Saturday, January 21, 2012

TV One's ‘Find Our Missing’ Gets the Word Out On Missing Black Women

TV One's ‘Find Our Missing’ Gets the Word Out On Missing Black Women
This is a very good thing. It's actually well overdue but at least some people are coming together to give black women who are missing the due attention and press coverage they need to increase the chances of them coming home safely. It's no shock that America conveniently concentrates on missing white women more than black women. This isn't the first time blacks are put on the back burner but it is high time we take a stand for ourselves. They may never show equal treatment, even in tragedy. We should not expect it but only take care of our business. The point is love conquers all.
Read report below:
After years of complaints in African-American circles about the lack of attention paid to missing black women in this country, a U.S. cable network dedicated to black programming begins a revolutionary series this week.
Missing Black Women in America
The program, called " Find Our Missing," is scheduled to begin airing tonight on TV One, a black cable network available in 56 million homes.

Read more here:

TV One Now Airing ‘Find Our Missing’ to Get Attention On Missing Black Women | AT2W


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