Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty Salon Owner Gave Illegal Breast Growing Injections Two Years And Left A Client In Critical Condition

Dear sisters, we have done previous articles at, time and time again, regarding this issue and we are so tired of forewarning black women about allowing this to occur.   This salon owner of Divas Hair Salon and Spa in Tyler Texas, Carmel Foster has been on the run since she illegally injected another black woman to grow breasts, but now according to, they now have her in custody.  A similar incident happened over a year ago when "Black Madam" a transsexual rapper allegedly did a similar illegal procedure and had been on the run, because the victim eventually died from complications.  "Black Madam" also was on the run for until the rapper's attorney stepped in to face prosecutors.  Now, this is a real woman who has done this to another black woman and it hurts to know black women would rather risk their lives to endure an illegal procedure, instead of being grateful for the way God made naturally them  to be.

It is such a shame some black women will stoop so low to degrade themselves by hurting other black women with a fluid that could end their lives.  Likewise, it is such a crying shame many black women do not like themselves and and do not even care about themselves to risk their own lives, in order to have bigger breasts and/or bigger buttocks.   There used to be a time when we did not hear of such a desire among black women to possess bigger body parts, we were just blessed to be born with it and it was mostly the white women whom desired to have what God blessed us with.   However, nowadays there are many black women who act like they were not born with enough breasts, hips or buttocks.   God cannot bless our race of women until many of them repent for giving themselves a silent death by allowing people to cut on them to change their facial features and body parts.   Dear sisters, God is not pleased and on judgement day when these black women have to face judgement, they will not hear God say 'well done, they good and faithful servant', simply because they were followers of society and not followers of Jesus Christ.  They chose to believe the ancient lie that black women are not beautiful and neither are they well equipped.   It should not surprise us why so many black men have turned their backs on all of us as a whole. Because many of our dear sisters do not like themselves, then how can a good black man even love or respect us?   We have to be grateful God has made us well endowed and if you are not blessed with it, just know God has yet made you black and beautiful and there is some abundance about yourself, He gave you as a black woman.

Because we are tired of giving black women repeated fore-warnings about this specific issue, this time we are not going to plead with you, but forewarn you that the judgement of God is coming, because He does not like it when our dear sisters go through a process, whether illegal or not, to inject themselves with something that could kill them.  It is bad enough, many black women want to change how their facial features, which already offends God.  If you do not care about yourself enough to take heed now, we cannot help you.  If it is not these flamboyant gay and transsexual men whom are giving these illegal procedures in hotel rooms, it is ignorant black women like Foster who are taking money from other black women whom think they need larger body portions.   It is so sad, many black women will trust anyone with their body and never even think twice about losing their life after they meet up in these hotels or where ever they choose to meet.  Many of our black women do not need bigger body portions, we really think a lot of times they are just followers and just want to do something that everybody else is doing, sort of a trend.   For many years, many of sisters do not even think of the consequences, they just are born followers and this is one of the main reasons why there seems to be a spiritual block between them and God.   God cannot bless our race of women, if we fail to thank Him for how and who He created us to be.   It is time change, dear sisters.   It is time for many black women to repent and stop following the wicked ways of this world and it is very wicked to change the way God created you to be and just as wicked to change someone else for money.  Judgement is coming for the illegal giver and judgement is coming for those gullible souls whom have alleged self-hatred.

Furthermore, this illegal procedure is just as bad a selling drugs.

Salon owner 'has been giving illegal breast growing injections to women for two years and left a client in critical condition'

By Daniel Bates

Last updated at 6:43 PM on 23rd February 2012

A young woman was taken to hospital in a critical condition after allegedly being given an illegal breast augmentation in a dingy beauty salon.

Sheena Bradford was rushed to the emergency room after complaining of severe chest pain shortly after she underwent the procedure.

It is thought the 26-year-old had a chemical substance injected into her to try and make her breasts...Read article, here.

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