Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pastor Joel Osteen on Oprah’s Next Chapter Full Episode [VIDEO]

If you have not seen the full episode of Oprah's interview with Lakewood Church's Pastor Joel Osteen, you have an opportunity to see it now. Oprah.com has the full episode available now. We suggest if you watch it, make sure to see how Oprah has found her yet another imp for your life's work.

We are not sure if you all remember Oprah stating years ago that "there are many ways to Jesus", but she actually explores that question with Joel Osteen. Years ago, her audience and fans across the world, were very disturbed that she thought this when in actuality, there is only ONE WAY to God the FATHER and that's through His son Jesus Christ ( John 14:6 ).

See video here:

Watch Full Episode of Pastor Joel Osteen on Oprah’s Next Chapter [VIDEO] | AT2W


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