Friday, March 2, 2012

'Sweetheart Swindler' Conned Two Women Out of Almost $400k Gets 10 Years

We do not know why any woman would allow this sweetheart swindler to con them out of almost $400k, but these two women in the below photo allowed him to do so.    As you can see, it seems like some of are sisters have been either getting so desperate for company or just to get married, they will pamper a smooth-talking man.  This man obviously was talking so sweet to the both of them, they willingly gave up thousands of dollars they could have invested on a brand new home, a nice car or even a nice vacation.  Let us assure you black women, giving all up all your savings to a sweetheart swindler like 57-year-old Paul Francois is not going to make you a happy woman, if anything it will make you very poor and in extreme debt.
Paul Francois conned Sheila Brissault (r. photo), promising her he would repay the money, after they had a romance.  She calls the defendant a liar, but how many times did she give out thousands of dollars to this guy?   We as black women need to learn how to avoid being taken advantage of by just saying, 'no'.  It does not matter if a black woman thinks a man looks good, kisses good, cuddles good and even gives good intercourse.   Even the late Zachery Tims said women are meant to be the receiver and the men are created to be the giver.   That means what is says and says what it means and this is why we see so many angry of our sisters so angry, because they cannot find a good man.  Now, if you are using money to lure a relationship, it is not going to work.  This Bible says this, 'he that findeth a woman findeth a good thing (Proverbs 18:22).'  So, as black women we must obey God, we are not supposed to be looking for a man, if we live for God, a good man will find us, plain and simple.

Now this woman on the left, Rose Marie Anglade claims she sold her home in New York to move with him to Miramar.  Now the house she bought is in forclosure after Francois stole $280,000 of her life savings after convincing her to open a joint bank account with him.  She claims he proposed to her and convinced her to take out a $100,000 equity loan on her home and give him the money.  She gave $283,000 and is now complaining it took her about 27 years to make, but how could any man be trusted to repay this much money?   This lady seems like she trusted too much like the one above.   It is not understood why she would move miles to be with this man as though he was going to give her a love story she has been waiting for, but the man whom falls in love with us are appointed by God, we never have to give him any money to be with us and if he expects us to move to another state, it would be with his own money.In conclusion, we as black women need to wait on God and if we spend many years without a man, believe us, God is trying to protect us.   There are too many demonic spirits working in no good men and this is the very reason why we have to be married to Jesus Christ.  You see, all of that money between both women could have been invested into a homeless shelter for women who have got no money.

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'Sweetheart swindler' who conned two women out of almost $400k is jailed for 10 years

By Daily Mail Reporter

A man has been jailed for 10 years after he wooed two unsuspecting women so that he could con them out of almost $400k.

Paul Francois, 57, who has been dubbed the 'Sweetheart Swindler' stole the money from New Yorkers Rose Marie Anglade and Sheila Brissault while he was two-timing them both.

Francois of Florida was found guilty of two counts of grand theft and one count of organized fraud after a three-day trial last month.

At a Broward County court on Thursday he made a tearful apology to one of his victims, Anglade, before he was handed down his sentence...Read full article, here.

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