Friday, March 30, 2012

Woman Gets Job With Stolen Identity: Do You Recognize This Woman?

We are wondering is there anything wrong many black women will not do?   It seems like we have discovered various sorts of crimes many are involved in the 21st century for money and it is very sad when you know the history of our ancestors before they received freedom in America.  A woman's purse came up stolen and when the person in the above photo got her identity, she got a temporary job under a name with Bank of America.   This is very disrespectful to the person whom lost her personal information, including her purse.  

We would like to say, it is a shame when someone steals another person's identity and uses it, they never even think of what emotional pain they are causing them, not to mention spending their credit cards.   Sisters, we are so much better than this and it is time to spread the word of precaution to black women whom are committing such crimes: 'stop doing wrong and get your life in order before God allows destruction on your life.'

We want to say the woman in the above photo maybe smiling there, but she won't be smiling when the law catches up with her, because God is not going to allow her to continue to use stolen identities without even considering what the victims are going through.  

After watching the following video, if you recognize this young woman, please hurry and call the Plano police @ 972-424-5678 before she uses another victim's identity.  

Furthermore, we hope and pray she repents to God and apologizes to her victim after she is caught by police.

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Woman Uses Stolen ID in Job Hunt

Plano police are looking for a woman who used a stolen identity to get a temporary job at a bank.
Police said it is not their usual identity theft case, which usually involves thieves going on a shopping spree.

The only lead investigators have is a picture of the woman taken by a former co-worker.

It began with a stolen purse in January. The woman assumed the victim's identity, even using her Social Security number, name and address. Somehow, the woman was hired at a North Texas Bank of America through a temp agency.

Officer David Tilley, with the Plano Police Department, said detectives were close to finding the woman but she had left the temporary job by the...Read full article, here.

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