Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Police have recorded conversations between suspected kidnapper & abducted Hamtramck women

This is a late update, we are so sorry for the delay.  The following video shows the burnt car and the alleged killers facing a judge in court.  As you know, we have been keeping you up to date, regarding this crime.   Now on our post prior to this one, we reported the two black women, Ashley Conaway and her best friend, Abreeya Brown's bodies are supposed to be buried in a Detroit park, but so far, nothing has been found.  Lois Brown, Brown's mother has been seen pleading on the news for Brandon Cain to release both women, but we are afraid this could be a dead end.  Also, we suspect Cain,  the alleged killer could also be responsible for the other homicides involving the series of dead escorts whom were burnt in the trunks of their cars and also the disappearances of strippers whom were never found, which occurred two or three months ago.  Hopefully, police will look into this possibility.

Police also claim they have recorded conversations between the alleged kidnapper and abducted women.   Before, these two women disappeared, police were protecting them by reserving a motel room in Sterling Heights for them until after the court case.  They knew it was unsafe for them to return to Hamtramck,  Obviously, they were being watched when they returned home, after buying a meal at a local fast food restaurant, because the kidnappers exchanged gunfire with Brown's father and dumped them in the trunk of the car.  Now, they both could be dead and buried at a deserted location in a park, according to the latest news.

May they both rest in peace.

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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Police have recorded conversations between suspected kidnapper & abducted women

By: Web Staff

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - New details are emerging in the case of two missing women who were kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a trunk of a car.

7 Action News has learned that police recorded conversations between the suspected kidnapper and the two women before they were abducted in Hamtramck.

Concerned for their safety, police put Ashley Conaway , 21, and Abreeya Brown, 18 in a motel in Sterling Heights and told them to stay away from Hamtramck .

Police were trying to keep the girls out of Hamtramck to keep them safe after a shooting in which Ashley was struck.

That incident happened on February 8 in Detroit. Police believe the prime suspect in the disappearance of the women, Brandon Cain, was trying to keep them quiet about the shooting.

Sources say Cain threatened Conaway . Telling her if she left her house, she was going to die...Read full article, here.

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