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Black Women Trust God For a Way To Care For Your Children: Burned Body Found in Trunk ID'ed as Detroit Mother of Three: Vernithea McCrary

Yesterday, we gave you the name of the latest victim on our article,  Funerals Held For Two of Four Women Found Dead in Trunks, One More Identified: Dear Black Woman, This Could Have Been YouHere name was Vernithea McCrary, mother of three children.  A friend of the deceased victim said on the following video, one of her children had autism.  We are not judging the any of the victims, but we must help those of our dear black sisters whom are still alive.  It may seem like that is a good reason to become an escort or a street prostitute, but you must find another way to care for your children.  Trust God and allow him to work in your life.  If you do not live for Jesus Christ, how can He show you a better way.  How can He protect you.  You must first give your life to Jesus Christ and serve Him.  Then, when He sees you are completely living for Him, He will show you how to be a successful entrepreneur, legitimately. 

God created you so that you could live for Him and win souls for Him.   You life was also meant to enjoy, but only the right way.  You will not live long, risking your life neither will you be able to enjoy your children God gave to you.  If you desire to live a long life, be smart, give your life to God and do not choose quick dangerous ways to make money.  When you put your life in danger as prostitute or a drug dealer, you automatically plan to shorten your life.  

Now Vernithea McCrary was a young mother was obviously raising three children by herself, then one of the other victims we hear had a child left for the grandmother to raise.  We are very sadden by that information; however, for those of you who are yet alive, we are assigned by God to forewarn you to trust God to financially provide for you through a lucrative business.   A lot of times, there are some drug dealers and prostitutes whom make the average mistake of thinking they are doing the right thing by making some quick cash to invest in a legitimate business, but most of the time, they get hooked to the money, eventually get murdered and do not even complete their plan.  Why?  Because they chose the wrong way to do it.  You cannot start off by doing wrong to create a legitimate business.   

We heard of one drug dealer who made a lot of money selling drugs, but when then, every business he tried to start did not grow, true story.  Therefore, God knows what you are doing and if you do not do it right, either you will not prosper or you will die.

Back to Vernithea McCrary, a friend on this following video said he does not know how to tell her oldest child, she is dead.  So, how would you feel if this was you?   Could you imagine yourself dead and your children left to live their lives without you.   Dear black women, be smart no matter how tough times maybe in your life.  Many times, we as black women get mistreated on the job, not just be white supremacists, but also our very own race works against us.   Also, when we enroll in college, we deal with a lot of racial discrimination, then there too, black people plot, scheme and conspire along with white supremacists to work against us.   However, do not give up, take your time to plan to start a legitimate business, even if you choose to take a trade like doing hair, that is better than shortening your life to make a lot of money by the way of prostitution, pimping or selling drugs.

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The Christmas decorations are still up at the home 29-year-old Vernithea McCrary shared with her three children.

"This is way out of whack. The killer definitely needs to be brought to justice," said Steve Shelton, a friend of the victim.

He was good friends with McCrary, who is now identified as one of the two women whose bodies were found burned beyond recognition in a truck of a car set on fire in a garage on Lannette on Christmas Day.

"She had three kids. She lived her life. One of her kids had autism, so she was home all the time trying to take care of her kids. She just recently had a little six-month-old baby. She was a good person. She didn't deserve it," Shelton explained.

Two cousins were discovered just days before in the trunk of a car on Promenade. Police say three of the four women had advertised as escort...Read full article, here. 

Update: More Websites Surface in Case of Bodies in Trunks

We just thought you may like to know about this update, regarding the escort backpage murders in Detroit.  God bless and stay strong in the Lord.

DETROIT (AP) - A classified advertising website said Thursday it has provided Detroit police with information about more sex-related postings or ads on several other websites related to an investigation involving four women found dead in car trunks., the website where police said three of the four slain women had placed escort ads, said in a statement that it gave authorities computer and forensic evidence it found on the sites that appear to be linked to the case. The company said it gave police information about 70 postings or ads on 22 other sites. The website said it identified the other sites in response to public requests. attorney Steve Suskin said he isn't aware of evidence indicating which of the 22 websites might have been used to contact victims. The Phoenix-based company...Read full article, here. 

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Funerals Held For Two of Four Women Found Dead in Trunks, One More Identified: Dear Black Woman, This Could Have Been You

It was such a sad day for the family of these two close cousins who were found dead together in the trunk of a car.   Family and friends mourned the two black women as they lay dead in their caskets prepared for burial.  What is so sad, it is not the end and this is something for each and every last one of us as black women to think about.   We must be very careful how we live our lives, because we have some place to go after this life and when we die, we want to be embraced in the arms of Jesus Christ, not tormented in eternal hell with Satan and his demons.  Therefore, while we live let us learn to love one another and even our worst enemy.  Let us learn how to ask God to cleanse us on a daily basis and protect us from the insane man or woman within this evil world.  

