Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video: The Penn State Scandal Should Wake Up Black Women With Sons

The Penn State scandal is not such a shock to our journalists, simply because a high percentage of African Americans have ceased who they are as a people.   The Bible clearly states, you are not suppose to cease your tribe found in the book of Deuteronomy 7:3. This scripture clearly reveals when you rebel against this specific commandment, you will either become involved with the sins of other tribes or you will be overtaken by these tribes through slavery, if you do not fully submit to God.   The black race has rebelled too far from the instructions God has given them since Biblical times, especially after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated for our equality in this country.   As a result, the Penn State scandal is just one example of what happens when our tribe has chosen to separate from their tribe and avoid holiness and righteousness.  Still don't understand?   There should have been some strength within these young black men to resist the lust enforced from this white man, Jerry Sandusky who allegedly raped them while taking a shower.  

Let us ask you, how is it the race of black women who bore sons without their fathers have endured such agony from this particular case?   The answer dear sisters is simple, there has been rebellion, self-hatred and hatred among ourselves, not necessarily saying this is the case with these black mothers in this specific scandal with Penn State, but there are many black families who hate themselves and confuse the children and weaken them so much they fall prey to being sexually and emotionally violated.   Many of our race of black women have hated our own race and loved other races more and many of your black sons who have seen their abnormal behavior have been too weak to resist the lustful behavior of white men like this Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky.  These black young men were too weak to complain, simply because many of them did not have fathers in their lives.  Many black women have watched their sons be sexually taken advantage of by child molesters, whether they are preachers in the pulpit or coaches of football teams.   However, even if they did see their fathers at one time or another, sadly they possibly watched their fathers hate themselves and not show love to them.   Many black fathers are ashamed to love their black children out in public, but when they mate with white women or any other race, they love them more and uphold them as trophies.   This is probably the same for black mothers, they lack love for their black children who come out too black.  Therefore, many of these young black men who allowed this white man to sexually violate them possibly confused his ill affection with love, when in fact it was only lust to weaken them as black men.

We urge you black women with sons to wake up.   If the fathers of your sons are not in their lives, you must find a way to encourage your son to love himself enough to avoid a white man, a black man, a sick man of any race inappropriately touching them.  No doubt, this coach, Jerry Sandusky had a lot of money and gave these boys so much attention, they were confused of what was right and what was wrong.   Let us remind you, if you keep informing your sons or even your daughters that they are ugly, because of their dark skin, kinky hair and Afro-centric features, do not be shocked of whom they allow to sexually violate them.   This man saw their pain and took advantage of their gullible personality, this is the very reason why he did this to them.   The black race has been known for extreme hate against themselves and each other, so this case at Penn State was bound to occur and possibly many others, unfortunately.   Wake up black women who have sons who are on any sports team or just receiving any sort of attention from a big brother mentor program.   Teach your son to seek Jesus Christ and to allow Him to be his mentor, because most likely when he does, he will understand that a grown man touching him in places where he should not be, is wrong.   Teach him how to defend himself and report any sort of sexual violation, immediately.   Teach him to do the right thing, although other black boys may be afraid to complain.   These cases at Penn State built up to where there were several complaints, but all except for one complained to his mother.

Among the 3.87 million viewers who watched Bob Costas interview accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky on NBC's "Rock Center" on Monday was at least one of the alleged victims of former Penn State defensive coordinator. 

"It sickened me that he would be on TV, said the mother of the child identified as "Victim 1" in the grand jury report. "I think he made himself look more guilty."

Speaking with Jim Avila of ABC News, the mother, whose appearance was obscured and voice altered to protect the identity of her son, addressed Sandusky's claims that his interactions with these underage boys were nothing more than horse play.

"No it's not games," she said. "It's a planned out stratgey to groom children to molest."

The mother revealed that Sandusky's telephone interview reduced her son to tears. Asked by his mother what in particular made him so upset...Read full article, here.

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