Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Women Who Honor Same Sex Marriages While Married to A Man Like Comedienne, Mo' nique

First and foremost, let us forewarn black women who honor same sex marriages, you are in complete violation of the Word of God.   If you are married to a man, why would you agree with same sex marriage?   After hearing from one of our main journalists of AT2W who did a report on Mo'nique, the famous black female actress and comedienne married to Sidney Hicks who allegedly believes not only in having an open marriage, but also agrees with same sex marriage.   It does not matter how hard African Americans have had it in the entertainment industry, we do not have a right to give up our morals and values.  

God expects us not to agree with sin and if we are so blessed to be married to a man, why agree with homosexuality?   What meaning is our marriage to the opposite sex, if we support gays and lesbians?  On a prior article, we revealed an article presented to you on SCR that informed our readers why we do not agree that civil rights should be discussed in today's black church.  We explained why it is very important for the black church to spread the full gospel of Jesus Christ, not condoning sin and making it necessary to discuss civil rights in the House of God.  Therefore, this is why we feel it is necessary to forewarn black women, we are under a spiritual radar and God is watching everything we say and do and just because we have been discriminated against in this country of the United States of America does not make it alright to agree with what God says is wrong.  Possibly, just because certain black women like Mo'nique think it is so difficult to find a man, so we have to take whomever we can get, no matter what they believe or approve of.   However, God says not so, it is not that important to have a black man in our lives that we must bow down to the evil ways of this world.   You might as well not have a husband, if you agree with homosexuality or even the rights they fight for, simply because your marriage to the opposite sex is sacred and it not to be confused with condoning homosexuality.

Are you agreeing with same sex marriage while married to your husband, dear sister?   If so, how much do you value your marriage, God has blessed you with and what is the reason you are married to your husband?   You cannot claim you love your husband while defending the rights of gays and lesbians, it is impossible.   God is not in your marriage, if you condone or agree with sin?   You must question you reason for being married to your husband, if you are a black woman who is a follower and not a born leader.   A black woman who is a born leader just does not advocate for the sins of humanity for popularity or just to keep more money coming into your bank account.   A black woman who is a born leader is designed by God and she is a virtuous woman, one with complete integrity.  Integrity means what you know is wrong, you just will not do. Black women of the 21st century have got to be satisfied being without a man, if it means giving up condoning sin.  You might as well be by yourself, because God does not honor your marriage, if you honor or agree with the homosexual community.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Single Black Mothers Who Raised Their Sons While Being Disrespected By Their White Wives or Girlfriends

Note: This is a response we received from an anonymous reader who is a single black mother.   We want to let her know we realize it is not easy to love yourself as a black woman while being disrespect by your black son(s) who happens to be in an interracial marriage with a white woman who also disrespects you.   Please realize this fact, God love you and you are extremely beautiful because you raised your son all by yourself and he saw all the good you did for your son.  If he cannot appreciate the fact you were chosen to be his mother, that is his problem, but God chose you for a reason and the main reason no other woman could do a better job.   Yes, you raised your son all by yourself, carried him for 9 months, fed him when he was hungry, but now you must move on with your life and learn to love yourself without him, because if he wants to go along with the times of black men mistreating black women, because of his own self-hatred and insecurity, that's his problem.  So you must now read this article and realize it is a process of letting go of your son to love and appreciate yourself, but most of all, place God above him in your life.  Dear black sister, we hope this can be of some help to you and we love you and sympathize with your issue.

Now, to many people, there is nothing wrong in being in an interracial relationship; however, when it comes to being grateful for the black woman who was responsible for bringing her sons into the world, carried them for 9 months and then endured extreme painful labor, there is a demand for black men to respect their black mothers.  Respect from black men and younger boys to their black mothers has long been forgotten about among the black race who know so proudly diversify themselves among other races.   Many black women who join in on this revolution forget the pain of their sisters who are tired of putting up with disrespect from their sons who refuse to honor and respect them as their mothers.   Of course, there is a way to ignore black sons who send their black mothers a silent message that they think they are very ugly and we will deal with that issue and tell these black mothers how to rise above their sons devious cruelty, but we would like to first start off by saying you beautiful black mothers who are our sisters get our love, attention and respect.  For the black women who refuse to discuss this matter with you, because of their interracial marriages, they will eventually need us too.  Don't worry, because it never has been easy being a black woman, it does not matter if you are married to President George Bush.

