Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be Careful Black Women: Young Romulus Mother Has Been Missing for Over Nine Months

Among all the other cases of black women missing in Detroit, Michigan, this single mother who was a college student has been missing for over 9 months.  Bianca Chanel Green was from Romolus, we assume is near Detroit.  Although, Green's mother received a text message, claiming she was near Ohio, she has not seen or heard from her since.  It has also been known she was at odds with her child's father and he was in possession of her car, house keys and young child.  Her mother says this is not her character.

Dear black women, not always will you be in danger doing wrong in your life as a prostitute.  Sometimes, you will have to be very cautious with an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband as a legit black woman.  You cannot risk your life, not taking precaution after you have let go of a man whom you may no longer trust.  So if ever you feel as though your life maybe in danger, you must inform your closet loved one or even a friend.  This young college student, Bianca Chanel Green lived an honest life as far as we know.   Therefore, even if you are doing right in your life, you still must be very careful whom you spend time with and when you realize you have made a mistake and desire to let go of your relationship, immediately leave a letter to inform those who love you, if ever you disappear whom they should suspect.  

Furthermore, make sure God is in your life, although you maybe living a legit life like Bianca Green, so God can protect you from your cruel enemies.  However, we are not saying Green did not know Christ, but it is good to inform you to make sure you have a relationship with Him, because we believe no harm will come your way, if you a born again Christian.  If not, then please do not expect for God nor His angels to take charge of your life.  You must completely surrender your soul to Jesus Christ, before it is everlasting too late.  We invite you to go directly to our Salvation page to immediately give your soul to Jesus Christ. So, dear sisters, please be very careful and take care of yourself.

Furthermore, we pray for Bianca Green's safety.  We pray she is okay and not in harm's way and God has sent His angels to protect her.  We also pray if her ex-boyfriend is involved in her disappearance that he immediately turns himself into police and give them exact details of his knowledge, regarding where she could be.

ROMULUS, Mich. (WJBK) - Police are asking for your help in finding a young mother from Romulus who has been missing for more than nine months. Her family says it's not like her to disappear without contacting them.

"Not knowing if she's dead or alive is the hardest part," said Lisa Green.
She wiped away tears as she talked about her missing daughter.

Twent-four-year-old Bianca Chanel Green disappeared on March 25th. The college student worked at the airport and had a four-year-old son with another baby on the way when she vanished from her apartment in Romulus.

"She was three to four months pregnant when she left, so she should have a baby right now, a brand new baby," Green explained.

She said Bianca had a fight with her child's father. He had her car, her house keys and her son. She was gone.

Her mother was left with only her text messages.

"Bianca left me some text messages on the day that she disappeared saying that she would call me when she got to her destination...Read full article, here.

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