Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black Staff Accuse Black Woman, School Superintendent of Racial Discrimination: God Cannot Bless African Americans Until They Stop Hating Being Black

Since the news broke, regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in NYC our journalists have been very annoyed how many black people continue to disrespect each other while outraged over the news of such similar tragedies.   Such hatred from people like Ethelda Burke always occurs while we as African Americans have had to endure racial discrimination from other races.   It makes life very difficult, so hard, the "shade issue" seems to be an ancient demon among us that never ceases, but remains to cause such an emotional strain on us as a whole.   The ancient demon of the "shade or complexion issue" has dominated the spirits of black women and men whom pass it down into the innocent spirits of their children and grandchildren, it causes black people to live throughout life, focusing on skin shades and it is so sickening.  You wonder why we are just now getting a black (bi-racial) President?   Many black people like this school superintendent have caused so much of a complex, white supremacists have been able to conquer our ability to succeed as we should, just as human beings like every other race.  

On the Superintendent's Message from Ethelda Burke, you will see how she proudly talks about diversity among various races, "Our rich community touts several races, cultures, and ethnic groups, being the most diverse school district in the nation."  See for yourself, here at Tukwila School District.  However, it is so sad this black women allegedly does not want to love and unite with her own race, but honors diversity among various races.  Unfortunately such similar attitudes has destroyed the African American race from progress.

Trayvon Martin's murder is just one of many cases.   There has been many cases of racial discrimination, but the reason why they are bound to repeatedly occur, is because of so much hatred among African Americans.   This case of Superintendent Ethelda Burke has happened throughout many generations within many African American families, friends and neighbors within the black community.  Therefore, such self-hatred has destroyed unity among African Americans.  In the 21st century, we are yet dealing with the same issue of skin shades, very strange.   Why is it?   Simply, because it is an ancient demon many African Americans like Ethelda Burke have been possessed with.   Early on in Ethelda Burke's life, she could have experienced such hatred and so it seems as though she has never let it go and decided to share her poison with others and the Devil in her has enjoyed the emotional pain in the process.   These 9 employees whom work for her are grown people whom are dealing with something a lot of us have dealt with in our childhood.   When other grown people act like this black woman, Ethelda Burke, it makes you feel as though we as African Americans have some demonic shackles we have never been able to get rid of, except those of us whom are saved through Jesus Christ.   However, please realize this is an other form of slavery.   The sort of emotional affliction Ethelda Burke has caused on these black employees is an ancient demon that was created by Satan and his demons.  It may have begun in slavery days when slave-masters would place their mulatto children as maidservants and the dark skin in the fields, but it was created by Satan. However, after you watch the following video you will recognize, Ethelda Burkes hurt all shades of her own race and they discussed it as they sat at the round table.  Shade discrimination is a form of mental slavery.   It creates mental barriers among the African American race whom are trying to avoid evil forces that come from other races that hate black people, similar cases like Trayvon Martin.   Ethelda Burke's alleged demonic personality is the reason why we African Americans run from each other and while doing so, other races that hate us are more accepted within society.

The insanity is, the more black people act like this black woman, Ethelda Burke, the more we are among diversity with other races, but lack extreme unity within our own race.  Therefore, God cannot bless African Americans until they stop hating how He created them, as black people.  This is one of the main reasons why God's wrath has been against many black people throughout many generations, because they refuse to love and accept His creation and act as though they are punishing others whom look like them, this definitely hurts God.   Such hatred is a sin and if black people do not repent, many of them will fail to receive the blessings God has designed for them in their lives.  Therefore, instead of blessings there will be curses within many lives of black people..  Solomon 1:6 says, 'don't hate me because I am black'.   This scripture was not just for those whom are white supremacists or any other race, but also for black people whom hate being black and others whom look like them.

If you need God to save you from being like this black woman, Superintendent Ethelda Burke, please go to our Salvation page, repent and ask God to save you.  Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and make you a changed woman or man, so that children can stop following such evil ways of self-hatred and even among themselves.   Jesus love you and He wants to set you totally free from this ancient demon that has ruled African Americans for too long.

 Watch Video

‘Stop being a big, black man scaring our white drivers’: Black staff accuse black school superintendent of racial discrimination

By Alfonso Serrano F.

Nine black school district employees have filed racial discrimination complaints against their black superintendent and are demanding her immediate suspension.

The employees from the Tukwila School District, south of Seattle, Washington, have filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against superintendent Ethelda Burke.

The accusers range from vice principals...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo Courtesy: http://www.tukwila.wednet.edu


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