Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pair Suspected of Abducting Women in Court for Shooting Case Hearing: Families Fighting Caught On Video While Rallies Are Being Held Across Country for Trayvon Martin

We can never expect for Trayvon Martin's family to ever receive justice for his death until black people stop murdering each other.   Here you can see both families fighting, because they have arrived for the hearing of Brian Cain and Brian Lee who have been suspected of not only kidnapping Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway, but they both are also allegedly accused of murdering and burying the two young women.    It is so tiring, we know God must shake his head every time He sees the race of black people rallying for justice when it comes to a shooting death, which involves racism, because in the 21st century African Americans are yet killing each other.   On this following video, you will see the alleged killers entering the court room, then facing the judge in court and in front of the court house, families on both sides are making threats to each other.   

Sisters, if you are a truly righteous child of God, you must realize it is time for us to pray for our race, but realize Satan has used our race the same way he used Zimmerman to take the life of Trayvon Martin.   For many years dear sisters, Satan has used the race of black people to murder each other, even after we all acknowledge white supremacists and all other races have murdered African Americans.   Therefore, because we are righteous, we must step back from African Americans whom refuse to follow and accept Jesus Christ, because the problem is more than racial discrimination, it is most definitely a spiritual issue.   If African Americans cannot open their eyes to love and unity, after we have a black (bi-racial) president, then there is a deeper issue and it cannot be solved through rallies, because God has been waiting on black men, black women and children to repent and seek Him and apologize to each other for murdering and hating our own race.   He has been waiting on black people to repent to Him for hating themselves and each other for being black.   He has been waiting on our race to stop being so unfair to rally whenever we have a case like Trayvon Martin, but refuse to love and unite among ourselves.   For how can African Americans love and respect from other races, if they cannot love each other and most importantly, God?   

It is very sickening to see all of this fighting caught on video, after two college students, Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway lost their lives, allegedly in the hands of their own race, Brian Cain and Brian Lee.   Yet, many African Americans are crying racism in memory of Trayvon Martin.   How can we ever expect the justice system to pay attention to African Americans whom are angry at Zimmerman not being arrested for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin?  God is expecting for African Americans to change their nature, this means to completely submit to Him, repent and apologize to each other.   This has been the solution for many years, but many black men and black women have failed to do so.   So, all of Rev. Al Sharpton's yelling and screaming for many years, after there has been a shooting death caused by racial discrimination has done no good.   All of the rallying, after a Latino like Zimmerman or a white supremacist has not been arrested has done no good.   God expects African Americans to take full responsibility for their actions that has caused oppression within their own race of people, before we can expect for other races to respect and not hate us.

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Pair Suspected of Abducting Women in Court for Shooting Case Hearing



DETROIT (WJBK) -- Security stepped in Friday to keep the peace outside 36th District Court. The families of Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown nearly came to blows with relatives of Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Brandon Cain, and Brian Lee.

The men were in court for a preliminary exam and are charged with trying to kill the women three weeks before they were abducted. Witnesses testified Lee fired shots at Brown and Conaway as they drove away after spending the evening with the men at a topless club.

The men have not yet been charged with their murders, but are suspected of abducting the women from in front of their Hamtramck home at the end of February. Their bodies were found Sunday in a shallow grave along the Rouge River in northwest...Read full article, here.

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