Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Black Women Be Careful of Drunk Drivers: Family, Colleagues Mourn Atlanta Police Officer Killed in Accident

Dear black women, we urge you to be careful when you are driving in your car, whether at work or just in your leisure time.  This faithful hardworking police officer, Gail Thomas, 46, was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver Tuesday night by a 22-year-old drunk driver.   We encourage you to pray before you leave the house in your vehicle, anytime of the day or night.   These drunk drivers never stop getting behind the wheel of a car without thinking they are endangering lives.   We are very angry, because this is among thousands of other cases that has occurred for many years and when these drunk drivers are convicted, they only receive man slaughter.

We feel very sad for Senior police officer's family and comrades of the Atlanta police department and pray she is in a much better place.  We take it very hard when black women are doing their job as decent citizens.  For example, as a police officer or a veteran, a black woman may not be killed while on their task force by an enemy, but they could be murdered just by a drunk driver such as in this specific case.  Police officer Gail Thomas worked very hard and she had one child, an honor student, Jasmine who will grieve along with her grandmother.   Jasmine is the same age as the drunk driver.  However, what hurts so bad is this was a black woman who had integrity about herself and risked her own life to work as a police officer, but a careless drunk driver too her life.  It would hurt just as bad if the drunk driver was black like herself.   Our anger is against all races of drunk drivers who take the lives of human beings and most of the time stand in court in front of the judge in tears, just like this 22-year-old, Chasity Jones, who is seen on the following second video hiding behind her attorney.   

Here is a message to all drunk drivers: 'It does not make sense to cry, after you take a life.  Think about it before you get behind the wheel of a car.  Furthermore, repent and ask God to deliver you from alcohol, because no one deserves to die from your habit.'

May Senior police officer Gail Thomas rest in peace and we pray for her daughter and mother.  We also pray for the safety of her comrades and other drivers across America.  God bless.

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Family, Colleagues Mourn Atlanta Police Officer Killed in Accident

By JUSTIN GRAY/myfoxatlanta

ATLANTA - The death of an Atlanta police officer has struck at the heart of her family and colleagues.

Senior Officer Gail Thomas, 46, was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver Tuesday night as she stepped out of her vehicle on the Interstate 75 southbound ramp.

Thomas' family says the 15-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department loved her job, but the love of her life was her 22-year-old daughter Jasmine, a student at Georgia Southern.

“They were like two peas in a pod. Once you saw one, you saw the other. They were very close. She's taking it really hard,” said Delores Sherman, a family member.

Jasmine's grandmother says hearing that a 22-year-old alleged drunk driver is being charged in the crime is...Read full story, here.

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