Dear black woman, this could be you laying in one of those two caskets.   If you are placing yourself in a dangerous situation you ought not to be in, hurry and turn around before it is everlasting too late.   You may think no one cares about you, but Jesus Christ cares and desires for you to fully surrender your life to Him.   He loves you more than your family and friends and will send us angels to guard and protect you, but you must first submit your life to Jesus Christ.   Dear black women, for so long our American society has cast us aside as though we our the ugliest creation, but God never said in His Word He did not love black women.   He just wants each and every last one of us not to be wicked and only holy, righteous and completely virtuous.  It does not matter what you have done in your life or how you were born, Jesus expects you to serve Him and abstain from the wicked ways of this world.  There are demons out there to attack all of us, dear sisters.  They will try and come, even after we surrender our lives, because Satan is mad and does not want us to serve God, but-the good part about being attacked through the wickedness of humanity, He will be there for you.

Times are very hard and many times, black women get rejected from legitimate jobs, although all races are suffering in this recession.  Black women have it much worse, because many times our own races are not fair to their own kind, they will do anything to compete with you, so they can receive more recognition by their white employer and even will lie to get your hours cut.   You see, it is not so much white supremacists that have made it hard on decent jobs, but also are own race.   Many times, it is cunning black women and men who calculate how to make problems for us when we are struggling to pay our rent and bills.  However, as black women, we never have to result to selling our souls or even our bodies.  God gave us a mind and we can create our own business to help other black women out of their situation.  Let us never bow down to endangering our lives to make quick cash that may cut our lives short.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we invite you to immediately go to our Salvation page, but first-let us pray with you dear sister.  For this reason, if you are a Christian, Satan may try to trick you into settling for less and we don't want that to happen.  So, just humble yourself before the Almighty King right now, because He is ready to solve your problem.  Okay?

Dear heavenly Father, we come before you right now, thanking you for our lives.   Lord, it does not matter how old or young we are, we want you to know we honor you and desire to serve you until you are ready for us to come home and be with you.  Lord, whatever is in our lives that is hindering our walk with you, we ask you to remove it, right now.  Save us to the utmost.  Stir us up on the inside and we humbly ask you not to allow our souls be lost.  If there is anything in our life that should not be, take it out.  Save us and complete your work in us, in the name of Jesus.  God, if we have offended you or anyone, we ask your forgiveness right now.  Let us as black women learn how to serve and worship you.   Teach us how to humble ourselves and to follow your complete Word you left for us to follow.  Show us how to pray and seek your face and not be so hasty in our decisions.   Jesus, we love you and we worship you and not man.  Teach us black women to forgive each other and to let go of whatever or whomever has offended us.  Help us to love each other and stop hating ourselves.  Teach us how to pray for those whom have done us wrong, because we know many times, our hurt and pain can cause us to give up and lose hope, in the precious mighty name of Jesus.  Lord, we love you and desire to live for you and not Satan.  We will stand together and not give up on each other, but most of all, we vow not to give up on our relationship with you.   We pray for our dear sisters who are rejecting you and believe they will fall down and yield their souls to you, because Lord, none of us can make it without you.  We need you, every second of our lives.   Teach us how to come up with a business idea that is pleasing in your eyes and not give into the dangerous life of prostitution or selling drugs, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.   

Now, did you receive a blessing through that prayer?   If so, please go to the Salvation page and give you life to Jesus Christ, right now dear sisters.

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The family of two Detroit women found dead in a car trunk held funeral services Thursday.

Denesha Hunt, 24, and her 23-year-old cousin, Renesha Landers, were found dead on Dec. 19 in the trunk of Landers' Chryslers 300 which was parked between abandoned houses on Promenade Avenue near Chalmers Street.

More than 1,000 people attended the dual funeral Thursday at New Providence Church in Detroit. The cousins were the first two of four bodies found in car trunks this month...Watch video and Read full article, here. 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be Careful Black Women: Young Romulus Mother Has Been Missing for Over Nine Months

Among all the other cases of black women missing in Detroit, Michigan, this single mother who was a college student has been missing for over 9 months.  Bianca Chanel Green was from Romolus, we assume is near Detroit.  Although, Green's mother received a text message, claiming she was near Ohio, she has not seen or heard from her since.  It has also been known she was at odds with her child's father and he was in possession of her car, house keys and young child.  Her mother says this is not her character.

Dear black women, not always will you be in danger doing wrong in your life as a prostitute.  Sometimes, you will have to be very cautious with an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband as a legit black woman.  You cannot risk your life, not taking precaution after you have let go of a man whom you may no longer trust.  So if ever you feel as though your life maybe in danger, you must inform your closet loved one or even a friend.  This young college student, Bianca Chanel Green lived an honest life as far as we know.   Therefore, even if you are doing right in your life, you still must be very careful whom you spend time with and when you realize you have made a mistake and desire to let go of your relationship, immediately leave a letter to inform those who love you, if ever you disappear whom they should suspect.  

Furthermore, make sure God is in your life, although you maybe living a legit life like Bianca Green, so God can protect you from your cruel enemies.  However, we are not saying Green did not know Christ, but it is good to inform you to make sure you have a relationship with Him, because we believe no harm will come your way, if you a born again Christian.  If not, then please do not expect for God nor His angels to take charge of your life.  You must completely surrender your soul to Jesus Christ, before it is everlasting too late.  We invite you to go directly to our Salvation page to immediately give your soul to Jesus Christ. So, dear sisters, please be very careful and take care of yourself.

