Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Do Black Women Love Their Husbands, If They Live Double Lives Like Herman Cain?

For the third time, we have heard allegations against GOP candidate, Herman Cain.   He is best known as a smart business man, mathematician, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, former president of National Restaurant Association and served on many prestigious corporate boards. You may not know it, but Herman Cain is also the assistant pastor of Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta.  Yes, he is a so-call man of the clothe while claiming he is for morals and values and planned to reveal them for America to turn around from wickedness.  He has been trying to run for president of the United States until his alleged past affairs have been leaking out to the press.   This is the third time Herman Cain is denying his past affairs with women.  This time, Herman Cain is denying his affair with Ginger White, a struggling Atlanta business woman he never denied giving money to.  The question remains, how can we as black women love our husbands who hold such prestigious positions like Herman Cain, after we have discovered their discreet affairs?

After 43 years of marriage, Gloria Cain allegedly claims on a previous interview, she trust and knows her husband more than anyone.   However, if this were you, how would you deal with it?   As wives who are married to successful black men like Herman Cain and even those of us who may meet someone like him for marriage, just how do we deal with such alleged hypocrisy?   Although, we marry for better or for worse, there are some things we must put into perspective.

First and foremost, we do not know if anyone of these women Herman Cain has been allegedly accused of sleeping with are clean of STD's.  Like we said before, although we marry for better or for worse, in sickness and health, we are very sure, God desires for us to be smart wives.  We cannot risk our lives if our husbands are at risk for AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases.   We must be very careful dear sisters what steps to take, if we discover our husband have been sleeping with other women or even men.   Therefore, if we are married to a pastor, politician or even both, we must stay prayed up and make sure our husbands are in line with God.   God desires for marriages to work out, but even after four decades of marriage, we cannot be ignorant, not saying Gloria Cain is an ignorant woman.  She appears to be very intelligent, but we are speaking of ourselves as black women who are married to our own husbands or are bachelorettes.   We must be very careful to examine our marriages before God and if so happens are husbands are caught in adultery, we must thoroughly question whom he has been spending time with, so we can take care of our bodies.

Now, this third woman named Ginger White says she had been having an affair with Herman Cain at luxury hotels, allegedly.  She had been giving her money and gifts.   Her alleged affair lasted for over 13 years.    How much time did Herman Cain spend away from his wife?   Therefore his business trips, were not always about business, obviously.  So dear sisters, if your husband is claiming he is taking care of business and not taking you on them while spending time overnight away from you, it is not worth your life.  You must love yourself and even the children you bore for him, to question why he may not desire to include you on his long distance trips.   As a pastor, politician or a business man, our husbands must love us enough to include us in their lives when it takes away so much time from the family. 

Now, the Cains maybe very proud to be married for over 43 years, but was Herman always faithful.   So, what we are asking you dear sisters is this question, why boast about how long you have been married, if your husband places your family name in the press in a negative fashion?   Now, although Herman Cain says he is concerned about his wife and kids, did he think about all of this mess, if and when he allegedly had an affair with Ginger White and the other two women?   Who knows? There are probably more women whom just have not had a chance to confess their lustful experiences with Herman Cain.    

So dear black women, we can love our husbands and enjoy the success with them like Gloria Cain, but let God lead and guide us if we should discover about their discreet double lives.  It is alright to be strong in front of strangers, but deep down and inside let us all heal our emotional pain from such alleged mischief we have endured in marriage with our cheating husbands.  We can love our husbands, but we sure must love ourselves and learn how to take care of ourselves during the process of healing from his adulterous affairs. Get prayer, seek help and continually discuss your husband's problem of lust and please get a medical examination.

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