Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mother Accused of Indecent Exposure for Breastfeeding Baby [VIDEO]

Though we can understand people having mixed feeling about this, we must remember it is a natural and in D.C. a legal thing to do. According to the woman, who is an attorney herself, she used every precaution to be decent as possible while breastfeeding her baby. I can remember the first time saw a woman breast feeding her baby. I was a young adult and a bit shocked but as I realized the baby needs to eat on a schedule, I felt more comfortable with the woman doing what was natural. 

Now, I have to say: Would the security officers be all up in arms if some young guy with is behind showing from his sagging pants or a gay couple kissing? I feel those things would be more acceptable today than an age old necessity like breastfeeding. I truly hope she gets her apology and for people to stop and think about other things we accept that should really be questioned.


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