When it comes to your son(s) disrespecting you by also allowing their white (Latino or Asian) wives or girlfriends to say all manner of evil against you, that is the best time to love yourself even more.   You must learn how to ignore ignorance and make a choice to live your life without your sons.   For many years, if the black men you raised and struggled to financially support without their fathers refuse to love, appreciate and respect you, then they do not need you in their lives.   It is time to dust your feet.  Fix up yourself the best you can and get ready for good man to come into your life, because many times you have to get your own sons out of your life and even absent in your mind before God sends you the right man.   Life is too beautiful for you to allow them to make you feel like you do not matter, you are a slave to them or even inferior.  Tell your sons goodbye and have a good life.  Why must you do this?  Because you are letting them know, you are placing yourself first in your own life as a queen God made you to be.   Now is the time for them to realize your cooked meals, sewn clothes and even massaging their grown crusty feet has to stop, all of that attention must now go into a man's life who needs you.  Your sons now have the woman they desire and it does not matter if she is pock-a-dot, if she is who he wants, let them go and live a happy life together, but refuse to allow either of them to mistreat you anymore.   Your silent message to your sons who have disrespected you in the presence of their white wives or girlfriends is simply this, "I am beautiful in the eyes of God and have completed my job.  Now, I am moving forward to spend time pampering a king God is sending into my life."   This message will indeed teach your sons how to respect black women in general, because if you do not leave him alone, then he will think it is okay to respect any black woman he may come in contact with for the rest of his life.  He will feel as though he is superior.   If you never fix him another plate of food, he will be left to only enjoy the food prepared by his white wife or girlfriend who thought she was above you.   

Single black mothers you have done the best you could to raise your black sons.   Offer to pray with he and his wife or girlfriend, but if it does not help, you must finally move on and give God time to work it out.  You must now let them go and live their lives.   God would rather you love them at a distance, instead of always having an argument about how they disrespect you.    Love God first, then yourself and make room for some fortunate man to appreciate you.  A lot of times, you have not been blessed with a good man, because you have not got rid of the same old problems in your life.   It is sort of like cleaning out trash.   Get rid of waste that is no longer worth it.   We are not saying your son is trash, but his evil ways are not worth your time.  First, make sure to tell him you love him and you will always be their if he needs emotional support, but now you must enjoy your life God gave you.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Black Women Who Enjoy Unprotected Intercourse With Gay Men Who Have AIDS

Greetings our dear sisters, we bring this issue before you, simply because one of our journalists of knew of a woman who admitted she had intercourse with a gay man, knowing he was infected with full blown AIDS, not the AIDS virus, HIV, but he had full blown AIDS.  Now you may be wondering how could this gay man desire this woman, sexually?   Although this man was effeminate, he did not live his life by labels, but he lived his life being very soft and delicate at times while having relationships with men, but also with women who were attracted to him as a very fair light skinned black man with hazel eyes.   This black woman had three children (by different men) and gave no worry about possibly catching AIDS leaving them behind.   As a cold black woman, all she wanted was this high yellow man on her arm, every where she went and enjoyed intercourse with him, not because of love, but lust.   When the man's mother reminded this black woman to be cautious of catching AIDS, her response was nonchalance.

Dear sisters, as black women when is this ignorance going to stop?   When are you going to decide to start loving yourself more than the man you are attracted to?   The black race went through a phase in previous years, regarding the down low issue, but in this case and many others similar that involves black women knowingly wanting a man, because he is delicate, high yellow with hazel eyes who happens to be gay,  is guilty of accepting him, regardless of his fatal disease.  Of course, it does not matter what the man looks like you happen to fall in love with, but lust was on this woman's mind without even caring about what she knew he was infected with.  When you really think about it, this woman did not even think about God while enjoying unprotected intercourse with this man.  She even was willing to kill another woman over this man inside of a church, true story.   This is how obsessed she was over this gay man.

