Friday, March 23, 2012

Tania Coleman Convicted Of Starving 14-Month-Old Daughter: Black Women, Please Love Your Children

We cannot understand why this black mother, Tania Coleman would starve her own child to death.  All we can say is this, she must have some deep issues, she never dealt with to do such a thing.   However, Tania Coleman is not the first mother to do such a cruel thing to her own child.  There are many black women who have evil spirits and will not ask God to save them.  They refuse to repent and act as though they do not have any problems.  Many black women are good mothers, but there are many whom hate the children they bore and will do anything to get rid of them.   In this case, Coleman hid the child in a suitcase and put the child in trash on the street.   This is very painful to admit, but these sort of black women are bound for hell unless they repent.  Such insane cruelty is one of the main reasons why we have such hatred within our own race, because you figure many black mothers whom resent their children, but never went as far as Tania Coleman to get rid of them, the child will grow up and hate other people.  If black women think it is okay to hate their children, then how can the race of African Americans ever heal from so much hate and unite?  It won't happen, the more these type of mothers hate their children, the more children will have animosity toward each other and then they will continue to grow up in an extreme hostile environment.  

Dear sisters, if you cannot love your own children, God would rather you put them up for adoption.  Give them to someone whom will love them. Do not throw your children away nor keep and raise them while reminding them you hate them in all sort of vicious ways.   This is why we have so many bitter grown black men and black women now, as a child, many of their mothers and fathers, neglected and rejected them.   They recall ugly words that rob them of self-confidence and so they began turning on other people, not knowing how to love them.   We not only blame black mothers whom do this, but also black fathers, because if they do not remain in the household, they stick around and show so much hate toward the child.   Therefore, when we as a race face racial discrimination as a whole, we are too weak to fight, because many black people are a divided people.   Division or unity begins at home and if there is division, it is probably because black mothers like Tania Coleman or fathers have shown so much hate toward their children.   

Possibly, somewhere in Tania Coleman's background, her mother told her she was nothing and she would never amount up to anything.   These sort of women feel worthless and many of it occurs in the race of black people.     Whenever you see black women like Tania Coleman, it is a great possibility, she did not get enough love as a child and does not think much of herself as a mother.  Therefore, in her mind she mistreated the child just how she feels about herself.  This black woman probably hates herself, because whenever you throw away your child, you do not like yourself, the child is came out of her womb.   Another factor would be she hated the father and to her, the baby came out to resemble the father whom hurt her very bad, so she was so bitter she just threw away the child.  Abandonment could occur for many obvious reasons and we are not making excuses, we are just trying to figure out what various emotional problems could have caused such a murder, from a mother to her own child. 

If this is true in your case, seek not only psychological help, but you need spiritual help, because this is bottled up hurt. We encourage you to go to our Salvation page and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life, because He loves you more than you love yourself.  It does not matter what type of background you came out of, age or status, you need God to heal you.  God will help you get over your pain, but you must ask for it and receive it in your life.  If you feel worthless as a parent, then seek Salvation and learn how to live for God and win souls for Him.  Eventually, you will feel God's love and you will began to not only love yourself, but also your children.  Humble yourself before the almighty throne of God and allow Him to heal your emotional wounds, because He can do it.   If you are a woman whom has a lot of bitterness toward your children's father, forgive him for whatever he did to you or however he left you.   You must let go of the pain and begin to pray for him, because if you don't, you will be struggling to be happy and not know how to love your child for the rest of your life.   So please, take heed now dear sister.   We love you very much in Christ.

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Tania Coleman Convicted Of Starving 14-Month-Old Daughter

ERIE, Pa. -- A northwestern Pennsylvania woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for starving her 14-month-old daughter to death and hiding her body in a suitcase that was discovered in a pile of trash on the street.

The jury needed just three hours Thursday to convict Tania Coleman of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Alayja.

The toddler's decomposing body was found among the trash last May by an Erie firefighter responding to an...Read full article, here.

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