Monday, December 26, 2011

Black Women Do Not Become Escorts to Make Money: Slain Women Linked by Website Says Detroit Police

If you have been reading Souls of Black Women, you will recall this article, regarding these two black women found dead in the trunk of a car.  We included our thoughts regarding how bad black women do not respect each other, then when something happens like this they wonder why.   So happens this situation is much worse than we thought.  These two black women were allegedly high class prostitutes, what many call escorts or call girls. We do not know for sure, we are just following recent alleged reports.  They were two of about four women who placed ads for escort services on, according to

Now usually we hear of such strange disappearances connected to Craigslist, but not this time.  These women were allegedly placing ads and obviously met up with a serial killer.  This case is very similar to the serial murders in Long Island where several white prostitutes allegedly placed ads on the internet and all were possibly murdered by the same serial killer.  You can see a past full episode of that on Dateline's website.   For now, we just want to forewarn all of our dear sisters not to get so financially desperate to offer yourself for sell.

Dear black women, you may think no one cares about you, but we care about you, probably more than you care about yourself.   We know times are hard and some places like Detroit are worse off than others.  You may not can find a job and do not have money to start your own lucrative and legitimate business, but you must seek God and trust Him.   Do not think it is easy to just simply place an ad and end up safe, after meeting with a total stranger.   It will not be easy once you realize you have met up with an insane killer.  Furthermore, God cannot protect you, if you care more about getting quick cash than trusting Him to provide for you.

Now just by looking at these two photos of these two cousins, you may think they do not look like they would be escorts, but those are the types that get involved in going on dangerous calls.   Just because you may be agreeing to take a partner with you, still you both are risking your lives.   As you can see, it was not easy for these two cousins who were discovered dead with the trunk open.

If you are having a tough time to make a living.  Go to the library and come up with an idea to make your own job.   Every black woman is beautiful and very precious in the eyes of God.   He gave you a mind to be creative and become wealthy, the right way.   If you truely love God, you will honor Him and protect your own life.  You will trust for Him to make a better way for you.   If 23-year-old Renisha Landers. Landers and her 24-year-old cousin, Demesha Hunt had another chance, we know they both would not be involved with such a dangerous illegitimate lifestyle.
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DETROIT (AP) - Three of four women recently found dead in Detroit car trunks had promoted themselves as escorts through the same website, police said Monday.

The deaths could be connected, said Chief Ralph Godbee, who cautioned that police were "stopping short" of calling it the work of a serial killer.

Police discovered the badly burned bodies of two women in a car trunk on Detroit's east side early Sunday. The car was on fire in the garage of a house. The bodies of two other women were found just blocks away in another car trunk on Dec. 19. All four women were in their 20s.

The causes of death remain under investigation.

Godbee said three of the four victims had profiles on the website full article, here.

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