Friday, February 24, 2012

Black Women Let's Not Take From Our Ex-Husbands: Woman Steals Estranged Husband's Identity

This case of this black woman stealing her estranged husband's identity concerns us, because as a race of women we should be beyond using our ex-husband's identity for any reason.   Although, many of our us may not have reached a high income bracket, we should not choose to forged anyone's name on a legal document, so that we can afford to live in a home that does not belong to us.  We should have so much pride about ourselves, we would not even think of doing a thing like this, but obviously it was different for Alice Harrison, 43, who did previously purchased a home with her ex-husband, but forged his name to remove him from the deed, so she could own it, alone.  She may have had a right because she was once his wife, but according to the law, no one can forged their name on any document for any reason.

Sisters listen, we may feel we are entitled to what we may have once shared with our ex-husband, but we must do right.   In God's eyes, he would desire for us to handle it, according to the law and that would mean wait until what the judge entitles for us to have in the divorce settlement.  In a divorce settlement, it could mean we may not get a home or car, but we would have to live with that decision.  That is better than being in a situation like Alice Walker who made the wrong decision to break the law.

We as black women have been through enough for being who we are as a race.   We owe it to ourselves to be smart and trust God for whatever we desire, even if we have nothing after a divorce.   God wants us a black women to learn how to trust Him, regardless of prior shared assets.  He expects us to become successful and to teacher others how to do the same.  However, you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior to be able to understand having faith in Him and receiving your blessing.

Woman Steals Estranged Husband's Identity: Pa Attorney General

Philadelphia woman is charged with stealing estranged husband's identity to obtain sole possession of their home.

By Jackie Gailey
A Philadelphia woman was arrested Thursday for allegedly forging her estranged husband's name and assuming his identity in order to transfer the deed of their home to her name only, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly.

Alice Harrison, 43, and her husband purchased a home on the 5000 block of North 15th Street in 1999 from Harrison's mother, according to Kelly.

The couple lived in the home until 2006...Read full article, here.


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