Friday, February 17, 2012

KeKe Wyatt and Stacey Francis: What Whitney Houston's Death Has Taught Us 'Virtuous' Black Women

The death of our queen, Whitney Houston has taught those of us black women whom are virtuous a few lessons.  Before we give you those lessons, we want to say there are some people always like to dig up dirt, after a person is gone and we do not appreciate Keke Wyatt or Stacey Francis bringing up Whitney's human flaws, as US Mirror allegedly reported.  The link is revealed at the bottom, but we will not link it, you will have to copy and paste it for obvious reasons.  We just want to remember Whitney Houston in a good way and those whom act as though they never got angry in a day in their life will reap what they so.  KeKe Wyatt maybe allegedly talking about our dear Whitney now, but she needs to recall allegedly pulling a knife on her ex-husband and stabbing him with it.   Anyway, please read what Whitney Houston's death can teach us virtuous black women in a good way.

We evaluated some of the problems Whitney had experienced before her death and it was not her problem, it is the way the American entertainment industry and just America in any profession is set up.  It does not matter how much class we as black women have while becoming very successful,  Satan always controls the music industry to reveal human flaws.   We want to say whatever struggles Whitney had was not because she wanted them, but it was because America has a history of racism and this is especially in the world of entertainment or any other profession.   Whitney Houston was a woman of class and dignity, it is seems like so many Hollywood celebrities cannot recall that fact.   Whitney Houston had human flaws just like any other woman of any race.   Therefore, this should reveal how much she has taught us virtuous black women, 'no matter how much we try, the demonic force always points out our human mistakes.'  Whitney Houston has taught us no one can love us like Jesus Christ.   Whitney Houston was a human being and whatever personal problems she had was only to teach us virtuous black women how to overcome them.  Although, she returned to the music industry, after she listened to her mother and made an announcement to retire, because her mother told her it was not worth it, she still gave up drugs and left her troubled marriage.   It is so true, becoming a superstar for America to enjoy your music, is not worth it.   Possibly, if we become successful in the entertainment industry, it is not meant for America to enjoy, because many are yet white and racist or even black and jealous.   Therefore, we should learn to know we do not have to become so famous to be great, just share our gift among those whom appreciate us, especially just for Christ.   

Furthermore, it hurts to know Whitney Houston always carried herself with so much class, but Satan always has his children in the midst of the entertainment industry to make her feel inferior as though she could never amount up to those whom are white and the crazy thing about it is this very fact, many of these people who back them up are black.   The same black folks whom are speaking against Whitney Houston are the same ones whom would expect us to back them up when they face racism, it does not matter if they are half-black like KeKe Wyatt or all black like Chaka Khan.   However, we will only stand by our dear sisters like Whitney Houston, the ones who are not so proud to say they have made human mistakes.  Not all the time will black women support us.  Many of them will only remember our bad moments in life, because they are not children of God, but Whitney Houston has taught us, God does not remember our past.   He remembers Whitney Houston reading her Bible, just days before her death and how she desired to see our Savior, Jesus Christ face to face.

Whitney Houston overcame her problems by divorcing her abusive ex-husband Bobby Brown who allegedly was responsible for getting her on drugs.  Bobby Brown allegedly threatened Whitney Houston after she had her interview with Oprah Winfrey, after their divorce.   So, she has taught us that the men in our lives can be so cold.   We can have a lot of class and integrity about ourselves, but the men in our lives may yet pull us down.   Whitney managed to get off drugs when she had the interview with Oprah Winfrey and she was very courageous to admit what happened in her abusive marriage to Bobby Brown.  She was not afraid to allegedly say it.   Also, speaking of the men in our lives, Whitney Houston taught us that we should not feel as though we have to have a man in our lives, after one relationship does not work out.   You see, many black women feel as though we are not complete not unless we have a man in our lives.  For instance, Ray J was much younger than Whitney and Bobby Brown was very immature.  So, Whitney made human flaws just like a lot of us black women, but she taught us that whether a man is old as ourselves or even younger, both types are not worth it and could drive you into a depressed state.  As you can see from our previous statement, involving the two women who allegedly accused Whitney Houston of violence over Ray J, it seems as though they forgot what it is to be a woman, one who makes human mistakes who may feel incomplete if we feel the men in our lives are not in love or attracted to us.

So dear sisters, please let us learn something positive from our dear sister, Whitney Houston's death, the world of black or white folks nor a man may never accept us, but God accepts us, because He gives us true and real love neither the world nor mankind could ever afford to give us.

As far as KeKe Wyatt Stacey Francis, if anything went down, they are suppose to forgive Whitney Houston, not bring up the dirt as though they are glad this happened to our dear sister.

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