Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Women Imagine Your Body Missing: Leads in Missing Detroit Dancer Case Go Nowhere

This is very sad news for the mother of  26-year-old Kalisha Madden who went missing after leaving a Vegas Strip Club.  Now, although police say they feel this case is not connected to the four deceased bodies found in the trunks, the killer could have purposely killed this stripper a different way to trick investigators.  Also, we feel like the tipster who called the police to a location of her dead body is possibly an indication that was the killer who made the phone call, because no body was found in that particular spot.

Dear black women can you imagine your body missing and police having a hard time finding where it could be?  This is scary, but so true.  We plead with you not to dance or escort for money, but seek Jesus Christ and trust Him to help you find a better financial solution.  It maybe difficult, but you will live and enjoy your life.   Detroit Police claim they cannot continue the investigation at this time, because it has came to a dead end.  Now imagine them saying this about you.  How would you feel, dear sister?   Whether you are hungry for days and cannot afford to buy better clothes.  God would whether you take sewing classes and learn how to sew your own clothes.  Even better, sell them for money, not your body.  God loves you so much, black woman, but you have got to love Him so much, you honor and trust Him.  God is the one who created your body.  Do you think He is happy when black women choose to sell their body for money.  You have got to eat, but how can you eat dead?

You may say, 'oh I just dance for money', I am not a prostitute.  Read this very clear, if you a stripper, taking your clothes off and get paid, that is a form of prostitution.  You are no better are no less important than a harlot.   Even many of you dear black women who do phone sex for money, you are no better are less important than a harlot.  You are a prostitute.  Turn your life around a turn to Jesus before it is everlasting too late, because if you deny what you are and keep continuing to live your life this way, you will die in your sin.

If you watch this following video, maybe your mother is judgmental about your lifestyle, which is a different attitude than Kalisha's mother.  Kalisha's mother loves her daughter so much, she is not judging what she did.  Many times, dear black women our mothers can hurt us so much and say some of the meanest things, but they are handling the situation of disciplining you so harshly because they love you.  This mother on video seem to be long-suffering, but many mothers of black women seem as though they do not love their daughters enough to discipline them in a more loving way.  Dear black women, it does not matter how you much comes across or the harsh things she says, because really she may drive you to do worse things, but you are going to have to forgive and love yourself, regardless.  Show your mother how much you love her, by changing your life.  A lot of times, mothers of black women whom may prostitute or sell drugs may cam them a whore or a slut, but we want you to prove it wrong.  You are not a slut or a whore, but you are so precious in the eyes of God.  We know it may seem easy for other races of women and they may not have to deal with so much hatred of being black, but you have got to live your life different.  Think about killers hiding your corpse while you are on the other side in judgement, facing Jesus Christ for all of the things you have done wrong.  Could this be you?   You would never have another chance to prove naysayers wrong and repent to God for selling your body, pimping or even drugs.   You have got to wake up, dear black women and start seeing things God's way and not your own.  Do not let Kalisha's tragedy or any of the four women found dead in trunks become your own tragedy that would make you a memory in a negative fashion. 

If you desire to be saved, please go to our Salvation's page.  Then, after you get saved, if you need counseling someone will pray with you, if you need it.  God bless and seek Him before it is everlasting too late.  We love you.

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DETROIT (WJBK) -- A Detroit family gets some devastating news. Their daughter has been missing since November, and Tuesday they were told by police that, so far, the tips are leading nowhere.

Since those tips are leading nowhere, Kalisha Madden's mother said a detective told her that the case is now being pushed to the backburner. That is the last thing she wants to hear, and she is determined to make sure that does not happen.

"I love my daughter, unconditionally. I don't care what she did. I don't care if she was an escort. I don't care if she was a drug addict. I don't care what she did. She still is my child," said Pam Johnson.

Her child is missing. 26-year-old Kalisha Madden was last seen November 28th at the Vegas Strip Club in Detroit.

"Witnesses state that she was seen leaving with a gentleman named Benny. They say he walks on crutches. There was a tall guy that had individual braids. My daughter had partied with them all night. She was comfortable," Johnson explained.

Madden hasn't been seen since.

"I knew instantly the next day when she didn't pick her children up that there was something wrong," Johnson said.

DPD detectives have been working this case from the beginning. Johnson said detectives used cadaver dogs...Read full article, here.

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