Another thing, this woman's cousin had the same type of man with the same exact description, not just looks but also a very flamboyant homosexual,  but willing to have intercourse with women who adored him.   So now, you can clearly see this is a spiritual issue, both women not even caring about their lives.

Years later this woman is a cougar, has a younger 'pretty boy' who is her husband, but may have infected him with AIDS.    Why?   Because she may have been infected from her prior relationship.   She knew it, although she was forewarned to be safe.

Are you shocked?   This is definitely nothing knew, it has been going on for years and this is why we have a spiritual warfare within the race of black women, simply because there are many who date men based on their appearance, but not on their spiritual being.   Lust is so strong, many of our sisters do not even care about being infected with AIDS, even if they know their boyfriend is infected with it.   Many are willing to disrespect another black woman, regarding their flamboyant boyfriend.   It makes you think, if black women have been this weak to disrespect themselves along with other black women, no wonder why there is much difficulty connecting with a good man, too much damage has occurred over the years.

If you are guilty of being attracted to these type of men, stop it before it is too late.  Too many black women have died of AIDS, because lust was more important than having respect for God and then, themselves.   You are committing suicide by knowingly risking your life to this deadly disease.   If you consider yourself intelligent, do not be tricked into accepting a relationship with a gay or bi-sexual man, just because you think he is attracted to you and you feel so good he is willing to pay attention to you.   What about God, dear sisters?   If God does not pay attention to us, then we are in trouble, forget these pretty boys whom we may know are infected with AIDS.   It's not safe.   Satan knows how gullible a lot of black women are and so desperate to have a man, so it is time outsmart him and make God the head of our lives who has given Jesus Christ to make us happy until the right man comes or none at all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Mother in California Changes Child's Gender From Girl to Boy: God Is Very Angry

One of our journalists from told us about a black woman named Iyanna Pray in California who decided to change her little girl into a boy.   Dear sisters, if you truly know the Lord as your personal Savior, we are very sure, you know the race of black women have gone too far.  They do not recall where God brought us from.  There was a time when our black women were enslaved in America and now modern day slavery is what is going on now.  It is called volunteer slavery, this is when one is willing to be a slave in their mental state.   Therefore, many black women are slaves to sin, just to prove we are now so diverse the decisions are made based on the descendants of the white supremacists, rather than God's Word and God is very angry.  Where this black mother live is in the central valley of California, Stockton.   Historically, Stockton is a very racist place to live and it surprises us that a black mother is willing to join the masses of the transgender and homosexual community to say it is okay to change the gender of your child.   Why would any black individual who lives in a place that has a history of racism allow your child to come out of the closet as transgender?   That is double discrimination, expect being black is not a sin, according to God's Word.

Dear sisters, every black woman is not our sister, if they are not following the guidelines of God's Word.   This black mother in Stockton, California is responsible for the soul of her child and when she faces judgement, it will be eternal hell and damnation.  When God gives you a child, you are not suppose to taint his or her soul with the wicked ways of society, but you are suppose to guide your child into righteousness, a holy way of living.  No mother or father has the right to allow a child to change his or gender.  It does not matter if a child says, "I do not like being a boy or a girl or I do not like wearing boy or girl clothes."   When you hear that sort of talk, you instantly should start praying and rebuking Satan's control over your child, because your child could have easily picked up that sort thought from his or her young mind, from watching television or just simply playing with the wrong friends.   So, how dare any parent change the sex of their child, God forbid.  If God gave you a girl, then encourage her to enjoy being a girl.  If God gave you a boy, then encourage him to enjoy being a boy.   Definitely do not allow your child to fall into the behavior of many adults who are now saying they wished they had of remained a man or a woman.  Any child is too young to make those sort of decisions.  First of all, we need to evaluate why a child maybe disliking their gender when all they should be thinking about is learning about God and getting an education.

