Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch Video: If Vanessa Long Is Really Divorcing Bishop Eddie Long She Is Certainly A Mentor For Black Women

Those of us who have had enough of the black man's manipulation need to say enough is enough and move men like Bishop Eddie Long completely out of the way, so God can have His way in our lives.   Vanessa Long has made it very clear through her attorney, she is not going to stop her divorce from Bishop Eddie Long and by saying so, she is showing her strength as a courageous woman to the world.  Yet and still, just like a male chauvinist, Bishop Eddie Long tried to speak out Sunday as though Vanessa Long does not have her own voice, according to CNN.  However, as her attorney has told the press, she is definitely filing for a divorce and please do not listen to other reports, we assume this goes for anything that is not true coming out of Bishop Eddie Long's mouth.

For the black women whom are sticking up for Bishop Eddie Long, just go right ahead and step away from those of us whom are strong black women, because we do not need weak black women stopping our flow.

The way Bishop Eddie Long was talking in the pulpit last Sunday was just the way a lot of black men act in Atlanta, not all, but many of them.   He has obscured his down low character while acting as though he is still the head of the household.   Vanessa Long is tired of this sort of personality, which she obviously does not want to put up with any longer and dear sisters, we encourage you to also do not let any man go who acts like Bishop Eddie Long allegedly having enumerable affairs with several teenage boys (now young men) while acting like he is a real man of God and leader of his household control your the woman you are.    Let us assure you, God is tired of this sort of misconduct not only in His Kingdom, but also within many black families.   If Vanessa is truly tired of Bishop Eddie Long's mess, God is sure using her to get the attention of many black women whom have put up with this foolishness for too long.      

Plain and simple, we might as well not even have a man, if he spreads his seeds around with young boys, men and other women as well.  God's Word says let everything be done in decent and in order, He is not just talking about business, but He is also speaking of in our personal lives and as you can see dear sisters, Bishop Eddie Long has not been leading his life in decent and in order, so why should Vanessa Long just stick by and keep taking his mess while being made to remain silent.  

Vanessa Long is teaching us something, do not remain in a marriage with a man like Bishop Eddie Long who is able to manipulate the minds of many people in his church while allegedly fooling around with teenage boys and grown men.    Also for single black women, Vanessa Long could be saying to us, do not marry a man whom you may sense could be attracted to anyone other than yourself.   Furthermore, it is so sickening to have endured sleeping in the same bed with a man whom has been able to provide a lavish lifestyle, but not a stable marriage.   Vanessa will truly help a lot of black women, if she stands firm on her decision through her attorney, instead of continuing her miserable life as a completely silent first lady who is controlled by a man of an alleged hypocritical sinful lifestyle.

On this following video, you will see how this man, Bishop Eddie Long is fooling these people and trying to control Vanessa Long through his cunning message to his silly and spiritually lost parishioners.  Also, because his main income comes from his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, he tells them do not stop coming and giving as they cheer him on.  The same mind control he is seen on video using on his followers is the same mind control he is possibly used in his marriage with Vanessa Long, allegedly.

As you will see she is not even there, so how can she even speak up to confirm his claim?

Watch Video

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