Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update: Family of 2 Kidnapped Women Pleads for Their Release

Lois Brown is the mother of Abreeya Brown who has been missing with her friend, Ashley Conaway since late Tuesday night.  If you have been following our articles, we just gave you information about the two friends whom were kidnapped at gunpoint on the front porch of their home.   Brown's stepfather exchanged gunfire with the kidnapper, Brandon Cain we found out is the ex-boyfriend of Ashley who broke up with him, he was shooting at them both back then.  After brazing Ashley's head with the bullet, he was facing attempted murder charges, but tried to pay both friends $5,000 not to testify against him.  When they refused to take the money, he kidnapped them late Tuesday night.

Lois Brown received text messages from the victims, pleading for help and informing her they were trapped in a trunk of a car.  Now, police are looking for where they could be right now.  Hopefully, Cain releases the two women and they return, safe.

Brandon Cain does not even realize he has got more charges against him, whether he releases the two women or not.  Now, he will be facing kidnapping charges, not just attempted murder and if he is foolish enough to kill, it will be much worse for him.   If he is smart, he should do the right thing and let them both go.

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Police: 2 Women Kidnapped in Hamtramck

Abreeya Brown, Ashley Conaway taken from home

By Staff

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WJBK) -- An intense search continues for two women from Hamtramck. Police say the women were taken away at gunpoint and could be in extreme danger. Police believe at least two men were involved with this crime.

"Please bring my baby back to me safely," said Lois Brown as she pleaded Wednesday for her daughter's return.

18-year-old Abreeya Brown was abducted at gunpoint along with her best friend...Read full article, here.

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