You may ask, 'where did this sort of odd behavior of a child wanting to change their sex come from?'   We live in a society that is controlled by demonic forces, one of those forces is the demon of homosexuality and transgender identity.   This very fact is true, hell is in the bowels of the earth and there are demons that we cannot see controlling people, not just grown people, but also children.   Hell is real and demons are real.  Do not let anyone like Bishop Carlton Pearson tell you that there is no such a thing as a Devil or hell.   There have been actual testimonies of people who have recently went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ.

This black mother claimed her little girl said she did not like wearing pink beads in her hair.   You see, based on what the child said, this black mother automatically thought she had the power to change this child's gender, instead of thinking about how God wonderfully created her child.   We are living in a wicked age that allows children and parents to disrespect God by insinuating He made a mistake when her birthed a baby girl or a baby boy in the wombs of many mothers today.  As a black woman, it is disgrace and this sort of immoral issue does not belong in the souls of black women.  As strong black women, we ought to learn how to live according to God's Word and not based on this modern age society that accept homosexuality and transgender as supremacy over our lives.  God commands us to seek His Kingdom and not be a part of such evil that is condoned in America or even abroad.   

One physician named Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. who was on Dr. Phil, earlier this year says children should be properly nurtured from their mother, but he discourages children to be the opposite sex.  Man doctors on this same show disagreed with this physician, but this physician stands by this opinion.

Dear sisters, when God gave you your child, He never made any mistake.  Be careful what your child hears or sees.   Do not allow them to play with every child.  This days, you have got to search the spirit of children, before you can allow your child to play with them.   Find a way to place your child in a christian school.   Most of all, teach the Word of God to your child and bind every evil spirit that tries to control them.   Teach them how to live holy.   Teach them the very reason why God created them to be a girl or a boy and why they should be proud.   Do not allow them to overhear discussions about homosexual issues that are trying to demonically control our society.   Continue to pray with your children on a daily basis and surround them with a spirit of christian morals and values in your home.   

Remind your child, you are the parent and they are the child and are to listen and obey you.

God bless you dear souls of black women and your children and stay strong in the Lord. 

Watch Video of Black Mother who Allowed Girl to Change into a Boy

Here is a video of a teenage girl who went to hell on a tour with Jesus Christ, AToast2Wealth did an article that informed readers about how Angelica not only saw Michael Jackson and Selina in hell, but certain demons that appeared like cartoons were there, also.  Therefore, a lot of kids are unknowingly being demonically transformed by watching these cartoons.  So, hear the story now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loretta Devine's Support for Rupaul's Drag Queen Show Is a Disgrace to Black Women

Only black women who are holy and righteous can agree with this article.   Loretta Devine supporting this drag queen show, "Rupaul's Drag Race" as a contestant reveals how many black women will stoop so low just to get a check to pay bills, allegedly.   However, all black women may not agree with this article, because they like Loretta Devine have no morals and values.   How can we as black women receive the blessing of having a good righteous man in our lives if we our not righteous ourselves?  This is why African Americans today are so messed up, they have no boundaries and there are no limits to what they will do for fame and fortune.   Righteous black women, we can no longer unite with the race of black women who have no integrity.   We must come to a point in our lives not to support an actress just because she is black, but only support her for her righteous integrity.  If you think about it, this is why black women have such a hard time and many black men who are worth having as a husband look the other way, because simply the real beauty inside many souls of black women have ceased and been rotted by Satan and his demons.

Our dear sisters, Loretta Devine being a judge on Rupaul's show that represents drag queens is one of the main reasons why many of our young and even older black men are effeminate.  There are too many black women like Loretta Devine fascinated with sinful pleasures of homosexuality. God said in His Word He would not allow men who are effeminate to enter into the His Kingdom and even those who glorify it. "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind... (I Cor. 6:9)."  

