Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Florida Black Woman, 70, Found The Secret to The Fountain Of Life

Annette Larkins, 70 year old that looks 40 years old- Fountain of Youth

Here's another inspiring story of a 70 year old black woman who clearly looks like she is 40 years old or younger. Annette Larkins eats all raw foods and no meat. She lives in Florida where she grows her own fruits and vegetables and has more energy than most can get all week. At 70 years old, she drinks rain water. In the 1960's, she became a vegetarian and consequently her husband owned a meat market. Over the years she became a raw vegan and does not eat animal products and only eats fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds along with juicing her own fruits and vegetables.

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Black Woman At Age 70, Found The Secret to The Fountain Of Life Years Ago | AT2W


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