Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Women Shot Along With a Detroit Strip Club Manager Fatally Shot While Breaking Up a Fight

Fortunately two women whom were shot during a fight in a Detroit Strip club called Starvin Marvin survived their gunshot wounds.  However, this fatal incident could have been much worse for both of them, so this is why we encourage black women to stop stripping, dealing drugs and/or prostituting themselves.  If you choose to make money through one of those ways, you not necessarily will face death through a serial killer, but you may be in a dangerous place at the wrong time.   Names of the two women have not been released, although we assume it is a possibility they could have been strippers.

We acknowledge Detroit is a high impoverished city and it is very difficult to find jobs.  However, if you reside in Detroit or any city like it that has a lot of crime, do not give into to becoming a drug dealer, madam, prostitute or a stripper.  If you do, you may not have a mind to ever serve God, because of all the money you are paid.  For the first time, you maybe able to pay rent, feed your children and even clothe them, but your life maybe cut short because you got caught up in an environment that was risky business that involves a lot of violence.  Therefore, seek God, give him your whole heart, mind and soul.   Ask Him to lead you into a lucrative career or business that is legitimate, so you will not have to risk losing your soul and leaving your children behind.

Furthermore, the two women who survived this deadly shooting at Starvin Marvin's have a chance to repent and make it right.  By the grace of God, they are still alive, so let us pray they realize His goodness before it is everlasting too late.  Also, realize this could have been you and what if you did not survive?

By Staff

DETROIT (WJBK) - Detroit police are searching for the person who shot and killed a strip club manager over the weekend.

Authorities say the 39-year-old manager was trying to stop a fight inside the Starvin Marvin's on Conant when someone pulled out a gun and fired shots.

The manager was taken to a local hospital where he died from his...Read full article, here. 

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