Dear black women, there is nothing pretty about men dressed up to appear beautiful and seductive to steal attention from real women.   This is why there are so many women throughout the years who have complained of finding out their husbands and boyfriends were sleeping with the same sex, many of these women were friends with these effeminate men and had the audacity to complain when they discovered their gay male friends supposedly "stole" their man.   Sisters, God is not pleased with where the hearts of many (black) women have been for so many years, they have been focused on kinky pleasures that will turn men into appearing like women while controlling them to support them, only because they allow and like it.   We should not be shocked whenever certain husbands like Eddie Murphy was allegedly caught with a transvestite, because when these drag queens are much more loved by women and have so much support from them, there is no surprise of what may occur.   Therefore, Loretta Devine allegedly supporting Rupaul's drag queen show is a disgrace not only to black women, but also to God.   God never created drag queens or transvestites, transsexuals or effeminate gay men to take the attention away from real women he created to sexually gratify a man.   It is nasty and disgusting and any woman who is so low to accept such a position has degraded herself and made the race of black women to appear weak and enslaved to the unnatural affection that feeds the evil souls of men who idolize these drag queens.   God is not pleased and because of Loretta Devine being on Rupaul's show reveals the unethical behavior of many black women who complain why they cannot find a good man.   Furthermore, many black women also complain that their sons are gay.   How can your son be straight when you glorify and support the evil spirit or homosexual deception?   We cannot expect for the race of black men to ever be good righteous black men, if black women idolize drag queens as beautiful beings.   If certain black women like Loretta Devine continue to do so, do not be surprised why many black men are no longer strong black men, but are vulnerable to lustful pleasures that causes them to be more attracted to transsexuals that are controlled by Satan and his demons from the pit of hell.   Do not be surprised to see many young male kids come out of your wounds to desire wearing dresses and makeup like the late drag queen, Sylvester.   

To all black women who desire to be holy and righteous, it is time we fully dedicated our minds, hearts and souls to Jesus Christ, because many black women like Loretta Devine are (allegedly) gullible to the deception of devious behavior, which does not teach our young girls how to be real women or even young boys how to be real men.   Our journalists refuse to support any black female entertainer like Loretta Devine who has no morals and values as a virtuous woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart, mind and soul.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black Mothers on Crack Cocaine Who Sell Their Babies Clothing Should Repent

This particular article is from an actual situation that took place in the San Francisco Bay Area, allegedly.   This mother who was a crack addict back in the 1980's and still on crack in the 21st century sold her baby's clothing to support her crack habit.   Now dear black women, many of us have a history of always blaming the black man for his dirt, but this is a disgrace in the eyes of God and if you are guilty of doing this sort of thing, you definitely need to repent and ask God not only to forgive you, but to cleanse you from unrighteousness. Humble yourself and ask Him to take away this crack addiction.  Seek help, before it is everlasting too late for your soul.   

Although, we do acknowledge once you are on crack, it is hard to get off as what we have been told, there is not only rehabilitation programs that can help you, but the best program there is, is God's program for deliverance.    If you are a black mother who has been on crack, you should seek help, but it takes a commitment to desire to get off of crack cocaine.   You cannot just say you want to, but you have to do it.    

Further information regarding this particular black mother on crack, we actually saw her having a fit when she was many miles away from home, because she could not get to it, so we know it is very difficult to kick the habit.   However, you must love yourself meaning your soul, your children and those around you more than you do that crack cocaine.   Most of all, make up in your mind if you love God, because if you do not love God or believe in Him, you will never get off of drugs.  God is real and really exist.   Do believe in God?   Do you realize how real He is?  God is a deliverer, black mothers.   You do not have to be addicted to crack cocaine for the rest of your life once you make a commitment to serve Jesus Christ.   

Think about it, how could something be that good to sell your baby's clothes?   There is a demonic force behind crack cocaine or any other drug.   There are demons that control you to have this uncontrollable urge and this is why it is not good for you.   Crack is very dangerous if it takes clothes from your children and you should hate it and make a decision to love God, because only He can deliver you.

If you are a mother who has been on crack cocaine and do not know how to get off, please go to our salvation page and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then watch some videos of ministers that will spiritually feed you so you can get delivered and set free before it is everlasting too late.