Furthermore, we pray for Bianca Green's safety.  We pray she is okay and not in harm's way and God has sent His angels to protect her.  We also pray if her ex-boyfriend is involved in her disappearance that he immediately turns himself into police and give them exact details of his knowledge, regarding where she could be.

ROMULUS, Mich. (WJBK) - Police are asking for your help in finding a young mother from Romulus who has been missing for more than nine months. Her family says it's not like her to disappear without contacting them.

"Not knowing if she's dead or alive is the hardest part," said Lisa Green.
She wiped away tears as she talked about her missing daughter.

Twent-four-year-old Bianca Chanel Green disappeared on March 25th. The college student worked at the airport and had a four-year-old son with another baby on the way when she vanished from her apartment in Romulus.

"She was three to four months pregnant when she left, so she should have a baby right now, a brand new baby," Green explained.

She said Bianca had a fight with her child's father. He had her car, her house keys and her son. She was gone.

Her mother was left with only her text messages.

"Bianca left me some text messages on the day that she disappeared saying that she would call me when she got to her destination...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Statement from Representative on Detroit Murders

Today we are giving you the latest on the Backpage murders.  Here is a statement released by one of the representatives of Backpage.  They are proving they have been working with police during this investigation, involving these missing victims.  God staff.

Statement by Steve Suskin, on behalf of

"After we heard about these terrible crimes, we reached out to the Detroit Police Department, even before we heard from them, to offer assistance in the investigation. Our team has already provided the police with detailed information about the ads that the suspect or others posted on numerous web sites.

"Law enforcement authorities now have evidence that the investigation appears to connect to at least 30 different ads or other postings on at least 15 different websites, separate and distinct from ours. We are not aware of the existence of any evidence that would indicate which of these many sites were used by the suspect to establish contact with his victims...Read full statement, here.

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Watch Video: 2 Detroit Exotic Dancers Could Be Connected with Serial Murders According To Mothers

Dear black women, we always try to encourage you to be safe and as you can see this case with the Back Page murders has not stopped yet.   These two mothers are desperately seeking their missing daughters who were both exotic dancers.  Twenty-six-year-old Kalisha Madden and 23-year-old Cherice Gordon have been missing for too long and their mothers have discussed their worries with Fox Detroit News.   

This may sound very scary, but let us be very clear with you, be careful and enjoy your life.   Do not expect to live long, if you are going to take the easy way to make money.   Of course, times are hard, but let us assure you dear black sisters, times have never been easy and prostitution have been around for many years.   It is also known as the oldest profession, but of course, you do not have to be a pro do sell your body, there is no reason to use your head and be smart with this type of dangerous illegitimate work.  

Let us ask you, do you love yourself?   Next question, do you love the One who created you.  His name is Jesus Christ and if you need Him in your life, we would like to invite you to go directly to our salvation page and get to know Him.  Just like He wanted these missing Detroit black women to serve Him, He also is waiting for you and it does not matter who you are, your background or where you live, Jesus is waiting for you to completely give your life to Him.  It does not matter if you are an exotic dancer, a street prostitute, an escort, a lesbian, a liar or even a very mean person, Jesus wants your soul.   You do not have to be a prostitute to be a wicked person, there are all types of wicked women of any race.   If you are not saved, you are not a child of the King and you need to give your soul to Jesus Christ, right now, not tomorrow, not next week, next month or next year, because you do not know when you will take your last breath.  Give your soul to Jesus now before it is everlasting too late.   

Dear black women, if you resist salvation, there is a worst world than this one.   Satan is waiting for all races.  As a black woman, He really tries to deceive us, He tell us we are worth nothing, so why not ignore Jesus Christ, especially since we are the worst hated among all women in America and even in foreign countries.   Jesus Christ died for all of us black women, but the Devil tries to make us think if He loves us why do we as black women have to struggle more.   Let us remind you, black women have never had it easy since the beginning of time, so never forget you are just one among billions of others whom have felt the same way.  Satan feels he can easily deceive black women and every second, he reveals lies and deceit.  He always tries to show us, the easiest way to have what a lot of white, Latino and Asian women have as wealthy women, is to be fast women.   However, the truth is, other races of women are very poor and many are not blessed with the beauty God has given to us, regardless of how this mean old world tries to remind us that Afrocentric features are ugly.   You can rise above all of the Devil's lies and come up with a prosperous idea to help all women and never even have to worry about watching your back, every time you leave the house.  Furthermore, because you are serving God, you can enjoy your life better by having much less, planning to get more through a lucrative idea and sleep well at night.   Also remember when you give your soul to Christ, you are not a woman of the night, you become a virtuous woman and you remain focused on God during those hours when Satan is taking many souls of lost women to eternal hell with him.

So what will it be dear sisters?  Are you going to be among many black women who died tragic way and then faced their judgement and eternal destination, afterwards?

