Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Children Find Human Bones on Detroit's East Side; Could This Be Another Prostitute, Dear Black Woman?

Again, human remains have been found between two abandoned homes on the East side of Detroit, MI.  We ask you dear black women, could this be another alleged prostitute, stripper or just an innocent person kidnapped off the streets of Detroit? The reason why we feel it maybe the bones of another deceased prostitute, is because allegedly, there were some connections to recent discoveries of dead women found between abandoned buildings just like this case, connected to escort services listed on backpage.com.   Although, one family denies their relative was a prostitute there were others whom did not deny their daughter's life as strippers and/or prostitutes.  Although, we pray for our dear sisters, we must tell the truth, none of this would happen, if there was more love and understanding among ourselves.   For too many years, God has been waiting on black women to get it together, stop hating each other and most of all, completely give their lives to Jesus Christ.

These bones should have never been discovered by these young kids, but we are living in an evil day.  Many of our race of African Americans deny God and refuse to yield their souls to Him.   It is time to surrender dear sisters, we do not have any more time to waste.   Do not wait on anyone else to come to Jesus Christ, but it is time for you make a choice and change the atmosphere among any circle of black women, whether it be in your neighborhood, church or school.   We deeply send our condolences out to these families of these victims and dread another tragedy.  After the autopsy, we would hate to hear the news of another dead prostitute mysteriously discovered dead within an abandoned building, but we must hear this terrifying news.  Why?  Simply, because evil will always exist, if souls refuse to surrender their souls to God and care about themselves and other people.   

Poor children, all because of wickedness they will remember this for the rest of their lives.  'God bless the children and please save and protect them from all evil.'  

Dear black women, if you wish to be saved and give your life to Jesus Christ, please go directly to our Salvation page.  God bless you, dear sisters.

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Watch Video

Children Find Human Bones on Detroit's East Side

WJBK | myFOXDetroit.com

DETROIT (WJBK) -- Human bones were found near an abandoned home in the 10700 block of Wayburn on Detroit's east side. Police say it was school children who made the gruesome discovery.
Part of the garage in the back was burned up. Some of the remains were found there...Read full article, here.

Photo courtesy and source: MyFoxDETROIT.com


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