Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Black Women Be Careful: Ricky Nobles Sought in Lithonia, GA. Woman’s Disappearance

When one of our journalists at stayed in Atlanta, she recalls some rowdy black men whom were neighbors always watching her family car, even when she was in the house.   It was not normal for her to see this occur, because where she comes from it was much different.  From her native city, she may have seen them look and probably give a compliment, but just to stand around and stare, when she got in and out of her car was very abnormal, even to check on the car through her living room or bedroom window and notice them just staring at her car was very weird.   That previous story reminds us of that previous round table discussion when we heard about this case of this Atlanta black woman, Shawndell McLeod, 35, who got ready for work one morning and suddenly went missing and has not been seen since last September, according to her mother, Badicea McLeod.    

Dear black women, you must become aware of your surroundings, at all times.  It does not matter how your neighbors may call you stuck up or accuse you of not being so friendly, you must always be on guard and watch your surroundings.  This missing woman, Shawndell McLeod worked as cook and was just simply going to work in front of her house and did not show up at her job one day.  However, before this all occurred she felt afraid for her safety and even asked for a gun for protection.  This is sort of how our colleague felt when she lived in Dekalb county.  However, in this case this missing woman had just left an abusive relationship.   So obviously, she was possibly involved with this strange man, Ricky Nobles who was not just a neighbor, but someone who could have been very close to her at one time.   Therefore, you have got to watch whom you become involved with, do not date a man just because he is in love with your car.   If he loves your car, more than you and is not working hard to get his own, he is not the right guy who should be in your life.   Obviously, Nobles was jealous of Shawndell, which is another demonic spirit our colleague mentioned she noticed while living in Atlanta, many of the black men are very jealous of black women, there.  However, we admit that is everywhere you go, but it is to the extreme there, so you really must be careful whom you date, keep company with as a friend or just simply live close to as a neighbor.  Because although a lot of African Americans brag on Atlanta being the 'black mecca', there is not a lot of love there among black men and black women and it is a place where black women always come up missing and there are too many murders. Furthermore, there is not enough love and support among black women alone in the area of Atlanta as there should be, it seems to be like they support black men more than the love and respect other black women like themselves, allegedly.  

According to Shawndell's mother, police have found no sign of activity with her bank account or cell phone, but they did catch Ricky Nobles in the car, running and stripping off all his clothes when he knew they spotted him.  Therefore, he must know something about Shawndell's disappearance.   

Shawndell McLeod's mother continues to look out of her living room window for her daughter to return, but so far, she has not came home.   Therefore, we want to say a special prayer for this dear black woman, including her mother.   We have so much concern for our dear sisters all over this nation and we take notice of the Devil's plan to take their lives and even deceive them through cunning words of evil men like Ricky Nobles.   The Bible says, 'Satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but He comes that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).'  Therefore, this ancient demon of black men killing black women comes straight from the pit of hell and is definitely a spiritual matter.   

You know dear sisters, we blame many of our black women, because it is just like the entire race of black people who complain about white supremacy, but you cannot get many of them to unite.   So it is the same among just black women, yet we hurt about all of our sisters coming up dead, but you can't get many of us to love and support each other.   It is a demon that is controls a spirit of hypocrisy, because oh, we can cry and feel bad about all of these situations, but then, just give many of our sisters a few days after the report, they fail to recall this tragedies and will offend each other without even care how the hurting black woman feels.   Many black women even will go so far to witness their dear sister going through prejudice or being threatened, but will not come to her defense.  Instead, many black women will just stand by and instigate as though they are glad they are being harassed and mistreated by evil doers and what is so bad about it is, these are the ones closest to us: friends, relatives and even the ones you may call your "so-call" soul mates whom you have no business in a relationship with.   Dear black women, we can complain about these black men killing our dear sisters if we want to, but the real problem is among many of our sisters whom acknowledge our pain, but will do or say nothing to comfort us.   God can only do so much.  He can protect our dear sisters, but we are going to have to do much better than what we do.  However, you cannot do better with your attitude, if you are not serving God.  Therefore, make up in your mind right now to serve God, then your spirit will change.   We need more black women to stop going against each other while complaining about these tragic circumstances, regarding missing black women, because that is a demon of hypocrisy and God is tired of it.  God is tired of how black women mistreat each other, day after day, month after month and year after year.   Don't you know he sees how cold many of our sisters act?   He cannot bless our race of women until we learn how to love and respect ourselves.

Now dear sisters, we are going to say a special prayer for our dear sister, Shawndell, McLeod, but before we do.   We want to remind you, if you are not saved, please make up in your mind to give your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ and let him cleanse you from all unrighteousness, because God cannot do anything for us, not unless we choose to serve Him.  Please go to our Salvation page and seek the Lord.

Dear God, we bring our dear sister, Shawndell McLeod before you right now.   You know where our dear sister is.   We pray that this strange man, Ricky Nobles gives his life totally over to you and completely surrender.  We ask you to make him admit where this missing woman is.  Some things we cannot understand, but we know Ricky Nobles is no doubt responsible for this missing woman, according to police.   Wherever Shawndell McLeod maybe, we ask you to bring her home right now, in the mighty precious name of Jesus.   Jesus we know you are a miracle worker and can do what may seem impossible.   Shawndell's mother is looking out of her window everyday for her child, God please bring this woman home.   Whatever the outcome, we know you are still God and we place no one above or before you.   We trust and believe you will handle this situation, in Jesus name, Amen.

Man sought in DeKalb woman’s disappearance

By Amy Napier Viteri

Family members of a missing Lithonia woman are desperate for answers in her disappearance.

Badicea McLeod told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri no one has seen or heard from her 35-year-old daughter, Shawndell, since Sept. 25.

"Just waiting, and hoping and praying," McLeod told Viteri. "No sign, no call. No trace."

McLeod said her daughter was supposed to come over for Sunday dinner on Sept. 25, but she didn’t show up. She was also told her daughter did not make it to her job as a cook that morning, either.

DeKalb police put out a description of the missing woman's car...Read full article and watch video, here.

Source and Photo: WSBTV


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