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DETROIT (WJBK) - Two mothers are desperate to find their daughters, and now they've discovered what they're calling a link.

"We have women missing, lots of women missing," said Brenda Hill with It Takes a Village Y'all.
Four of them have turned up dead. Their bodies were discovered in cars abandoned on Detroit's east side within a week of each other. Police say three of the four women have something else in common.
"The link that has been brought to our attention where three of the four females have a connection to the website deal specifically with prearranged adult dating services or escort services," Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said on Monday.

The website is The mothers of 26-year-old Kalisha Madden and 23-year-old Cherice Gordon don't know if their daughters had profiles on the website, but what they do know is that their daughters are gone and they believe their disappearances are connected.

"She had received a phone call, I don't know from whom, and she left out the door," said Glenda Gordon, Cherice's mother.

The last time she saw her daughter was November 30th. The 23-year-old disappeared just two days after Kalisha Madden.

"Every day you wake up, don't know what happened to them or if they're coming...Read full article, here. 

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Black Women Do Not Become Escorts to Make Money: Slain Women Linked by Website Says Detroit Police

If you have been reading Souls of Black Women, you will recall this article, regarding these two black women found dead in the trunk of a car.  We included our thoughts regarding how bad black women do not respect each other, then when something happens like this they wonder why.   So happens this situation is much worse than we thought.  These two black women were allegedly high class prostitutes, what many call escorts or call girls. We do not know for sure, we are just following recent alleged reports.  They were two of about four women who placed ads for escort services on, according to

Now usually we hear of such strange disappearances connected to Craigslist, but not this time.  These women were allegedly placing ads and obviously met up with a serial killer.  This case is very similar to the serial murders in Long Island where several white prostitutes allegedly placed ads on the internet and all were possibly murdered by the same serial killer.  You can see a past full episode of that on Dateline's website.   For now, we just want to forewarn all of our dear sisters not to get so financially desperate to offer yourself for sell.

Dear black women, you may think no one cares about you, but we care about you, probably more than you care about yourself.   We know times are hard and some places like Detroit are worse off than others.  You may not can find a job and do not have money to start your own lucrative and legitimate business, but you must seek God and trust Him.   Do not think it is easy to just simply place an ad and end up safe, after meeting with a total stranger.   It will not be easy once you realize you have met up with an insane killer.  Furthermore, God cannot protect you, if you care more about getting quick cash than trusting Him to provide for you.

Now just by looking at these two photos of these two cousins, you may think they do not look like they would be escorts, but those are the types that get involved in going on dangerous calls.   Just because you may be agreeing to take a partner with you, still you both are risking your lives.   As you can see, it was not easy for these two cousins who were discovered dead with the trunk open.

If you are having a tough time to make a living.  Go to the library and come up with an idea to make your own job.   Every black woman is beautiful and very precious in the eyes of God.   He gave you a mind to be creative and become wealthy, the right way.   If you truely love God, you will honor Him and protect your own life.  You will trust for Him to make a better way for you.   If 23-year-old Renisha Landers. Landers and her 24-year-old cousin, Demesha Hunt had another chance, we know they both would not be involved with such a dangerous illegitimate lifestyle.
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DETROIT (AP) - Three of four women recently found dead in Detroit car trunks had promoted themselves as escorts through the same website, police said Monday.

The deaths could be connected, said Chief Ralph Godbee, who cautioned that police were "stopping short" of calling it the work of a serial killer.

Police discovered the badly burned bodies of two women in a car trunk on Detroit's east side early Sunday. The car was on fire in the garage of a house. The bodies of two other women were found just blocks away in another car trunk on Dec. 19. All four women were in their 20s.

The causes of death remain under investigation.

Godbee said three of the four victims had profiles on the website full article, here.

Video and Source:
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Robin Thicke Tries To Rule Black Women While Enjoying His Half-Black Woman

The news recently broke when Robin Thicke had the audacity to tell black women who to date.   First and foremost, Robin Thicke is a white man and cannot feel the emotional hurts and pains of a black woman, he is just married to a bi-racial one.  He possibly thinks he has the right to give advice to black women whom to date also because of his soulful music, how ever that's just music he makes and no doubt what has made him a superstar to live the rich lifestyle.   Robin Thicke has no right to open up his mouth and tell black women whom they should date without realizing first, it was black men who left black women for other races.  These were his alleged words to all black women who desire to date outside of their race. 

When asked by Essence,  if black women should consider dating interracially, in light of the media declaring  there’s a shortage of eligible black male suitors.  Thicke replied: 'I think that’s ridiculous. There are so many good Black men out there that are hardworking, decent, and handsome, you know? To start that rumor is as bad as starting any other negative rumor. There are great Black men out there. There are only a few good White men — trust me. (Laughs) Good luck finding a good White man who understands your journey. I only have three White friends. I’ve got 20 Black male friends, who are all good men who take good care of their wives, and good care of their children. I know amazing Black men.'

