Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Video: Dear Sisters Please Be Careful: Woman Killed in Northwest Atlanta Shooting an Innocent Bystander

Edna Walker, a 52-year-old woman who was just an innocent bystander was gunned down by flying bullets, after an alleged argument started between two men.   We may not have known this dear sister, but she is one of our own.   Therefore, we hope the killers are caught and arrested for the death of this beloved black woman whom possibly just was standing outside getting fresh air.   We live in a society where guns are fired without the consideration for humanity.  Some black men and even black women do not feel complete, if they do not own a gun.  This is a demonic issue that has controlled the black community for too long.   When are black men and women going to learn you cannot solve arguments with guns and weapons?  The only answer that is going to solve this problem is for more black men and women and even our teens to accept Jesus Christ, because the law does not seem like it will ever completely rule against guns and weapons in our society.

Furthermore, dear sisters we to forewarn you to always be prayed up, no matter wherever you are.  We are not saying Edna Walker did not know Jesus Christ.  However, it is up us to forewarn black women to be careful and to pray whenever you leave your household, whether you are on foot our even in your car, it pays to pray for divine protection.   Satan is always waiting to cut our lives short.  If we did not care, we would not forewarn you to be careful about your surroundings.  

Another thing we would like to share is this, we still have a lot of people like Rev. Al Sharpton complaining about white supremacists, but we do not hear many civil rights activists preaching against violence within the black community.  We do not hear many civil rights activists rebuking black men, black women and black teens using guns and knives to settle their disputes.  The problems remain to be in the black community and although there is yet racism, there are still ignorant killers whom take the lives of those whom did not deserve to die like our dear sister, Edna Walker.

May Edna Walker forever rest in peace, in God's hands.

Watch Video

Family: Woman Killed in Northwest Atlanta Shooting an Innocent Bystander


ATLANTA - Atlanta police are investigating a Monday afternoon shooting along Joseph E. Boone Boulevard that killed a northwest Atlanta woman.

Family members tell FOX 5 she was an innocent bystander.

The neighborhood is reeling from the death of 52-year-old Edna Walker . A makeshift memorial has been set up near where she died.

The family says Walker was talking with friends when two men started arguing and pulled out guns...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com


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