Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Women Please Coach Your Daughters: Police Seek Suspect in Attempted Child Abductions in Atlanta

For those of you black women whom are blessed to be parents of daughters, please sit them down and give them guidance.  This article is not just to alert mothers in Atlanta to be cautious of this suspect who is out trying to snatch girls into his vehicle, but our words are for black women, all over America.   We would like for you to pay more attention to what your daughters maybe trying to tell you.  Do not allow them to go out and wander the streets alone.  Really, it is wise to have them to not just be out on the streets wandering around, because it is not safe, these days.  Even if they are on their way to school or you send them on an errand, you must take precaution.  In this case, we are not sure where these girls were on their way to, but this strange man with a perverted man tried to lure them into his vehicle.  He threatened one girl, but she was not afraid and called 911.

In the 21st century, we have to be more careful whether our daughters are on the internet or just simply walking to their destination on the streets.  We want to advise you to watch your daughters more closely and even if they rebel and say they want to go to school, to the store or shopping alone, you must share with them, regarding your concern of abductors whom may be out to snatch them.  Let them know you care, even if they still do not understand your strict supervision.  Be smart and show them stories with stories about girls whom are missing and maybe somewhere dead.  Do your job as a mother and teach them about being more humble and obedient, because America has always had child abductors and so far, nothing has gotten any better. 

Furthermore, if you are a single mother and working long hours on a job, slow down and find a way to forewarn your daughter about child abductions.  Take time to protect your daughters.  Although you may have to work, find a way to spend more time to protect your daughters, because one day it maybe too late. 

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Police Seek Suspect in Attempted Child Abductions


ATLANTA - Atlanta police say a man is trying to abduct girls as they walk to school. Two different girls were approached Thursday morning. Luckily neither one got in the man's car.
Atlanta police released a composite sketch of a man they say is trying to abduct girls on their way to school on Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Wanda George was approached as she left the Deerfield Garden Apartments on Campbellton road on Thursday.

"He rolled down the passenger side [window]. He was like if you don't get in here I'm going to make you get in. So I ran," said Wanda George.

Another girl was also approached Thursday morning off of Sylvan Road.

"He asked her to come to the car. She kept walking. He said come to the car, again. She kept walking.

He then turned the car and actually threatened physical violence on the child if she didn't come to the car," said Lt. Stacie Gibbs of the Atlanta Police Department.

But like George, the 12-year-old refused to get...Read full article, here.

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