Since Robin Thicke has been married to his half-black wife, all of a sudden does he feel like he is a slave-master with a plantation in charge of black women?   He acts as though he has this plantation and he can push black women into the arms of black men whom insult them of their dark-skin, kinky hair and every other Afrocentric feature God has given them.  His statement was very offensive, because he could never be in the mind or soul of a black woman.  He does not know what we feel nor is he familiar with the history of black men leaving as fathers and abusing us a uncles and cousins.   He seems to be ignorant.  Robin Thicke boasts on having so many black male friends, but is not familiar with the conflict within the black race, between black men and black women.   He cannot tell any of us black women about all the good black men that are out there, if he is not familiar with the soul of a black woman, especially one who is not of a bi-racial descent.  

Why doesn't Robin Thicke preach to all of the gays and lesbians who are leaving the opposite sex, lying on God that they were born that way?   Why doesn't Robin Thicke advise women to go back to men and men go back to women?   That's more of an issue he needs to be dealing with, because he advice to black women is completely out of his range he does not have a right to tell any of us what to do, if he is not familiar with being black or even living his life as a black woman.  How dare any white man whom has enjoyed his marriage with a black or a half-black woman give advice for us to give black men a chance?   There are many black men who do not even want black women and will tell us to our face in front of their friends and family.  For many years, black men have told us we were not beautiful and have been so bold to flaunt their white, Latino and Asian women in front of us to see how we receive it.   

Robin Thicke seems to be very ignorant of the history of the black family.  He does not even know how many black men have neglected black women neither does he care.  He just wants to make it known that he is upon a pedestal and has such power to speak, because Essence asked him and secondly, he has gotten a taste of a black woman whom reminds everyone she is not all black like the average bi-racial person. Who does Robin Thicke think he is?  He is not in a superior position to tell black women what to do, after they have experienced so much neglect and rejection from black men.  Now, he may rule his half-black wife, but he cannot rule the entire race of black women. Furthermore, Thicke is acting as though we as black women do not have any rights while being enforced to accept black men and their white, Latino and Asian wives, shame on him for giving advice to to us black women whom are free to choose any man we may desire to date and marry.   Robin Thicke, 'hear the souls of black women loud and clear, close your mouth and do not rule our lives as free black women.'  

In conclusion, even after all of the understanding of why black women choose to date and marry outside of their race, we still need to know how do these black women deal with racism while married to their white husbands. How do their white husbands comfort them while they endure such discrimination?  This is the only reason why we may not have considered it in our previous articles.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Black Women Understand Those Who Have Been Raped: 2 Men Charged in Rape of 13-year-old Detroit Girl

There are too many black women who understand black men more than black women.  Historically, why is this a fact?  Why is it when we see a black woman shun certain black men or even have so much hostility, we do not wonder or even consider her past? A black man can be so effeminate and get so much attention from black women, but most black women will judge other black women as though they are lesbians if they see them wear short hair or even may not be so quick to be in the accompany of black men.  Read this clearly, not all black women who distance themselves from men or wear short hair are lesbians.  Do not be so ignorant to think such a thing.   Most likely they have been raped like this 13-year-old girl or have seen their own mothers raped and/or beaten as a child.

There are too many black women who are so easy to side with men against other black women without even knowing a thing about them and this has been an emotional sickness throughout so many generations.  You wonder why we cannot get the majority of black women to unite with each other or quickly turn the other way when faced by one of our own?  Simply, because many black women are guilty of supporting black men, regardless of how they have mistreated black women.  For example, you hear of a sister whom has been molested by her brother, but you will be so quick love and want to marry him, because of his light complexion and hazel eyes.  Most of you could care less about how a dark black woman is hurting, you just want a man in your life, no matter how sorry he is and believe or not in some cases, not even checked to see if he is HIV positive.  Dear sisters, it is time now to open up your souls and hear the pain of black women of all ages whom have been sexually, physically or emotionally violated by black men.   Do not be so quick to write them off, just because they may not want to get to know you.  You have no idea what has happened in their lives.   Furthermore, when you listen to the lies of others, regarding a black woman whom does not want to befriend you, you are sorry and beware, you will reap what you so.  It is not nice to listen to the lies of other people, just because you wanted someone to be your friend and they were not so desperate to do so.  Many times, these women are not only raped by their stepfathers, brothers, uncles or strangers, but they have been rejected and neglected by their own mothers whom they cried out to so many times.   

What type of black guys are these that would rape a 13 year old girl?  They are not real men, they both have an unnatural animalistic spirit and are demon possessed.  Real black women do not claim sons whom would do a sort of thing like this.  But guess what?   Many of these cruel type of men are much loved among many black women and for doing so, they will have to face judgement, if they do not repent.

Now, you will read the report from about a 13-year-old girl raped by two grown men.  This about this, the next time you hate another black woman who may not be so quick to be your friend.  Most likely, something has happened in her life to make her feel afraid of the whole world, because most of the time as a girl, her mother turned against her when she admitted she was raped by the family pastor, brother, father, uncle or someone next of kin.

These two men were so unattractive, we decided not to use their photo here.

