to be born.  Therefore, she did not deserve to die in the hands of her mother, Carlotta Brett Pierce.
Marchella's mother, Carlotta is on trial for murdering her daughter.  Her daughter was in the hospital for the first three years of her life, because she was born premature.   In our opinion, Carlotta enslaved her own child.   Even the grandmother, Loretta, Carlotta's mother neglected to assist her granddaughter, according to various sources.  This sort of mess goes on in many black families and it is our own race's fault for the racism we endure from other races.  If we cannot love and respect even the children we bring into this world, how can we expect fair treatment as a people from other races?   It is so unfair to always point the finger at white supremacists, but when making a decision to love the children God gave us, many of our own race fail to do so.  Yes, there is still racism and many racists are yet murdering our children, including adults.  However, how much different is this situation of Marchella being murdered by her own mother, Carlotta different from what white, Latino or Asian racists do to our race?   We may have a black (bi-racial President), but it is nothing to be proud of, if we cannot love our own race and even our children.  

It's time to pray and ask God to heal our race from so much hatred.   For too many years, parents have hated their children just as much as children have hated their parents.   African Americans will never unite, if we do not deal with this issues that have been ignored among us.  
Dear Jesus, we bring this situation to you.  It hurts this mother, Carlotta allegedly killed her own child.   Our race have always been oppressed, because it seems like our own race murder each other all sorts of ways.   God, this situation with Marchella not being born into this world healthy, then being able to grow up into maturity hurts.  This little girl died before her time and Lord, it is not fair.   Lord, we acknowledge our own race has not done right and we know although, we yet deal with racism, it is so obvious why.   Our own race fails to love and respect each other.   Lord, we ask you to have mercy on the race of black people whom have failed to do right.  In all fairness, we admit it is not about race, but it is a spiritual warfare.   There is either good or evil inside of a person and we must accept that fact, dear Lord.   As righteous black women, we know our own race is killing us emotionally, not just physically.  So, we are asking that you bring these mothers and fathers whom are harming their own children to serve you.  We pray they surrender their lives to you before it is everlasting too late.   Specifically, we pray Carlotta repent for the alleged harm she caused on her own child.   Please Lord, here our prayer and heal our race, right now.  Give black men and black women a mind to serve you, because if they choose not to, no telling what they may do to their own children and each other.   We give you praise and glory, right now, in Jesus mighty name.  Amen.

We pray Marchella Brett Pierce rest in peace with Jesus Christ. We know she is in a much better place. 

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Every rib visible and tied to her bed with a jump rope: Jury hears how 18lb girl, 4, 'was starved, beaten and drugged to death by her mother'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A four-year-old girl who weighed just 18lbs when authorities found her starved, beaten and drugged body tied to a bed was so emaciated that every rib was visible, a jury has heard.

Marchella Brett Pierce was tied to her SpongeBob SquarePants bed with a skipping rope when she died in September 2010, prosecutors in the case against her mother and grandmother said.

Her dehydrated, starved body contained just a single kernel of corn when she died, they added.

The girl's mother, Carlotta Brett Pierce, is on trial in Brooklyn, New York for her murder, while her grandmother, Loretta Brett, has been charged with...Read full article, here.

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