Friday, November 11, 2011

Sophomore Kortneigh McCoy Fatally Stabbed Saturday: Black Women Please Seek God

Now, we come to inform you that this is not the first time we have heard tragic news, regarding a violent death that involved a black female student killing another black female student, whether on or off campus of a state college in the area of Baltimore, Maryland.   Really, all over the United States many black women have hated each other for many years and it has not gotten any better.   What is the answer?   It is very simple.   God is calling for black women to release the hate and hostility in their hearts and start seeking Him before it is everlasting too late.  You see, if you do not give your heart to Jesus Christ, no telling what circumstance you may find yourself in, although we are not saying the victim in this case, Kortneigh McCoy did not know Jesus Christ.   What we are saying is this, black women must make a decision to serve God, so you will not only be protected by the Holy Spirit, but also be wise not to accompany yourself with those who do not know Him.   McCoy by another black woman was murdered outside of a house party where the accused murderer, Shanee Liggins lived.   Liggins told police someone else stabbed Kortneigh McCoy.

For many years, we as black women grew up hearing our mothers and aunts complaining about how black men do not respect black women, but many times, we have been guilty of destroying ourselves and each other.   Black women have fail to admit or even realize we have helped black men destroy the race of black women, whether through physical or verbal abuse.   It is time to make a decision and seek the Lord God, because He has been so very patient.   God has been waiting for black women to repent and make peace among themselves.   God has allowed AIDS to kill many black women and that epidemic did not even make us unite and pray together.   Sometimes, God will allow the most tragic circumstances to draw people closer to Him, but his expectancy has been ignored and He is very tired of it.   This young black lady did not have to die.   It was said Kortneigh McCoy was a peacemaker.   Many times, when you are a good person, you must distance yourself from people who may cause harm to you, no matter how they may call you stuck up or snobby.   You must distance yourself, because many times, other people who refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior may cause you a lot of harm and pain.   

Black women we beg you to began to seek the Lord.   Love other black women how you would love yourself.   After you seek the Lord God, promise Him you will love those how He always loved you.   Promise God, you will not harm your sisters, no matter how much your own mother, aunt, grandmother or even cousin has offended you.   It is time for a change, no matter where the root of hate and so much bitterness comes from.

The Bible says, 'Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God.'   So we pray Kortneigh is in the loving arms of Jesus Christ, because her uncle admitted on the news video, she always made peace among those whose hearts were not right.

A memorial service was held on the campus of Frostburg State University to remember a student fatally stabbed at an off-campus party over the weekend.

Korthneigh McCoy was stabbed in the throat and head Saturday and died early Sunday morning. The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute graduate lived in northwest Baltimore.

Court records obtained by 11 News show that the woman accused of fatally stabbing McCoy, Shanee Liggins, told authorities someone else did the stabbing. Liggins is still being held without bail after a review hearing in Allegany County District Court set for Monday was postponed.

Devon McCoy, the victim's uncle, said he was not surprised when he heard that she was injured while trying to break up a fight."She wasn't a person that wanted to fight. 

She wasn't a rowdy person," McCoy said. "She wanted everyone to calm down and come together."Students said McCoy was a nice person whom they never heard anything bad about and that the violence on campus really...Read full story and watch video, here.

Source and photo courtesy: WBAL TV


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