2 Men Charged in Rape of 13-year-old Detroit Girl

DETROIT - Two men have been charged in the sexual assault of a 13-year-old Detroit girl over two days.
The Wayne County prosecutor's office says 24-year-old Steven Wilson and 20-year-old DaJuan Lewis are jailed. Another 20-year-old man is being sought by police.
Authorities say the girl was forced into a truck last Friday evening and driven to an apartment in Southfield where she was raped by...Read full article, here.


Macy's Dressing Room Policies Sparks Worldwide Petition For Change

Macy Women's Dressing Room Petition
The Liberty Counsel is getting the word out that Macy's department store needs to change their dressing room policies to better fit the needs and comfort of the women shoppers who use them. They have tens of thousands of signatures on the petition to make their point known.

The organization was just alerted that a mother and her daughter were subjected to trying on clothes in Macy's a dressing room in the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX which was run by a man presenting himself as a woman.

This man dressed as a woman employee was seen escorting women to the dressing rooms, entering the dressing rooms to clean out the clothes, and even providing different sized items to women while they are trying on their clothes.

Also, many reports from all over the country have come in stating men in general are allowed to hang out in the women's dressing rooms at Macy's. In these situations, the men were identifying as men.

Read FULL story HERE

Charisma Magazine Will Feature New Destiny Church Co- Founder, Riva Tims

Pastor Riva Tims, Co Founder of NDCC on Charisma Magazine

Riva Tims may not have been respected nor considered as the co-founder of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida amongst the church's board but she is a pastor and champion in her own right.

She will be gracing the cover of the February 2012 issue of Charisma magazine. The featured cover story about her is entitled:

She posted this cover and two others so Facebook friends could help choose their favorite layout. We chose this one above!

Oh and by the way, Riva Tims had this to say to the church members, Paula White and the board, just hours after the protest was announced to go on at New Destiny Church:

To the members of NDCC, I know there is a lot going on for you all right now. My heart aches for you and I would have loved to be a part of the healing process for you. The children and I feel...

Read the full story HERE

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be Safe Black Women: Cousins Found Dead Together Inside Trunk of Car in Detroit

The bodies of two cousins Renisha Landers (left) and Demesha Hunt (right) were discovered on Monday on Detroit's east side by a 16-year-old boy.   The parked Chrysler 300 was parked between to burnt homes when neighbors noticed the car Sunday night.  

Within the past year, two male cousins were allegedly discovered dead in an arson fire.   There is obviously something strange going on in Detroit.  However, let us assure you, these strange occurrences are nothing new and have been going on, for a very long time.  
We would like to encourage our dear sisters who are black to be careful.  These two women were last seen in a night club.  There is no reason for any of you to waste your time going out to a night club in this day and age, because people are dangerous and you do not know whom you can trust.  Just because these two black women were together, it does not mean they were safe.  You must be very careful, even if you go to a club, party or just anywhere with a group of people.   There are strange spirits inside of people and you never know what could happen to you.  Now, we always hear, 'we as black people need to stop being afraid of each other and be more friendly', do listen to that lie.  The reason is so clear, too many black people do not have Jesus Christ in their hearts just like many other races whom are children of Satan.  Black never brought unity and the reason being, is simply because many have denied Jesus Christ and refuse to live for Him.   For too many years, we have faced hostile situation within our very own race and there is no way to have unity within a race until the race bows down and surrender their souls to our most high God.   

These two black women are among many others whom were found dead in the trunk of their cars.  Not all the time have we as black women faced enemies whom were white, Latino or Asian, many times it was our very own race who tried to emotionally and then, physically kill us.   The spirit within any man or woman is what you should examine and in the night club, chances are, the worst of evil spirits are seeking to take your soul out before you enjoy the rest of your life.   Dear black women, it is time to fully submit yourselves to God and be led by the spirit to not involve yourself in an atmosphere that could cause your life to end early.

These two black women could have still been here, but the saddest thing is, once we all are here, we cannot listen to each other, understand or even care about each others feelings and this is what hurts so much.  Many black women are so easy to betray one another, just because they are angry at another black woman who may not even know them personally.  This is sick and this is what has destroyed our very own race of black women.   Yes, there could have been a black man to kill these two black women, but when they were living they could have faced various hostile situations among their own kind.   Once we live, we face many oppressors whom are of the same race and many times it is other black women who do not care to consider the welfare of another black woman.   We mind our own business, but we are harassed after we have chosen to vote for a black president by other black women just because they may feel threatened if we look or accidentally say something to them.  It should not be this way, but it is and it cannot change unless one by one, we agree to fully repent and surrender our lives to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.

Another sad thing, we may cry over these two black women who were cousins found dead in the trunk of their car, but we fail to realize after we close our eyes, there is another world.  This is why we must choose this day whom we will serve.   Will we follow the majority of black women whom choose to become slaves to people whom are children of the Devil or will we choose to serve and follow God?   It does not matter how we die, we must come to the realization, we have to make sure where we will be in eternity, either heaven or hell.   We may think it is hell here on earth, not as bad as the actual hell where Satan is.  No matter whom may tell us to accept the gospel of Inclusion, which teaches there is no hell or Satan, we know what the Word of God says.  We are speaking about the real Word of God, not the ones they changed and subtracted to satisfy mankind, but the real Word of God that reveals God's complete commandments.

