Friday, March 2, 2012

Update: Belonging Found in Partially Burnt Car after Hamtramck Women Abducted: Another Similar Sign In The Cases of Dead Escorts

In this case of the two missing black women in Hamtramck, Mi.,  a car believed to have been used in the abduction of 22-year-old Ashley Conaway and  and 18-year-old Abreeya Brown has been found by investigators to be burned out.  Inside the burnt car police found a partial item belonging to one of the missing women, whom they will not reveal exactly which one of them.  This is another similar sign in the cases of the dead escorts whom were found dead in the trunks of cars.   Except in this case, it seems like possibly Brandon Cain and his sidekicks tried to be shrewd, so possibly police would not compare the similarities by taking them out of the trunks of the burned out cars.  We do not know if this is an actual fact, but we do feel their are close similarities to how they placed them both in trunks and then, the car that was used was discovered burnt out.   

Police have also spotted a partial item that allegedly belongs to one of the missing women.  So far, this could be a definite sign that these women were both burnt alive in the trunk of the car.  However, it could be a sign by the kidnappers to make it look that way.   When you think about it, why would they burn the car?  Also, where did they place Ashley Conaway and her best friend, Abreeya Brown?    

We would like to also add, this is very sad how black women are tortured by black men in the 21st century.   It just seems like if we are not enduring racism, we are enduring being hated and persecuted by other black women and even persecuted, tortured and murdered by many black men who cannot stand being denied a relationship like Brandon Cain.   All because Ashley Conaway did not want an intimate relationship, he brazed her head with bullets, then he tried to enslave her and her friend Abreeya Brown from testifying against him by offering them $5,000, but because they refused, they may have been murdered for it, by a man whom is supposed to love, protect and respect black women.   We are not saying all black men are like this, but we can see why there is so much division and our race is still judged as the inferior race by white supremacists whom yet have much more than African Americans.

Hopefully, when they are found, they are very much alive.  If not, may they both rest in peace.

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Source: Belonging Found in Car after Hamtramck Women Abducted


DETROIT (WJBK) -- 25-year-old Brandon Cain of Detroit is charged with several felonies, including attempted murder.

The Wayne County Prosecutor arraigned Cain Thursday charging him with firing a shot at 22-year-old Ashley Conaway. Police say her head was grazed by the shot in early February.

Police say Cain and 24-year-old Brian Lee of Detroit teamed up to abduct Conaway and 18-year-old Abreeya Brown in a hail of gunfire at Conaway's stepfather's home on the 2200 block of Andrus Street in Hamtramck.

The stepfather told police he returned gunfire, but the men...Read full article, here.

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