Thursday, March 29, 2012

Video: Kimberly Smedley Pleads Guilty To Illegal Silicone Butt Injection Charges: When Will Black Women Learn This Is Morally Wrong?

Here we go again, we have given you previous several stories before this one, regarding black women giving or receiving illegal butt injections.   We do not believe this is morally right in the eyes of God.  Of course, if black women are not born again Christians, they may not have a conscience nor see through a spiritual eye, regarding morals and values.  However those of us whom are true born again believers recognize this is possibly the new trend among some black women to make money, if they choose not to make money through a legitimate career.   Possibly, in this case of Kimberly Smedley, she probably thought since a lot of transgender and transsexual strippers seek to get butt injections at a lower cost than $10,000, she could make some quick cash.   However, it is against the law and morally wrong in the eyes of God.   

We encourage all of our dear sisters to please be smart and choose to do right.   Just because a lot of transgender men/women are choosing to illegally make money this way like in the case of the Black Madam, it does not make it right for any woman to do so.   If we have ultimate integrity about ourselves, we should never admire nor support these type of women, because in the eyes of God, it is wrong to involve ourselves with any sort of connections with reforming or changing the way God has created humanity.  It ought to be very offensive, if we have some sort of decency about ourselves.   We also see this as Satan's way to destroy the race of black women.  If we love ourselves so much as black women, why would we desire to give transgender people what God naturally gave us?  If we truly love ourselves as black women, why would we even risk the lives of other black women? Even when it comes to illegally injecting naturally black women with silicone injections in the buttocks, hips or breasts, it is degrading to the race of black women.  If we financially struggle it okay and God still loves us, but if we illegally make money it is not okay and we offend God and because we offend God, it is a sin.

Kimberly Smedley pleading guilty to this crime of illegal silicone butt injection charges will not be the last case, but we really pray that black women would learn choose integrity and not get involved with illegal activities, because we are better than that.  However, one can only be a servant if Jesus Christ to agree with integrity and we suppose this is why we are continuing to see a trend of illegal silicone implant treatments, many are not children of God. 

Furthermore, like all the other cases, we do not just blame Kimberly Smedley, we also blame those whom do not consider the possible risks, afterwards neither do they accept themselves how God naturally created them to be.   Therefore, when something does not go right, is it fair to complain?   We feel most definitely both parties should be in trouble for taking part in legal butt implant operations. 
Why anyone meet up in a hotel room and trust a stranger to change their body?

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Kimberly Smedley Pleads Guilty To Illegal Silicone Butt Injection Charges 

She's going to jail for literally putting junk in the trunk.

Georgia native Kimberly Smedley -- accused of traveling across the East Coast injecting women's buttocks with toxic silicone to enlarge them -- pleaded guilty today to a felony conspiracy charge stemming from the illegal operation, according to the Smoking Gun.

Smedley, 45, reportedly had clients in Baltimore, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia and New York City who would pay a mere $1,600 for the injections. Smedley admitted to a New York Post reporter in 2008 that she was "not a nurse," yet her clients would pay for the process that included pumping their butts full of a silicone used for "metal or plastic lubrication...Read full article, here.

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