Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video: Young Black Women Maybe Dead: Search for Abducted Hamtramck Women Leads to Detroit Park

This sudden news is so sad, dear sisters.  These two missing black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown could be dead, buried somewhere in a Detroit park, according to the latest report.  Not far from Detroit's Eliza Howell Park is where police found the burned car, now it has been allegedly said these two young black women are buried there.   Violence against black women seems to never stop and the more many of our dear sisters are murdered, the more division there is within our race of African Americans.  Some may ask what is the answer?  As we have told you all along, the answer is Jesus Christ.   As African Americans, men, women, boys and girls, it is time for us to repent in unity and let God know we are sorry for whatever we have done to offend Him in our lives.   This is the only way unity will ever exist among not only black women, but also everyone else within our race of people.   There is too much hatred among not only black men against black women, but many black women fail to love each other, even if we are strangers.   God is the only One who can remove the hatred among African Americans, which is no different than the hatred that the white supremacists have for us.

We are living in such a spiritual warfare, it is no longer about whites and Latinos hating our race, but for many years, black people have killed each other.  In this particular case involving these two black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were both living upright lives.  They both were college students and had dreams of having long term careers as nurses.   All because Conaway allegedly did not want nothing more than a friendship with Brandon Cain is what made him mad, according to a previous report.   There is no excuse for such ignorance, because if she refused to have anything more to do with him than a friendship, then he should have been man enough to move one and respect her, not braze her head with bullets and then certainly not to lure she and her friend with money to keep them from testifying against him.   This guy was such a gangster he had got his buddy, Brian Lee to allegedly join in on this double homicide.

Even if black men refuse Jesus Christ, it is up to us to accept Him and win others into the body of Christ.   As black women, we must now unite and become prayer warriors.   We must unite, fast and pray and turn against sin.   Therefore, when we do so, we will have combine power to pray against the murdering demon within our own race and even that comes from others outside of the race.   Our dear sisters, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were the best of friends and neither one of them deserve to die this way.   They deserved to be treated like queens, for in our history, we have already lost black women who died along with black men in slavery.  Many of our fore-mothers were raped in the fields and enforced to bore children by their slave-masters and for that reason, we should always remember never to disrespect each other as black women and most importantly never disrespect God whom brought our fore-mothers out of that era.   Furthermore, although we rebuke death, God obviously wanted us to learn something from this situation of Conaway and Brown and we cannot stop seeking and serving Him.   Even if we never earn respect from black men, we have to remember to always acknowledge God and know He created us for a reason, not by accident.   He loves us so much more than the men we may come in contact with in our lives, regardless what color they are.

It does not matter what type of black women we may come across, we are going to have to learn to respect them as we Christ loves us.   Possibly, many of our dear sisters, we may come across on a daily basis may not be living upright lives like our two sisters, Conaway and Brown, but they never deserve to die that way neither deserve to be talked about while they live.

Let us pray for the families of the two young black women who may be dead and may they both rest in peace.    If you are not saved, you may join the family of God, by going to our Salvation page and accept Him.   If you need prayer, all you have to do, is subscribe, then respond and an appointed minister will call you back.   God bless you dear sisters.

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Search for Abducted Hamtramck Women Leads to Detroit Park

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WJBK) -- Outside the Saint Clair Shores Kentucky Fried Chicken where Ashley Conaway worked, friends and family held a candlelight vigil praying for Conaway and Abreeya Brown. Both were kidnapped in a hail of gunfire outside a Hamtramck home a week ago.

"I just want everybody to continue to pray that they come home. I want them home," said Lisa Conaway, Ashley's stepmother.

"I'm just here for them to come home. That's somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody [loves] them," said co-worker Donte Spurlock.

They are holding out hope the women are still alive...Read full article, here.

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