Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Black Women, Detroit Police Arrest Suspected 'Scrap Metal' Serial Rapist

Dear black women, as we have told you before there are many black women coming up dead in various states.   Serial killers are on the loose and if you do not have a close relationship with Jesus Christ, angels will not surround and protect you.  You must be very cautious even in your own house, because evil men are out to get innocent black women.   In this specific case, of this serial rapist in Detroit, we feel this could be a break in the cases of the deceased prostitutes and strippers who were found dead, if this black serial rapist is responsible.   However, for now you must pay close attention to this story and realize just because they caught this serial rapist, does not mean these horrific murders of black women will come to an end.

This suspected 'Scrap Metal' serial rapist had the audacity to rape four women.  Mark Carter, 41, took his last victim whom was standing at a bus stop and placed her in the front seat of the U-haul truck he was driving.  Then, he threatened her by telling her he would cut her throat.   Then, this man had the nerve to drive to a scrap yard and negotiated a deal while his victim was afraid to run for help.  When he returned, he then drove to an abandoned house and raped her.  He drove off and left her.  She ran off to a neighbor and then called police and told them the whole story.  Because of his last victim's report, he is now off the streets.  However, she is too afraid to show her face.

Now, you answer this question, how can a black woman trust any black man after being raped by one? This is one of the main reasons why there is so much strife and division among African Americans.   There are too many cases like this one and it is often the reasons why black people as a whole cannot heal.  When you try to admit such pain of being raped to black women, some take it lightly and will not even take time to listen and understand the pain of a rape or incest survivor.  Furthermore, there are many men whom like Carter who do not want a black woman for a relationship, but they just want to rape them.  Although, not all black men are like this serial rapist, there have been too many recent cases of black women being either raped, brutalized or murdered and the only real solution is Jesus Christ.  He is the real healer and the only one who can take the pain away, because there have been too many black women left in this situation and the majority of the black race will not acknowledge their pain while the entire race yet faces racial discrimination.

This is very sad we continue to hear about these cases of black women either coming of dead or raped.  It time for black women to unite, pray and love each other and most of all, God.

Dear black woman, if you have been raped and sexually violated, please contact us, after going to our Salvation page.  Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you from being raped or enduring your past as an incest survivor of either a stranger or a family member.   Jesus is the only One who can set you totally free.   Subscribe to our emails and respond for someone to counsel you and we will be happy to take time and give you consolation via phone.  God bless you, dear sisters. 

Watch Video

Detroit Police Arrest Suspected 'Scrap Metal' Serial Rapist

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A suspected serial rapist is off the streets of Detroit. He allegedly used potential scrap metal profits to target victims.

One alleged victim spoke exclusively with FOX 2.  She says her attacker was driving a U-Haul.  She claims he threatened her life, took her first to a scrap yard and then to an abandoned house, dragged her inside and raped her repeatedly.  When the attack...Read full article, here.



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