Friday, December 23, 2011

Macy's Dressing Room Policies Sparks Worldwide Petition For Change

Macy Women's Dressing Room Petition
The Liberty Counsel is getting the word out that Macy's department store needs to change their dressing room policies to better fit the needs and comfort of the women shoppers who use them. They have tens of thousands of signatures on the petition to make their point known.

The organization was just alerted that a mother and her daughter were subjected to trying on clothes in Macy's a dressing room in the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX which was run by a man presenting himself as a woman.

This man dressed as a woman employee was seen escorting women to the dressing rooms, entering the dressing rooms to clean out the clothes, and even providing different sized items to women while they are trying on their clothes.

Also, many reports from all over the country have come in stating men in general are allowed to hang out in the women's dressing rooms at Macy's. In these situations, the men were identifying as men.

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