Furthermore, we pray that these two black women are resting in peace in the arms of Jesus Christ.  Let us pray.

Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for our family of black women.  We want to ask you to forgive us for anything we may have said or done wrong to ourselves, to anyone else or to offend you.   Jesus, we love you more than anyone or anything.   We ask you to cleanse from all unrighteousness.  Take out everything that is not like you.  If there is any evil or wickedness in our hearts, we ask you to remove it from us. Jesus, help us to love each other and we realize we cannot do so unless we fully love and obey you.   God, forgive us for where we have went wrong in our own lives.   Forgive us, for following mankind and not taking heed to your commandments.  Help us to forgive ourselves and each other.  Help us not to hold a grudge against anyone.  We pray for our enemies.   Save each soul reading this article, if she is not saved.  In Jesus might name, Amen.  

Now, dear sister, we want you to go to our Salvation page and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   God bless you. -Souls of Black Women staff.

 Watch Video

Cousins Found Dead Together Inside Trunk of Car in Detroit

DETROIT (WJBK) - Two women are found dead inside the trunk of a Chrysler 300 on Detroit's east side. The cousins had been considered missing by their family since Sunday morning before this gruesome discovery was made.

Demesha Hunt and Renisha Landers were last seen at a bar called Blackberry on Grand River.
Their family reported them missing to police on Sunday.

On Monday, a 16-year-old boy noticed a relatively new Chrysler 300 parked between two burned out homes on Promenade Street.  He walked up...Read full article, here.

 Read more articles like this one @

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Black Women, Do Not Prostitute Your Daughters Like This Georgia Woman

Dear black women, have some dignity about yourself, because if you do not value yourself, you will not value your daughters.  Although, we realize this particular case does not involve a black woman, we must forewarn you not to do what this Georgia woman has done and this it to prostitute your daughters.   Furthermore, it can happen among the black race of women, because later on in this particular article, we will mention about one black woman who did this sort of dehumanizing crime to her own two daughters and she called herself a sanctified and holy saint of God.  Therefore, this is why we are forewarning you, not to stoop so low like Jennifer Segrest who is now running from police for doing such a thing.   We as black women must value ourselves so much, we love are daughters and vow to never hurt them in any way.
Cobb county police call Jennifer Segrest prostituting her own daughters 'the ultimate portrayal.She allegedly sold them to one man for a total amount of over $54,000, for approximately 3 years.  Police are searching nationwide for this woman and she could be spotted somewhere in Georgia or Corpus Christi Texas. Also, she may have a 2-year-old child with her.  John Walsh has featured this investigation on his show, America's Most Wanted.  Therefore, if you have seen her, you are expected to call police.

The man who was suspected of buying perverted time with Segrest's daughters committed suicide, according to the Cobb County Police Department.

There was once an actual story of a COGIC (Church of God in Christ) woman who did the same thing to her two daughters back in the 1970's, she prostituted them as call escorts.   People who knew about what this mother was doing in the church, used to discuss the matter among themselves and wondered how could this so-called church going woman do this to her own girls.   However, it does not matter if you call yourself a child of God or just a pure sinner, it's something you know not to do, do not use your daughter's bodies to make money, that is low as any mother could go.  How dare any woman who considers herself respectful citizen do this to her own daughters, she carried in the womb and went into hours of labor?  

Even if they are adopted, those are still your daughters and if you love your daughters do not violate their minds, bodies and souls as though they are just sex objects.   They are not to be sold, those are your daughters God gave to you.  They are special in the eyes of God and you should also treat them as they little queens they are.

Obviously, Jennifer Segrest did not value herself, because if she did, she would not degrade her own daughters and this goes for any mother who may use her own children to prostitute themselves, sell drugs or any similar dehumanizing fashion.  Any mother who damages a child's life and give no consideration for their welfare is sick and not only needs psychological help, but they need God to save them. God is not pleased, because what this does to your daughters is make them feel less of a human being.  You make them feel like life is not important and they have no self-worth.   So, if you have done anything similar as this mother Jennifer Segrest, we beg you to not only seek psychological help, but also spiritual help.  Give your life to Jesus Christ, before it is everlasting too late, because if you die without repenting to God and asking Him to forgive you and your daughters to forgive you, you will be in eternal hell and damnation.   Therefore, repent now and stop prostitution your daughters or even your sons, if you are guilty.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mother Accused of Indecent Exposure for Breastfeeding Baby [VIDEO]

Though we can understand people having mixed feeling about this, we must remember it is a natural and in D.C. a legal thing to do. According to the woman, who is an attorney herself, she used every precaution to be decent as possible while breastfeeding her baby. I can remember the first time saw a woman breast feeding her baby. I was a young adult and a bit shocked but as I realized the baby needs to eat on a schedule, I felt more comfortable with the woman doing what was natural. 

Now, I have to say: Would the security officers be all up in arms if some young guy with is behind showing from his sagging pants or a gay couple kissing? I feel those things would be more acceptable today than an age old necessity like breastfeeding. I truly hope she gets her apology and for people to stop and think about other things we accept that should really be questioned.