Let us pray dear sisters: 

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you today for these black women.   Many of them feel like there is no way out and there is no hope.   Some of them are on drugs.  Some of them are alcoholics.    We ask you to deliver them and set them totally free right now, in the name of Jesus.  Save them from the pit of hell.  Snatch them from the Devil's territory in the name of Jesus.   We bind every demonic force and every evil spirit that tries to destroy these beautiful ladies.    Satan, we command you to flee, right now.  The blood of Jesus makes whole.   Nobody loves these black women like you, Father.   Nobody appreciates these black women like you do, Jesus.   So, we ask you to deliver them from everything or anyone who is trying to destroy them.   Break them away from this crack addiction and alcohol demon, in the name of Jesus right now.   We plead the blood over each and everyone of their lives, right now, in Jesus name, Amen.   Now, if you have prayed this prayer and believe He heard you, rush over to our Salvation page, immediately.  God bless and stay strong dear sisters.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Real Ladies Don't Date Black Men Who Wear Sagging Pants

There is a high percentage of 21st century black women who seem somewhat desperate they are willing to accept type of man that will give them the time of day: younger black man to make them look younger, thuggish black man to make them look tough , white man to give them mixed kids and make black men who date other races feel bad, all for the wrong reasons.   Ladies, you cannot waste your time with a man, if God did not send him to you, especially a male, not a man who wears his pants hanging down, that is not a real man.    You must love yourself enough to put yourself higher than a ghetto mentality, it does not matter your background, age, where you live or how many mistakes you have made.    You must learn to change your options.   Learn to choose a man who has enough pride in himself to pull up his pants.   Whenever you see a black guy who wears his pants hanging down, even if he claims to know Christ and a fan of Kirk Franklin, you need to turn your head real quick, because even black men in the church know better and ought to be ashamed of themselves.   Therefore, if they are not ashamed enough to stop following the hip hop crowd of dressing like thugs, change yourself.   Are you really attracted to a man who wears sagging pants? 

Now, dear sisters, you cannot judge a guy who wears sagging pants, if you guilty yourself for wearing indecent clothing.   What sort of indecent clothing are we talking about?    Are you guilty of wearing your shirts so low, it reveals your bosom?    Are you guilty of showing your belly button?   Are you guilty of wearing skin tight pants or dresses and skirts whenever you wear them, even at church.   This goes for black women particularly in the church, if you are guilty of doing so, because you are following the hip hop revolution, then how in the world can you expect a real man to approach you?    Possibly, you are getting these black men with sagging pants, because you have not fixed up yourself enough to get a decent handsome black man in your life.   You cannot expect for God to bless you with a decent man, if you have not been living up to the expectations of Jesus Christ.   Maybe you do not have a lot of clothes to wear and this is your excuse for not dressing, appropriately.   Find some sort of career or create a business that will pay you enough to dress nice; if not, at least get a sewing machine and learn how to sew you some decent clothes.   If you truly desire for God to bless you, you are going to have to put out what you expect in return, respect. 

If we get more black women to start taking pride in themselves and refuse to date men who wear sagging pants and start dressing decent themselves, then maybe these black guys turn into to real men and they will become too ashamed to look like a thug.   Most likely, these black men will start fixing themselves up so they can make sure they get the right "black lady" in their life.   Black women will start becoming their preference, because they see a change among us.   No disrespect to the artist, but you never will get a good man looking like the image of Lil' Kim.   The way you get him, is the exact way you will lose him and if a man wants a woman who reveals too much flesh, he could easily go to the strip club.    If you refuse to dress like a lady, then you will not get the respect you deserve as a lady, regardless of how these black men wear sagging pants.  You will forever get these black guys who wear sagging pants approaching you.   It is time ladies to take pride in yourselves and not except less, but only the best man who will come from God.   It is time to stop being a follower and be a leader.   It is time to start making God happy, so He can bless you with a king, not a thug.   And remember, it does not matter about your negative past or who you are, when a man truly loves you, he will love you for who you are and grow with you in the future as his queen and your negative past is irrelevant to him.

