Friday, December 30, 2011

Funerals Held For Two of Four Women Found Dead in Trunks, One More Identified: Dear Black Woman, This Could Have Been You

It was such a sad day for the family of these two close cousins who were found dead together in the trunk of a car.   Family and friends mourned the two black women as they lay dead in their caskets prepared for burial.  What is so sad, it is not the end and this is something for each and every last one of us as black women to think about.   We must be very careful how we live our lives, because we have some place to go after this life and when we die, we want to be embraced in the arms of Jesus Christ, not tormented in eternal hell with Satan and his demons.  Therefore, while we live let us learn to love one another and even our worst enemy.  Let us learn how to ask God to cleanse us on a daily basis and protect us from the insane man or woman within this evil world.  

Dear black woman, this could be you laying in one of those two caskets.   If you are placing yourself in a dangerous situation you ought not to be in, hurry and turn around before it is everlasting too late.   You may think no one cares about you, but Jesus Christ cares and desires for you to fully surrender your life to Him.   He loves you more than your family and friends and will send us angels to guard and protect you, but you must first submit your life to Jesus Christ.   Dear black women, for so long our American society has cast us aside as though we our the ugliest creation, but God never said in His Word He did not love black women.   He just wants each and every last one of us not to be wicked and only holy, righteous and completely virtuous.  It does not matter what you have done in your life or how you were born, Jesus expects you to serve Him and abstain from the wicked ways of this world.  There are demons out there to attack all of us, dear sisters.  They will try and come, even after we surrender our lives, because Satan is mad and does not want us to serve God, but-the good part about being attacked through the wickedness of humanity, He will be there for you.

Times are very hard and many times, black women get rejected from legitimate jobs, although all races are suffering in this recession.  Black women have it much worse, because many times our own races are not fair to their own kind, they will do anything to compete with you, so they can receive more recognition by their white employer and even will lie to get your hours cut.   You see, it is not so much white supremacists that have made it hard on decent jobs, but also are own race.   Many times, it is cunning black women and men who calculate how to make problems for us when we are struggling to pay our rent and bills.  However, as black women, we never have to result to selling our souls or even our bodies.  God gave us a mind and we can create our own business to help other black women out of their situation.  Let us never bow down to endangering our lives to make quick cash that may cut our lives short.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we invite you to immediately go to our Salvation page, but first-let us pray with you dear sister.  For this reason, if you are a Christian, Satan may try to trick you into settling for less and we don't want that to happen.  So, just humble yourself before the Almighty King right now, because He is ready to solve your problem.  Okay?

Dear heavenly Father, we come before you right now, thanking you for our lives.   Lord, it does not matter how old or young we are, we want you to know we honor you and desire to serve you until you are ready for us to come home and be with you.  Lord, whatever is in our lives that is hindering our walk with you, we ask you to remove it, right now.  Save us to the utmost.  Stir us up on the inside and we humbly ask you not to allow our souls be lost.  If there is anything in our life that should not be, take it out.  Save us and complete your work in us, in the name of Jesus.  God, if we have offended you or anyone, we ask your forgiveness right now.  Let us as black women learn how to serve and worship you.   Teach us how to humble ourselves and to follow your complete Word you left for us to follow.  Show us how to pray and seek your face and not be so hasty in our decisions.   Jesus, we love you and we worship you and not man.  Teach us black women to forgive each other and to let go of whatever or whomever has offended us.  Help us to love each other and stop hating ourselves.  Teach us how to pray for those whom have done us wrong, because we know many times, our hurt and pain can cause us to give up and lose hope, in the precious mighty name of Jesus.  Lord, we love you and desire to live for you and not Satan.  We will stand together and not give up on each other, but most of all, we vow not to give up on our relationship with you.   We pray for our dear sisters who are rejecting you and believe they will fall down and yield their souls to you, because Lord, none of us can make it without you.  We need you, every second of our lives.   Teach us how to come up with a business idea that is pleasing in your eyes and not give into the dangerous life of prostitution or selling drugs, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.   

Now, did you receive a blessing through that prayer?   If so, please go to the Salvation page and give you life to Jesus Christ, right now dear sisters.

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The family of two Detroit women found dead in a car trunk held funeral services Thursday.

Denesha Hunt, 24, and her 23-year-old cousin, Renesha Landers, were found dead on Dec. 19 in the trunk of Landers' Chryslers 300 which was parked between abandoned houses on Promenade Avenue near Chalmers Street.

More than 1,000 people attended the dual funeral Thursday at New Providence Church in Detroit. The cousins were the first two of four bodies found in car trunks this month...Watch video and Read full article, here. 

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