Monday, January 9, 2012

Black Woman Lived In Jeep, Now Homeless On The Streets of Detroit: Imagine Yourself In This Situation

When we heard the news of this black woman homeless on the streets of Detroit, after getting carjacked, we wanted to share it with you. We would like all of you black women whom are struggling indoors while living paycheck to paycheck to imagine yourself as Carolyn Griffin, a 54 year-old lady who lost all of her possessions, after losing a minimum wage job.  As you know, the streets of Detroit is very dangerous, people are get murdered for no reason on the streets, all the time.  

One particular reason why we wanted each and every last black woman to read this article is for this very reason, please do not judge other black women who could be worst off than you.  Begin to love black women, you do not even know. We want you to consider the needs of black women who are poor with no place to go.  Do not turn your nose up at a black woman who may not have on proper clothes and carry foul odor.  These sort of black women are doing the best they can to survive without any financial support.  If you are living your life as though you are above the homeless, you should re-evaluate how you think, because no one is ex-exempt from being homeless.   There is so much division among black women, many fail to see the serious situations of those without anywhere to sleep, without clothes or food.   God desires for black women to change their attitudes among themselves, so He can bless us, but many will not surrender nor admit their wickedness.   Let us change our spirits, so we can bless those who are not so fortunately blessed as ourselves.   We cannot just pray for the homeless, we have to go out and help them.  When we see black women wandering on the streets, we need to start a conversation with them and become acquainted so we can assist them in anyway, we are not just talking about giving them a little pocket change, a quarter one day and a dime the next, we are speaking of, creating a network to assist black women in need of food and shelter.

The next time you see a homeless person, do not turn your nose up at them, because many live in cars and have no place to go, just like Carolyn Griffin.   Many are afraid and trust no one.  There are many black women who are turned away by their family, including the church.  These black women are just a valuable to God as you are and do not deserve the neglect and rejection from their family or the church, so the least those of us black women can do, is show our love and concern and give assistance to those who desperately need it. 

Let us pray for Carolyn Griffin right now:  
Dear God, our sister is in need right now.  She is homeless and has nowhere to go, please help our dear sister right now.  God, it seems like no one cares about black women in this world and we are the worst hated and called the most ugliest women.  God please hear our cry and because we are hurting, but we realize many of us are not hurting as bad as our dear sisters who are homeless on the streets like Carolyn Griffin, our dear sister.  Jesus, do something for Carolyn Griffin, right now.  You know her situation and you were even there when she was carjacked at gunpoint.  We bind every demon in hell that is trying to take this woman's life while she is living on the dangerous streets of Detroit with no place to go.   Protect our dear sister and do not let any harm come her way. Jesus protect this woman right now, in the precious name of Jesus.  Give her back her stolen Jeep with all of her possessions still in it.  Even better, we pray you give her a place to stay with a good paying job. Lord, we have other sisters on the streets and ask that you protect them, too.  Show us how to provide for our dear sisters and teach us not to turn our noses up at no one.  Teach us how to show love to those who are poor and feel oppressed by society and even badly mistreated by our own race.  We know you have heard our prayer and if there is anything not right in our hearts, please take it out, right now.  In Jesus name, Amen. 

Now, if you are homeless or knows someone who is, please remain updated on our future articles teaching you how to live better, no matter your situation.  We encourage you to have faith in God and put no confidence in man (Psalm 146:3) and do not give up.  

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Carjacking Victim Lived in Jeep, She's Now Homeless

Clothes and personal items stolen

DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) - Detroit police are looking for a stolen 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee; the woman who owns it actually lived in the vehicle. She was carjacked at gunpoint and has now lost everything she owned, including her home.

Carolyn Griffin, 54, tells Fox 2 she's "close to the edge," after losing her minimum wage job and then having two thieves steal her Jeep. Griffin was living in the Jeep and now finds herself homeless. We met her Sunday outside the Detroit Police Department's Eastern District where she filed a police report. Police are looking for a tan, 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, license plate number BAP 3542. The vehicle has major front end damage and a hanging bumper.

"I was woken up by a tap on the window and it was a gun," said Griffin. "[The suspects were] demanding me to get out of the vehicle...Read full article, here.

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