Saturday, December 17, 2011

Black Women, Do Not Prostitute Your Daughters Like This Georgia Woman

Dear black women, have some dignity about yourself, because if you do not value yourself, you will not value your daughters.  Although, we realize this particular case does not involve a black woman, we must forewarn you not to do what this Georgia woman has done and this it to prostitute your daughters.   Furthermore, it can happen among the black race of women, because later on in this particular article, we will mention about one black woman who did this sort of dehumanizing crime to her own two daughters and she called herself a sanctified and holy saint of God.  Therefore, this is why we are forewarning you, not to stoop so low like Jennifer Segrest who is now running from police for doing such a thing.   We as black women must value ourselves so much, we love are daughters and vow to never hurt them in any way.
Cobb county police call Jennifer Segrest prostituting her own daughters 'the ultimate portrayal.She allegedly sold them to one man for a total amount of over $54,000, for approximately 3 years.  Police are searching nationwide for this woman and she could be spotted somewhere in Georgia or Corpus Christi Texas. Also, she may have a 2-year-old child with her.  John Walsh has featured this investigation on his show, America's Most Wanted.  Therefore, if you have seen her, you are expected to call police.

The man who was suspected of buying perverted time with Segrest's daughters committed suicide, according to the Cobb County Police Department.

There was once an actual story of a COGIC (Church of God in Christ) woman who did the same thing to her two daughters back in the 1970's, she prostituted them as call escorts.   People who knew about what this mother was doing in the church, used to discuss the matter among themselves and wondered how could this so-called church going woman do this to her own girls.   However, it does not matter if you call yourself a child of God or just a pure sinner, it's something you know not to do, do not use your daughter's bodies to make money, that is low as any mother could go.  How dare any woman who considers herself respectful citizen do this to her own daughters, she carried in the womb and went into hours of labor?  

Even if they are adopted, those are still your daughters and if you love your daughters do not violate their minds, bodies and souls as though they are just sex objects.   They are not to be sold, those are your daughters God gave to you.  They are special in the eyes of God and you should also treat them as they little queens they are.

Obviously, Jennifer Segrest did not value herself, because if she did, she would not degrade her own daughters and this goes for any mother who may use her own children to prostitute themselves, sell drugs or any similar dehumanizing fashion.  Any mother who damages a child's life and give no consideration for their welfare is sick and not only needs psychological help, but they need God to save them. God is not pleased, because what this does to your daughters is make them feel less of a human being.  You make them feel like life is not important and they have no self-worth.   So, if you have done anything similar as this mother Jennifer Segrest, we beg you to not only seek psychological help, but also spiritual help.  Give your life to Jesus Christ, before it is everlasting too late, because if you die without repenting to God and asking Him to forgive you and your daughters to forgive you, you will be in eternal hell and damnation.   Therefore, repent now and stop prostitution your daughters or even your sons, if you are guilty.


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