Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Keep Losing Our Legends: Black Women, How Do We Deal With It?

Dear black women, if you really are easy to cry every time some famous African American dies, then you can understand why we posted this article.   Of course, we realize everyone has to come to the end of the life some day, but it is how these legendary great black men and women have died.   It hurts to hear the sudden news of Whitney Houston, and even the ones who passed on before her.   However, God does not want us to get remain depressed that we are not happy with the life he has given to us.  After we get over this sudden shock, we have to keep living and make sure we are living to please Him.  Let us remain focused on Jesus Christ, this is the only way we are going to escape all of those old memories of remembering those love songs back in our high school days, the beginning of Whitney Houston's career.   Then when she starred in 'Waiting to Exhale', then 'The Preacher's Wife', she did a good job acting in that movie with all of the other black actresses.  God yet insist, we must hold onto Him and realize He created Whitney and any other legendary African American entertainer.   Yes, that is a part of our history, but we must now pray for the Whitney's mother and daughter and move on with our walk with Christ.

Sisters, we come to encourage you to remain strong.   It is very sad, Whitney Houston was a part of our family of black women.   She was one who made it to the top while enduring her own personal struggles.   Just think about it, she was once a formed in her mother's womb, then born into this world, just like all of us black women.   She then grew up in life, learning what it was all about.   She was human and made mistakes like many other black women, the only difference she was famous and of course, everybody knew her business.   Possibly, our dear sister did not know how to cope.   Whatever the reason she overdosed on anti-depressants God knew Whitney Houston more than her own mother and daughter.   God grabbed our dear sister, just when she left this earth.  Therefore, let us wipe our tears and pray for each other in the midst of this shocking news.   Let us continue to pray for each other and stand strong.

Dear sisters, if there is ever a time when you feel depressed, you know what to do, go to our salvation page and receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  Then, watch the videos and learn how to live saved.   Another thing, you can always request a callback and someone will always call you back, if prayer is needed.  Do not ever get addicted to prescribed medication, drugs or alcohol, feeling like it is the only way to cope with your pain.   We are hear to give you hope and inspire you through Jesus Christ.  He is the only answer to your problems.   It does not matter who you are or where you live, Jesus wants to abide inside of you, regardless of how many mistakes you have made, God wants all of you.   Why?   Because since He created you, He knows Satan does not deserve to have your soul.  Therefore, Jesus Christ wants you to completely live for Him.   

Many famous African Americans have passed on, but this news seems like it is very difficult to deal with.   Therefore, the only way we know how to deal with Whitney's passing, is crying out to God and allowing Him to comfort us.   It works, try it.

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