Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston's Death Brings Out The Demons in Some Whites Who Don't Judge Their Own Race

One of our journalist did an article on SCR blog, opposing the viewpoint of radio host, Janet Mefferd.   We cannot understand why suddenly there is so much instigating among white celebrity entertainers in Hollywood and even whose who claim to be Christians like Mefferd.   You know, after getting over hearing about Paula White's repeated and alleged racist remarks about nappy hair as though she is under some sort of the anointing, we did not know what was to come next, which would be whites who seem as though they are happy a black woman is dead.   Their reaction seems to be much different than when Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe died.  They still glorify them, especially the last two.   It is really sad to say, but we feel that is unequal treatment.    Furthermore, we pray they stop lying on our dear sister Whitney Houston, she did not die of a drug overdose, she died of an accidental overdose of prescribed medications, along with a bit of alcohol.   We love and respect Whitney and will not allow white America to act as though they have no problems within their own race and have a right to judge her.

Dear sisters, time after time, we try to move on and be diverse with white people, but after all these years, if it is not working, it just won't work.  We need to get united with Jesus Christ, because He is our Savior and is the only One who understands our pain and what it is to struggle as a black woman.   Jesus created us black women for a reason, so we do not owe any apologies to anyone for being who we are.  In Jesus name, we will have peace while grieving for our dear sister and not allow all the naysayers to disrespect her memory, as though they are so righteous.

The average black woman knows what it is to feel depressed.  We know what it is like to feel as though no one love us, not even the black men we date, the ones who like Bobby Brown whom flaunt their white fiances in our faces and even the men in our family who shun us, we are familiar with that sort of pain.   So much has happen among our dear women, over the years.  We have endured so much pain of not only losing our mothers in some sort of way like Bobbi Kristina, but also enduring the death of unity among black women.   Many of our dear sisters are no longer are connected with our Creator as we were when our fore mothers were enslaved in this country of America.  The average black woman of today don't like to talk about it, but our female ancestors should be very important to us now, because it seems like the demon of oppression, to pull down the black woman has never ceased America.   Now, why is this?   Simply, because Satan is trying to pull us onto his territory, so we can never be fully delivered and set free.   Repeatedly, we have been told, we are the most ugliest women on the face of the planet and our own race carry on that old lie, 'the more darker you are and the more your features are Afrocentric, you are less desirable', not by God.   Each and every black woman is desirable by God, it does not matter how bad people say you are.  It does not matter how long you have been on drugs or addicted to prescribed medication, God loves each and every black woman and does not consider those of any other race more than us.  The Devil has created it to appear like that, but it is not true.  God wants to do a new thing for black women, but He cannot work through us, unless we desire to unite, love and respect ourselves and each other.   It maybe impossible to find peace with your relatives, because of the 'different daddy or different momma' syndrome.   However, God expects us to get along with everyone, if we can, that is what His Word says.   If not, dust your feet and love your sisters whom have no one, no family, no friends, no children.  Learn how to understand, those whom may not be related to you are very related, because they are black and most importantly willing to be in the family of God.  If black women you try to be kind to, refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, then you have no choice, but to pull away, but if there is an open door for them to accept salvation, then there is a chance for unity.  However, we must not stop praying for those whom resist Jesus Christ.   We also acknowledge it is very difficult for those who deny Christ, because many of them may think God do not love them, because many white Christians are yet racist.   You have to remember, God is not a racist God, He created all races, but if one race refuses to love and respect us as equal, He has nothing to do with it, that evil spirit comes straight from the pit of hell.  Therefore, do not allow it to make you feel as though God does not love you.   Because you see, all of the evil judgmental alleged comments coming from people like Peter Fonda, Tony Bennett, Cindy Lapper and even Janet Medford who calls herself a christian, does not represent God's Kingdom.   God is not dumb, He knows their race messes up, just like our race, because He created us all human.  Therefore, we do not serve an ignorant God and certainly do not serve One whom places us beneath other human beings who may think they are better than we are.   

In Whitney Houston's memory, let us pull closer and love even our dear black sisters we do not know.   Let us learn how to help those whom suffer with depression and not judge as though we are not familiar with being African American.   Let us learn how to love those whom feel not only depressed, but also oppressed, rejected and neglected.   We are saints of God, we are not just black and just because one may die, it is not mean God is finished with all black women.  He loves us and formed us in our mothers womb, no matter if it was through rape, a bad relationship or a failed married, He yet created us and God has not forgotten about black women.   We love you dear sisters and if there is ever a time you need prayer, after accepting Jesus Christ on our Salvation page, then request it. 

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