Monday, April 9, 2012

Emreon Bradford, 15-year-old Miami Girl Shot Three Times In Her Sleep: Black Women We Must Keep Praying At All Times

This story behooves us to be very sure we ask God to keep and protect us before we fall asleep.  This 15-year-old teen in Miami was shot in her sleep, three times.  By the time her step-father ran outside to find out whom was shooting at their home, the shooter was gone. Emreon Bradford was shot in her cheek, breast and arm.  Fortunately, her little sister Kiara who was sleeping with her in the same bed and 9-year-old brother sleeping in another bed in the same room did not get hit with any bullets.   If you know Miami, it is a one of the most dangerous place to live and it is very hard to survive there.   However, whether you live in Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles or Atlanta, there is something that can protect you and that is constant prayer with God.   It does not matter if someone has a vendetta against your family or not, if you pray and have faith in God, He will send His angles to protect you.  In Psalm 91:11, it says this, 'For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.' 

Of course, you cannot just pray, you must make very sure you visit our Salvation page and give your life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In this case of Emreon Bradford, we are not saying she and her family did not know the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Sometimes, God will allow you to survive like he did in her case, so you will have a testimony to tell. Then, there have been other testimonies that God allowed tragedies for a family member to acknowledge God's message through a relative who made it to heaven.   Therefore, it is according to your situation  and your survival is according to your faith.

We just want to encourage our dear sisters to have faith in God, after you give your life to Him, because He is a miracle working Savior.  It does not matter where you live or again, whom may have a grudge against you, God never fails His children.   Emreon Bradford being shot in her family home may not have had anything to do with her, but someone in her house could have been involved with drug war or gang affiliation, which we will never know.  The only thing we know is, so far, she survived and will have to have surgery in her jaw bone.   This is such a blessing, because she could be dead right now.   Out of all the shootings that occur in Miami neighborhoods most of time end in deadly outcomes, God allowed Emreon Bradford to survive.  Indeed, this a miracle along with the other news of her siblings not getting hit with bullets.   However, we pray her family moves out of the house to avoid another possible shooting rampage. 

You know what one of the biggest problems are among black women?  Simply, because there are so many problems within our race, Satan tries to make many of us feel like God does not exist, but He is very real.  Even in the midst of our struggles within our race, He is watching us and feels what we feel.  So never think just because many African Americans refuse to change their ways, refuse to love and maintain peace, God is not real.  Just the fact of Emreon Bradford is still alive and none of the bullets harmed her little brother and sister proves God is very real.   Dear sisters, you must learn to ignore your surroundings and make a wise decision to have a prayer life, because if you fall into the myth that God does not exist, Satan will fool you and when you need God's protection it may be too late.   So, our precious sisters, you want to keep praying at all times.  In  I Thessalonians 5:17, it says this: 'Pray without ceasing. That means no matter where you are, school, work or even reside in the most known dangerous places in America, you must never stop praying.  Remember, just because you cannot see God does not mean He does not exist, keep on praying and you will began to feel His presence.

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Pictured: The 15-year-old girl shot three times in her sleep

By Meghan Keneally

A teenage girl is recovering after being shot multiple times when someone opened fire on her family's Miami home early Saturday morning.

Emreon Bradford, 15, sustained three gunshot wounds- to the cheek, arm and breast.

Amazingly, her 5-year-old sister who was sleeping in the same bed as Emreon was unharmed and neither was her 9-year-old brother...Read full article, here.

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