Friday, March 16, 2012

Kansas City Man Shoots Wife Dead in Car Before Committing Suicide: Demonic Warfare In Marriage

On Tuesday, allegedly Jedidah Alexander, 25, shot his wife Alshyshia, 24, then committed suicide.  This is really a sad case of such a wonderful young couple who never could imagined this would happened when they exchanged wedding vows, to marry for better or for worse.  Many couples fall in love never think their marriage will end in a tragedy, because once you feel you have found love, the two of you commit to a bond to have children and live and enjoy your golden years while watching your grandchildren grow up.  This is why we really support heterosexual marriages only, because God created it to be this way.   You marry and have future generations, which was commanded in the book of Genesis, 1:2: 'And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.'  But then the Bible also said in, Exodus 20:13, 'thou shall not kill'.  Therefore, there are biblical scriptures for every situation in our marriages we are supposed to abide by, even when it comes to demonic warfare.

This is why we try to encourage black women to make sure you are serving God, not just accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but you must make very sure you are living for Him.   We are not saying this dear sister, Alshyshia was not a child of God, what we are saying is this, you should remind yourself daily that even in our marriages, we are dealing with demonic warfare and we cannot handle it.   Demonic warfare is God's battle, all He expects us to do, is live for Him and win souls into the body of Christ.   Satan does not want men and women together and this is why he tries to take control of our happiness.   He wants us to be homosexuals and not have children.  The Devil gets mad when married couples do things God's way as a man and a woman in matrimony, because he knows God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply since the beginning the universe.  Therefore, do not be shocked of what is going on among us in the nation and abroad on the subject of homosexuality and same sex couples.   If Satan cannot have his way with us to be in a same sex relationship, then he tries to annoy our marriages, which was designed by God as men and women.   In this case of Jedidah and Alshyshia, Satan was working in the car that day.   As women of God, not just as black women, we should give our souls to God and focus on Him, even when it seems like everything is falling a part and our husbands are threatening us.   If we feel like our husband maybe so angry and murder could happen, we are supposed to start praying right at that moment.   Do not argue back with him, just plead the blood of Jesus, because there is power in His name.   When you began crying out to God for His help to bring peace between you and your husband, Satan's plan for a tragedy have no choice but to cease.   

Also as black women, we must make sure we are saved and if our husbands are not saved, we have to make sure we win them to Jesus Christ, if we have accepted Him first.   Although, men and women maybe married as one yoke, both parties have to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.   Although,  Jedidah and Alshyshia Alexander may have been in the right type of marriage, God could have been waiting on both of them to serve him.   This is what we are trying to say, you could be doing everything right as black women being married to a man, but if God is waiting on our souls to be dedicated to Him and His Kingdom, then it will not work.  This just does not go for this deceased couple, this goes for all of us.   Satan wants to make it look like marriages do not work between men and women, so it will seem like it is okay to be a homosexual and marry the same sex, but we have to prove him wrong by making sure God is the head of our lives and our marriages, so that we can be an example in this age among many lost souls whom are condoning same sex marriages.

The demonic warfare was very obvious in the marriage of Jedidah and Alshyshia Alexander, because Alshyshia has been enduring so much emotional pain before this had happened in prior years.  She was planning to divorce Jedidah.   It seems as though he could not accept the fact that she would go on in life without him and so he snapped in front of all three of their children.  May they both rest in peace and we are praying for all three of their sons.

If you need Jesus Christ to rule in your marriage and you feel like you are in a demonic warfare, please go to our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  

 Watch Video

Watch Video

Man shoots wife dead in car before committing suicide as their three young boys witness horror from the back seat

A Kansas City man apparently shot his wife dead in their car before turning the gun on himself as their three young boys sat in the back seat.

Jedidah Alexander, 25, and his wife Alyshia, 24, died of gunshot wounds Tuesday in what police are describing as a murder-suicide. Police investigators say they are not looking for any suspects.

Their three children -- Jedidah, 3, Jerimiah, 2, and Jaedin, 1 -- were found in the car's back seat splattered in blood and crying, but physically unharmed...Read full article, here.

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