Friday, December 23, 2011

Black Women Understand Those Who Have Been Raped: 2 Men Charged in Rape of 13-year-old Detroit Girl

There are too many black women who understand black men more than black women.  Historically, why is this a fact?  Why is it when we see a black woman shun certain black men or even have so much hostility, we do not wonder or even consider her past? A black man can be so effeminate and get so much attention from black women, but most black women will judge other black women as though they are lesbians if they see them wear short hair or even may not be so quick to be in the accompany of black men.  Read this clearly, not all black women who distance themselves from men or wear short hair are lesbians.  Do not be so ignorant to think such a thing.   Most likely they have been raped like this 13-year-old girl or have seen their own mothers raped and/or beaten as a child.

There are too many black women who are so easy to side with men against other black women without even knowing a thing about them and this has been an emotional sickness throughout so many generations.  You wonder why we cannot get the majority of black women to unite with each other or quickly turn the other way when faced by one of our own?  Simply, because many black women are guilty of supporting black men, regardless of how they have mistreated black women.  For example, you hear of a sister whom has been molested by her brother, but you will be so quick love and want to marry him, because of his light complexion and hazel eyes.  Most of you could care less about how a dark black woman is hurting, you just want a man in your life, no matter how sorry he is and believe or not in some cases, not even checked to see if he is HIV positive.  Dear sisters, it is time now to open up your souls and hear the pain of black women of all ages whom have been sexually, physically or emotionally violated by black men.   Do not be so quick to write them off, just because they may not want to get to know you.  You have no idea what has happened in their lives.   Furthermore, when you listen to the lies of others, regarding a black woman whom does not want to befriend you, you are sorry and beware, you will reap what you so.  It is not nice to listen to the lies of other people, just because you wanted someone to be your friend and they were not so desperate to do so.  Many times, these women are not only raped by their stepfathers, brothers, uncles or strangers, but they have been rejected and neglected by their own mothers whom they cried out to so many times.   

What type of black guys are these that would rape a 13 year old girl?  They are not real men, they both have an unnatural animalistic spirit and are demon possessed.  Real black women do not claim sons whom would do a sort of thing like this.  But guess what?   Many of these cruel type of men are much loved among many black women and for doing so, they will have to face judgement, if they do not repent.

Now, you will read the report from about a 13-year-old girl raped by two grown men.  This about this, the next time you hate another black woman who may not be so quick to be your friend.  Most likely, something has happened in her life to make her feel afraid of the whole world, because most of the time as a girl, her mother turned against her when she admitted she was raped by the family pastor, brother, father, uncle or someone next of kin.

These two men were so unattractive, we decided not to use their photo here.

2 Men Charged in Rape of 13-year-old Detroit Girl

DETROIT - Two men have been charged in the sexual assault of a 13-year-old Detroit girl over two days.
The Wayne County prosecutor's office says 24-year-old Steven Wilson and 20-year-old DaJuan Lewis are jailed. Another 20-year-old man is being sought by police.
Authorities say the girl was forced into a truck last Friday evening and driven to an apartment in Southfield where she was raped by...Read full article, here.



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