Monday, February 27, 2012

Good News Black Women: Missing teen found hours after being featured on 'The View'

This time, we have such good news to share with you and really wish we could discover many more miraculous stories such as this one.   However, the world is so full of evil, children whom with either or snatched while walking to or from school or runaway most of the time do not return.   Thank goodness, this time a young girl has been found once her photo was recognized by someone on the televised talk show, 'The View'.  The mother of Mishell Green must be very happy to see her daughter, after she returned home.   We do not know why this child was missing, but if by chance, she was just unhappy, maybe this is something that will change in her family household.

We had seen her face after looking at the YouTube channel for the Black and Missing Foundation, just a couple of days ago.  The organization had shown a video of her parents and sister pleading for Mishell to come home or if someone had her, to give her up.  We had no idea, God would work a miracle for this family, but miracles do happy.   Furthermore, after we heard her mother, Janell Johnson Dash allegedly say she was not going to give up hope in her own words, we realized how great her mother's faith was and how much of it is needed among black mothers whom lose their children, all across America.  Therefore, this nothing but a true testimony of what God can do, after your child has been missing for several months or even years.   

If you are a parent and have a missing child, we would like to encourage you not to give up hope.  Keep praying, fasting and believing God.   According to God's will, you will eventually find peace and know what happened to your child.  

Sometimes, God maybe allowing certain parents to go through such a trial to get their attention.  Therefore, we invite you to visit our Salvation page, if you do not know Jesus Christ.   If you do know where your child is and he or she is safe, if your family do not know Jesus Christ, we yet welcome you to the body of Christ.   You may visit our Salvation page, now. However, if you already are a born again Christian, then all you need to do is fast and pray for your child's safe return and in God's own time, He will give you an answer.   God bless.

Missing teen found hours after being featured on 'The View'

NEW YORK - A teenage girl was reunited with her family hours after her story was aired on The View.

Sixteen year old Mishell Green had being missing for more than five months after failing to show up at an after school program in New York. Her case was taken up by the Black and Missing Foundation, or BAMFI, an organization (with which theGrio has a partnership) that focuses on missing African-Americans.

BAMFI's president and CEO, Derrica Wilson, appeared on The View February 24th along with Green's stepfather, Champell Dash, her biological father, Derrick, and her mother Janell Johnson Dash, where they were interviewed by co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. The interview...Read full article, now. 

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