Daughter of Malcolm X Malikah Shabazz Arrested for Violating Court Order

Malikah Shabazz Arrested for Not Paying Restitution

News reports have announced Malcolm X’s youngest daughter has been jailed for failing to make good on a promise to pay back the $55,000 she swindled from an elderly Queens woman.

A Queens judge ordered Malikah Shabazz to held Tuesday night after probation officials said she’d failed to make any of the monthly $1,229 restitution payments she agreed to as part of a plea deal.

Shabazz ignored a judge’s order requiring her to live in New York while she serves out a five-year probation, court officials say.

They say she’s apparently been living in St. Albans, Vt., above a bar that she’s looking to buy. She had $800 in her pocket when she was busted for the probation violation, a court official said.

Read full report at AT2W 

Will Blacks Flock to Oprah's OWN Network Because Her Black TV Programming?

Oprah's OWN Network to Cater to Black Audiences

It's interesting that the news is stating Oprah's OWN Network may start gearing toward its African American audience.

The NY Post states:
Execs at OWN point to the success of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” as a way to tap into the network’s African American viewers, according to Adweek.
The reality show, which follows life behind-the-scenes of a St. Louis soul food restaurant, is the network’s top-rated prime-time show, averaging around 420,000 viewers.
It’s also performing extremely well among African-American viewers.
“Anytime you have a program that pops like ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ did, you start looking for what drove it,” OWN president Erik Logan told Adweek.
“We saw that the African-American audience really had a connection with that show. We’re going to look at ways to nurture and grow that.”
We wonder does this new found interest the OWN execs have discovered in their stats really matter to this 'targeted audience'? Let's be real and upfront about this: many African American women have always admired Oprah Winfrey. Who wouldn't? She exemplified a real 'rags to riches' story that everyone found intriguing and alluring. Many African Americans, especially African American women, adored her for being 'their' role model. No one can argue with this because at some point or another, she tapped into our lives and made a difference.

Read the full report at AT2W

Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch Video: If Vanessa Long Is Really Divorcing Bishop Eddie Long She Is Certainly A Mentor For Black Women

Those of us who have had enough of the black man's manipulation need to say enough is enough and move men like Bishop Eddie Long completely out of the way, so God can have His way in our lives.   Vanessa Long has made it very clear through her attorney, she is not going to stop her divorce from Bishop Eddie Long and by saying so, she is showing her strength as a courageous woman to the world.  Yet and still, just like a male chauvinist, Bishop Eddie Long tried to speak out Sunday as though Vanessa Long does not have her own voice, according to CNN.  However, as her attorney has told the press, she is definitely filing for a divorce and please do not listen to other reports, we assume this goes for anything that is not true coming out of Bishop Eddie Long's mouth.

For the black women whom are sticking up for Bishop Eddie Long, just go right ahead and step away from those of us whom are strong black women, because we do not need weak black women stopping our flow.

The way Bishop Eddie Long was talking in the pulpit last Sunday was just the way a lot of black men act in Atlanta, not all, but many of them.   He has obscured his down low character while acting as though he is still the head of the household.   Vanessa Long is tired of this sort of personality, which she obviously does not want to put up with any longer and dear sisters, we encourage you to also do not let any man go who acts like Bishop Eddie Long allegedly having enumerable affairs with several teenage boys (now young men) while acting like he is a real man of God and leader of his household control your the woman you are.    Let us assure you, God is tired of this sort of misconduct not only in His Kingdom, but also within many black families.   If Vanessa is truly tired of Bishop Eddie Long's mess, God is sure using her to get the attention of many black women whom have put up with this foolishness for too long.      

Plain and simple, we might as well not even have a man, if he spreads his seeds around with young boys, men and other women as well.  God's Word says let everything be done in decent and in order, He is not just talking about business, but He is also speaking of in our personal lives and as you can see dear sisters, Bishop Eddie Long has not been leading his life in decent and in order, so why should Vanessa Long just stick by and keep taking his mess while being made to remain silent.  

Vanessa Long is teaching us something, do not remain in a marriage with a man like Bishop Eddie Long who is able to manipulate the minds of many people in his church while allegedly fooling around with teenage boys and grown men.    Also for single black women, Vanessa Long could be saying to us, do not marry a man whom you may sense could be attracted to anyone other than yourself.   Furthermore, it is so sickening to have endured sleeping in the same bed with a man whom has been able to provide a lavish lifestyle, but not a stable marriage.   Vanessa will truly help a lot of black women, if she stands firm on her decision through her attorney, instead of continuing her miserable life as a completely silent first lady who is controlled by a man of an alleged hypocritical sinful lifestyle.

On this following video, you will see how this man, Bishop Eddie Long is fooling these people and trying to control Vanessa Long through his cunning message to his silly and spiritually lost parishioners.  Also, because his main income comes from his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, he tells them do not stop coming and giving as they cheer him on.  The same mind control he is seen on video using on his followers is the same mind control he is possibly used in his marriage with Vanessa Long, allegedly.

As you will see she is not even there, so how can she even speak up to confirm his claim?

Watch Video

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