Dear sisters, do you know wear the style of sagging pants came from?   It came from men who wore sagging pants in prison to let other prison mates know they are available, sexually.   It is an immoral fashion that started in prison among bi-sexual men. This goes along with today's hip-hop culture.   So, is this the sort of man you want in your life?   Do you love yourself enough to wait on God or would you rather rush to get a black male with a prison mentality of bi-sexual behavior?  Think about it, because this is one of the main reasons why we have had so many black women who have been infected with HIV, they are attracted to these black guys who have the look of hip hop artists and some of them go both ways (bi-sexual).   Let us leave you with these words, if you do not wish to change your options for choosing a real man who does not wear sagging pants, be very careful and still pray and ask God about the man you do not want to let go, because it is not safe just just physically, but also spiritually.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear Black Woman, Don't Kill Yourself: Committing Suicide is Not The Answer

According to statistics, they claim black women are the lowest to commit suicide.   However, those statistics are in error, there are many black women who have been extremely depressed and committed suicide because of various issues they feel no one understands.    Just when you think other black women will listen and understand you, most of the time, they are the very ones to turn their backs on you and this is why Satan has stolen the lives of many black women who have killed themselves.   Also, the feminist movement is the trick of the Devil, because many women of any race will not listen when a black woman cries and reaches out for someone to listen.   There have been several cases throughout history that have revealed black women who have committed suicide, because they felt alone in their circumstances and everyone they went to and begged them to listen, they ignored them.   
One of the most famous recent cases happened in New York when a mother of three kids drove her SUV into the Hudson River.   Before the SUV sank, she looked at her ten year old son who could swim and told him to go run for help, she realized she had made a mistake.  Before this woman killed herself and her three children, an anonymous witness said she was having a nervous breakdown before this all happened.  The witness said she saw lights flicking on and off.    This black woman was hurting and had no one to turn to, but did not think the real friend who would listen was and still is Jesus Christ.   God loved this woman more than anyone else.   

We do realize life can get so difficult and it feels as though you have no where to turn.   We also realize because we cannot see God, Satan often tricks us to think, He is not real and even if we realize He is real, Satan makes us think, He cannot hear us.    Dear black woman, God hears our cry.   Personally, He knows what you are going through and how much pain you are feeling.   As black women we often go through depression, because we not only endure racism, but we endure our own race not being responsive to our pain.   Suicide is a demon and if you do not seek help by at least falling to your knees in prayer, Satan has got your soul.   You must fight this suicidal demon and cry out to God.   Talk to him just how you talk to people, because he knows you better than anyone else.   He is just waiting for you to confide in Him.   Most of all, He is waiting for you to serve Him.    

If this is you dear sister, let us pray.   Dear heavenly father, we come before you right now.   Your daughter is hurting and feeling so much pain.   God, we know you are here and we also know you know about the circumstance in this woman's life.   Jesus, give her peace right now.   Show her how much you love her, regardless of her personal circumstance.   Many times, as black women, it seems like no one cares, even other black women will turn their backs on their own sisters, but dear Lord, we know you care.    Jesus, hear our prayer, heal our dear sister of any pain she is going through in the name of Jesus.   Although, it seems like this sister's family, the church and even her closest friends have turned their backs on her, we know you care and no one can show real love like you.   Jesus, cure every foul demonic spirit that comes to destroy this dear woman's soul, right now.   Heal the pain and take it away in Jesus name we pray, Amen.   

Now, Satan is going to try and come and trick you and make you still think no one loves you.  He is going to come and try and fool you into believing God does not care about you. Often times, because of the sins many black women have committed, Satan will make you think God won't forgive you, but dear woman, Jesus loves you no matter what.   Do not commit suicide, just because other people refuse to listen or even understand you.    Pray and cry out to God and He will take your pain.   Every time you pray, you will know God has heard you and will solve your problem. So don't give up, hold onto Jesus Christ and never let Him go.  God bless and stay strong dear sister.

Are You Hurt Black Women, Because Many Black Men Have Left Us For White Women and Other Races?

