Saturday, December 31, 2011

Black Women Trust God For a Way To Care For Your Children: Burned Body Found in Trunk ID'ed as Detroit Mother of Three: Vernithea McCrary

Yesterday, we gave you the name of the latest victim on our article,  Funerals Held For Two of Four Women Found Dead in Trunks, One More Identified: Dear Black Woman, This Could Have Been YouHere name was Vernithea McCrary, mother of three children.  A friend of the deceased victim said on the following video, one of her children had autism.  We are not judging the any of the victims, but we must help those of our dear black sisters whom are still alive.  It may seem like that is a good reason to become an escort or a street prostitute, but you must find another way to care for your children.  Trust God and allow him to work in your life.  If you do not live for Jesus Christ, how can He show you a better way.  How can He protect you.  You must first give your life to Jesus Christ and serve Him.  Then, when He sees you are completely living for Him, He will show you how to be a successful entrepreneur, legitimately. 

God created you so that you could live for Him and win souls for Him.   You life was also meant to enjoy, but only the right way.  You will not live long, risking your life neither will you be able to enjoy your children God gave to you.  If you desire to live a long life, be smart, give your life to God and do not choose quick dangerous ways to make money.  When you put your life in danger as prostitute or a drug dealer, you automatically plan to shorten your life.  

Now Vernithea McCrary was a young mother was obviously raising three children by herself, then one of the other victims we hear had a child left for the grandmother to raise.  We are very sadden by that information; however, for those of you who are yet alive, we are assigned by God to forewarn you to trust God to financially provide for you through a lucrative business.   A lot of times, there are some drug dealers and prostitutes whom make the average mistake of thinking they are doing the right thing by making some quick cash to invest in a legitimate business, but most of the time, they get hooked to the money, eventually get murdered and do not even complete their plan.  Why?  Because they chose the wrong way to do it.  You cannot start off by doing wrong to create a legitimate business.   

We heard of one drug dealer who made a lot of money selling drugs, but when then, every business he tried to start did not grow, true story.  Therefore, God knows what you are doing and if you do not do it right, either you will not prosper or you will die.

Back to Vernithea McCrary, a friend on this following video said he does not know how to tell her oldest child, she is dead.  So, how would you feel if this was you?   Could you imagine yourself dead and your children left to live their lives without you.   Dear black women, be smart no matter how tough times maybe in your life.  Many times, we as black women get mistreated on the job, not just be white supremacists, but also our very own race works against us.   Also, when we enroll in college, we deal with a lot of racial discrimination, then there too, black people plot, scheme and conspire along with white supremacists to work against us.   However, do not give up, take your time to plan to start a legitimate business, even if you choose to take a trade like doing hair, that is better than shortening your life to make a lot of money by the way of prostitution, pimping or selling drugs.

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The Christmas decorations are still up at the home 29-year-old Vernithea McCrary shared with her three children.

"This is way out of whack. The killer definitely needs to be brought to justice," said Steve Shelton, a friend of the victim.

He was good friends with McCrary, who is now identified as one of the two women whose bodies were found burned beyond recognition in a truck of a car set on fire in a garage on Lannette on Christmas Day.

"She had three kids. She lived her life. One of her kids had autism, so she was home all the time trying to take care of her kids. She just recently had a little six-month-old baby. She was a good person. She didn't deserve it," Shelton explained.

Two cousins were discovered just days before in the trunk of a car on Promenade. Police say three of the four women had advertised as escort...Read full article, here. 


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