Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black Women Should Find Other Options: Mother Arrested For Stealing Education For Her Son

This is not the first time we have heard of black mothers arrested for placing their children in schools out of the area from where they reside.   However, usually they do not call it stealing education, usually they are arrested for just what it is, placing their child in a school outside of their residential area.   We cannot understand why this is so serious, but it seems as though they are trying to find a reason to arrest black women.   In this specific case, Tanya McDowell is also facing charges for selling crack cocaine and marijuana.  So, as we recognize, although she has done wrong as a drug dealer she still wanted her child to be in a better environment.  She took the plea deal, because of it.

We can understand black women who want better for their children, although we can never support them as drug dealers.   It seems like Tanya McDowell wants better for her child, but yet she allegedly does not have good morals and values for herself as a mother.   It is bad enough a lot of black men yield to dealing drugs, but Lord knows, what will our children do when their mothers are gone?   Black women must find other options.   Specifically for Tanya McDowell's situation of being accused of stealing education, we will deal with that situation first.  Since we realize the judicial system desires to incarcerate our sisters who have been placing their children in schools outside of the district for several years, black women should now make a commitment to no longer do it.   Furthermore, if black mothers like McDowell desire a better school for their children, then they should never sell drugs, because by doing so, they are messing up the environment for other black children to live in.   Black women would not be always placing their children in school districts outside of her residential area, if drug dealers would refuse to sell drugs.  Therefore, it does not make sense for black women like Tanya McDowell or black fathers to break the law of placing their children in better schools, if they have been part of the problem by selling drugs.

Black women, if you are guilty of placing your children in schools outside of your residential area, you must work hard on a legitimate job to move into a nice suburban neighborhood, so you will be able to enroll them in a decent school.  Do not break the law selling drugs or even selling yourself as a prostitute to move out of ghetto neither should you remain there destroying others by breaking the law in the black community and then decide to cheat the system and place your child in a school where they are not allowed to be enrolled as a student.   You may think you are making a better life for them by placing them in a different school, but if you are breaking the law, what good would it do, if you get shot dead by the police or your rival?   What can you teach your child then?  It would be a waste of time for you to place them in a better school, because you did not choose to live a better life.   It pays to do right, dear sisters.

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Mother arrested for stealing education for her son

A Bridgeport mother plead guilty for enrolling her then 5-year-old son in the wrong school district. Prosecutors said Tanya McDowell sent her son to school in Norwalk, even though they were living in Bridgeport at the time.

McDowell did not agree to all the facts of the larceny case. McDowell noted her disagreements in her plea so that it's on the record. However, she also was facing drug charges for selling crack cocaine and marijuana...Read full article, here. 

Source, Video and Photo courtesy: The Grio


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