When you go out in public, are there bi-racial couples (white women/black men) who seemed to purposely make you feel bad that you see them together?    This is one of the main issues that keep black women down and cause them to feel very bitter and ugly.   However, this is a spiritual issue and there is no reason for you to feel hurt.   If there are black men who are purposely out to hurt the race of black women, it may have a lot to do with their personal resentment against their own mother or just simply their own insecurity.  It is a Satanic force that is using them and whomever they are with to keep black women down.   It has nothing to do with you.   God is trying to get your attention and does not want you or any other black women to pay attention of being labeled the less desirable black woman to the black man, because He created you, not the black man nor any race of a woman who he is with.   So, let us ask you this very serious question, are you paying attention to God or black men who do not desire you and prefer to be with other races of women on a daily basis?   

Black women, God is after our souls and watches how we react when we feel threatened by what we see and feel.   If black men no longer care about how we feel about desiring to have them remain with us, then let-them-go.  Start seeking God, because at the end of our lives, we are going to be questioned about our actions.   If you are in the majority of many black women who wish to get even with black men, so they can feel the same pain, then your heart is certainly not focused on God.    Black men have been wrong to a certain degree, but we as black women have not been able to fully be complete, if we have not had a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Have you noticed this very fact?  In the past age when black men desired us more and appreciated black women, it was mostly other black women who were sleeping with our husbands and boyfriends, not white, Latino or Asian women.   Therefore, this is indeed a spiritual issue and it cannot be solved by emotionally holding a grudge and getting even with black men by marrying other races, for three reasons:  because God is not in your relationship if you are in it for the wrong reasons (money), you will have to raise your children without ever admitting what you endure as a black woman and thirdly, every time you face a racist situation, you will you have to suppress the issue with your husband who does not feel the same pain.   Beloved sisters, God is concerned about you, if you have been in this predicament.   To be honest with you, it is time for us as black women to marry Jesus Christ and then, allow Him to send us the best man, He has designed especially for us.    Because when black men were into being with mostly black women, back in the day when our race was more united, it hurt to see black women disrespect each other.   It hurt to see when they were the ones committing adultery with our husbands and even dating our boyfriends.  In some cases they are still the ones hurting each other and being found in an adulterous affair with a black woman's husband or boyfriend.   This is enough to reveal to you how serious this spiritual walk is with God and the deep root of the problem is ourselves.   How close are we to Jesus Christ, do we love and desire being with Him more than a man?   If you do not desire God to be in your life, then this article is not for you, anyway and you are wasting your time reading it.

No black man, Latino, Asian or even a white man who may provide us black women with a lot of money, but no love can give us the satisfaction that God can give.  Dear black women, when you get sick, God can heal you and the least of your worries is seeing black men feeling good while flaunting his white, Latino or Asian woman in your face for whatever reason.   When you lose your job and you need a financial miracle, the least thing on your mind is desiring a black man to be in bed with you at night.   Who can solve your financial problems?  Jesus Christ.   He is the only one who can give you a better job or even lead you to start a lucrative business.  Being the large percentage of black women without a black man in your life is the least of your worries when you have problems in your life and that is what you need to think about.   The greatest relationship you can have is with Jesus Christ.   The average black man who is with another race of a woman may not be meant for you anyway, because God may be protecting you along with a lot of other black women from enduring emotional distress.   Have you ever thought about it like that?

Dear black women, the world is full of all sorts of people and because of lust, these days it is not just black men who are leaving black women.   In this messed up world in support of the demon of homosexuality, there are black women who are having a sexual relationship with white women along with those who sleep with black women, there are black men who having a sexual relationship with white men along with those who sleep with black men, there are even black men and women who are preferring to be with transsexuals instead of being with the opposite sex.   It is all twisted these days.    Our journalists receive all types of letters on a daily basis.   Therefore, all of the problems black women think they are facing by being less desirable to the black man is not all that bad.   In conclusion, when you get a moment with Jesus Christ, you will discover, He is the only one who can love you the best and all of the evil distractions in this world of feeling bad about what you see and feel when you see it will diminish, because remember dear sisters, this is a spiritual warfare.  

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

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